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Many times we want to make a cake but don’t want to go to all the trouble of making one from scratch. There is nothing wrong with using a cake mix to make a great cake! You can always use one of our wonderful cake mix recipes to transform an ordinary cake into an incredible cake your family will love.  We have cake mix recipes that use, chocolate cake mixes, yellow cake mixes, white cake mixes and many more.

This incredible Blackberry Coffee Cake will shock your family and friends when they find out it’s made with a yellow cake mix. This cake looks incredible on a table and would be perfect for brunch!

This Chocolate Earthquake Cake is made with a German chocolate cake mix and  is so easy to make and everyone loves it. So many great reviews on this easy cake mix recipe.

You may also love this Earthquake cake made with a spice cake mix and butterscotch chips. Earthquake cakes are really easy to make and always fun to experiment with different cake mixes.

This delicious Honey Bun cake is made with a yellow cake mix and is always a hit. It’s wonderful for breakfast with coffee or as a dessert. Great reviews!

If you love coconut cake this Sour Cream Coconut cake is the one for you. Super easy to make using a classic white cake mix! Your guests will think you spent hours in the kitchen when this cake only takes about 40 minutes from start to finish.

This Butter Pecan Chocolate Chip Cake with Nutmeg Frosting is so easy to make using a butter pecan cake mix. This cake will impress your family and friends.

This Classic Mandarin Orange Cake is one of our favorites. Perfect for any gathering but always a hit in the spring and summer. Some like to call this one “Pig Pickin’ Cake or Pig Lickin’ Cake” in the South, but whatever you call it.. call it delicious! We make this one with a Duncan Hines Classic Butter Golden Cake Mix and every one loves it.

If you love orange then definitely put this Orange Bundt Cake on your list. Made with a traditional yellow cake mix this cake is so easy and has wonderful reviews.

This Quick Banana Cake has a few versions. One version uses a yellow cake mix and one with a white cake mix. Check out this cake mix recipe to see which version your family will love.

This Chocolate and Caramel Walnut Cake or Heath Bar Cake is for all you chocolate lovers! Use your favorite chocolate cake mix and you have a wonderful cake in less than 40 minutes.

This 7-Up Cake has wonderful reviews and is super easy to make. Your family and friends will definitely think you made this one from scratch when you use this delicious pineapple filling. We make this cake using a Duncan Hines Signature Lemon Supreme cake mix.  Many reviews on this great cake mix recipe.


Calling all lemon lovers! This Lemon Fruit Cake is made with a mix and is absolutely wonderful. Honestly, no one would know this was made with a mix unless you told them. Just like our 7-Up Cake it is made with a Duncan Hines Signature Lemon Supreme Cake Mix.

If you love butterscotch, you will love this Butterscotch Rum Cake. So easy to make with a classic yellow cake mix, your family and friends will think you spent hours in the kitchen. The delicious vanilla butterscotch rum frosting completes this bundt cake.

This Blackberry Peach Dump cake is so easy to make. We love dump cakes since you just dump everything in the pan and bake. Top with ice cream and you have a wonderful dessert. This delicious cake is made with a yellow cake mix. This is one of the many examples of how easy cake mix recipes can be!

This classic Cherry Pineapple Dump cake is also very easy to make and wonderful if you need a dessert in a hurry. You can use a yellow or white cake mix for this dessert. We love the cherry and pineapple together. You can use an iron skillet or a 9X13 baking dish.

Be sure and check out this delicious Blueberry Dump cake. Another easy dump cake but we make this one with a butter cake mix. You can also use lemon or yellow if you like. This one is very versatile, great suggestions in the comment section.

This simple coconut pound cake is delicious and easy. If you like coconut, you’ll love this easy dessert. It’s also a very pretty cake that is great for any event.


We love any cake that only has a few ingredients and this one only has 5! This Easy Strawberry Dessert is made with a strawberry cake mix and perfect for any summer gathering. Also included is a wonderful strawberry frosting.

Strawberry Dessert Recipe

This Coconut Spice Cake with Nutmeg Rum Frosting is great. We added a lot of wonderful spices to this one and topped it off with a wonderful frosting. This may be made with a spice cake mix but no one will know!

This Ugly Duckling Cake is a classic that has been around for years. You can easily make this one from scratch but it’s great with a yellow cake mix too. This may not be the prettiest cake but it’s delicious.

This cake is a wonderful combination of wonderful flavors and screams summer! Made with a strawberry cake mix and fresh strawberries, this Strawberry Banana Cake will become a favorite. Topped with a delicious frosting!

This Pistachio Cake is so pretty that people will never know you made it with a cake mix. This cake is made with a yellow cake mix and pistachio pudding mix. Top it with an easy frosting (included) and you have a beautiful cake!

If you love easy, this Pumpkin Angel Food cake is for you! Only 4 ingredients and always impressive. Great to take to any holiday gathering. Also has wonderful reviews.

Who loves peanut butter and banana? If you do, this Peanut Butter Banana Cake is for you! So easy, made with a yellow cake mix and bananas people will swear it’s made from scratch!

This Lemon Blueberry Bundt cake is super versatile. You can make just a lemon cake with this recipe too. Add the glaze or leave it off. Lots of options with this easy cake mix recipe.

This delicious Elvis Presley Cake is a family favorite. We have enjoyed it many times. Super simple to make and sooo good! Your guests will never know it’s made from a mix!

This delicious Chocolate Raspberry Cake is so simple to make and only a handful of ingredients! I must say the streusel is the game changer. It really pulls out the wonderful flavor of the cake. You could also use a cherry pie filling.


One thing you will find on our website is we love old fashioned recipes as much as we love easy recipes. Sometimes you have all day in the kitchen and sometimes you have an hour. These easy cake mix recipes will save you time but you won’t lose any flavor. We have made all of these wonderful cakes and we know they are delicious. Be sure and save this great list of cake mix recipes by pinning it. We will be adding to is anytime we make a new cake mix cake!

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5 Secrets to Old-Fashioned
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Tips, tricks & recipes to cook Southern food just like Grandma used to!