Food should be fabulous but not hard to prepare..

Here at The Southern Lady Cooks we specialize in classic recipes that your grandmother made and helping you create lasting family memories.

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Our recipes are for home cooks because that’s precisely what we are! With over 70 years of cooking experience on this site, our philosophy has always been, “food should be fabulous but not hard to prepare.”

First, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Leigh Walkup and Anne Walkup or as most people call us “the twins”. We spend most of our time in the kitchen, thanks to our heritage and amazing mother, Judy Yeager, who started this website in 2008. Fast forward to 2023, and it’s a full family affair.

Here, you will find those old-fashioned classic recipes you may remember your grandmother or mama making

We specialize in the classics and enjoy taking our readers back in time with old-fashioned recipes. We are very passionate about preserving these recipes and are grateful we have a platform to share them. Making memories in the kitchen is one of our favorite things; these recipes allow us to do just that. We love to tell stories about the recipes and do that in our newsletter. Be sure to sign up below.

Down Home Dishes is where our heart is!

We love to make hearty home-style dishes that people love and we know you don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen. So you will find all the delicious recipes that you can make for your family without a huge time commitment. We also love to use our crock pot and share lots of those recipes as well.

Perfection isn’t our goal!

You’ll see us post pictures of recipes that aren’t perfect. We have never shied away from showing that we are not perfectionists in the kitchen. Very rarely in life is anything perfect; that isn’t the point. We aim to enjoy the food we prepare with the people we love. We’re here to help you do the same! 

Front Porch Life Magazine

A few years ago, we decided to add a quarterly magazine to our business. We wanted to share more of our lifestyle and also showcase other people. We have found so much joy in this magazine and are so grateful for all the amazing support. Our publication is for the everyday person who loves going home, even if it’s only in your mind. We pack this magazine full of country living, southern charm, heartwarming stories of people doing everyday life, great recipes, and so much more. 

How TSLC started..

Judy Yeager started this site over 15 years ago after she retired from state government. Her expertise and simple Southern dishes were a hit! The site grew quickly, so she brought on her twin daughters, Anne Walkup and Leigh Walkup, to help. For almost ten years, it has been a full-time family business. Judy is still in the kitchen cooking and runs our Twitter and Pinterest pages. Anne and Leigh have taken over day-to-day operations and spend most of their time in the kitchen, too!

Leigh Walkup

Main Content Creator
Develop/create recipes, cooking, newsletters, wash dishes, spend lots of time in the kitchen, work Instagram… I do it all!
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Anne Walkup

Main Content Creator
Develop/create recipes, do lots of cooking, post on Facebook, create content, wash dishes, take photos, I do it all!

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Judy Yeager

Founder and Head Cook
Retired, gardening, growing all the vegetables, living my best life, and still cooking every day.

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