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Hi! Welcome to The Southern Lady Cooks. We’re so glad you’re here.  Yep, that’s right, WE’RE glad you’re here! There are three of us that run this site,  Judy Yeager, Anne Walkup and Leigh Walkup. 



The Southern Lady Cooks originated in 2008 by Judy Yeager. Judy took a life long passion for cooking southern food and started a blog after she retired from state government. It was her desire and passion to create a community of people that truly enjoyed cooking. She set out to share recipes that are easy and delicious along with dishes your grandmother would have made. Judy learned to cook from her country cooking mother and her southern mother in law (learn more here). 

Now in 2019, this award winning website that has been featured in Taste of the South, Southern Cast Iron and Tops In Lex. It reaches millions a month through our website, social media channels, newsletters and our digital magazine, Front Porch Life. 

Her twin daughters, Anne and Leigh Walkup are now on board full time to help create recipes (they learned it from their Momma!) along with everything else. It’s a true family affair. You can read here to learn more about our story.

We currently have two printed cookbooks and three ebooks. We also have a quarterly digital publication that embodies the southern way of living named, Front Porch Life.

This website has over 1000 recipes! Our food philosophy is that food should be fabulous but not hard to prepare. You will find easy delicious recipes that anyone can prepare along with the old classics that made southern food SOUTHERN. 

To contact us directly, please email: [email protected]