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Welcome to Front Porch Life. 

This is a lifestyle publication that celebrates slowing down and enjoying the simplicity of our lives. It’s about sunsets, sweet tea, fireflies, ocean air, fond memories, sunrises, coffee mugs and good books. It’s about rocking chairs, great food, belly laughs and comfortable silences.  It doesn’t matter if you live on the beach, in the country or on Main street in an apartment, Front Porch Life is about easy livin’.

 What people are saying about our Summer Issue of Front Porch Life:

“Hi Ladies,
I am sitting here in beautiful Colorado and I just finished reading your first edition of the Front Porch Life magazine. WOW- I was impressed. It is so much more than I expected. It made me want to hop on a flight to the South and experience life on a Southern front porch. The magazine had such variety from personal stories to history, fun and inviting recipes to just every day down home Southern living. I felt like the magazine brought the life of the South into reality and a desire to experience the deep South like I never have. I am from VA originally and was raised with Southern values and cooking but your magazine brought the flavor and texture of Southern living to my heart. Thank you.” -Jill Cullis



“LOVE the articles, the pictures and the quotes! Of course also the recipes!!This is like a nice cold drink on a hot day- so refreshing! Looking forward to reading it again in detail and planning a meal around these recipes for July 4th holiday! Thank you for such a lovely magazine!!” -Becky Woods

“I absolutely love Front Porch Life. Could not stop reading! Kentucky is my home, born & raised, so I really enjoyed the stories & all the local beautiful pictures. My favorite was the story of your first store. It brought back so many wonderful memories of my own. My mother worked for years at a small country store, which due to progress, was torn down. I cannot wait for the next issue! Thank you so much and keep up the good work! Waiting on the next issue! An avid fan!” -Lucy Tuck



“The magazine is wonderful. I couldn’t stop reading. I read it from front to back in one sitting. Please keep the magazine coming. Our American people need more of this magazine about a simpler way of life.”-Dan Kelly  

“Loved the magazine! The pictures were gorgeous and your introduction about porches brought back so many memories of my Grandmothers porch in Tennessee when I was growing up. Enjoyed all of the articles and recipes. You ladies are not only wonderful cooks but fabulous story tellers as well. Looking forward to my next magazine. Thanks for sharing.” -Brenda Brown

Click here to read the Summer Issue of Front Porch Life!

What our readers are saying about our Fall Issue of Front Porch Life:

“Love your magazine, brings back memories as a child growing up with no tv, computer, cell phone or phone of any kind.  Growing up on a farm in the south, one never had time to be bored there was always plenty of entertainment.”-Sandra Thomas

“I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. While reading this issue,  I was taken back to my childhood days of visiting my Grandparents in Speedwell, TN. I was raised in Baltimore, MD, so going to my Grandparents house was a total culture shock, but in a good way! I experienced food I had never eaten before, but to this day still crave. Waking up to homemade biscuits baking, that were served with sausage gravy that was to die for. Pinto beans and fried okra, fried potatoes and homemade corn bread for lunch was my favorite meal. Of course, fried chicken with all the fresh veggies we picked that day for dinner was always a hit. These articles took me to a place I hold dear in my heart to this day. When you talked about your twins outings, I felt like you were describing my childhood visits to my Grandparents house. I did all of those things they did, short of sneaking in kittens! Thank you for taking me on a magical journey back to my childhood, visiting a place that doesn’t exist anymore except in my memories and in my heart!”-Lisa Evangelisto 

“Ladies… this issue of FPL is wonderful, beautiful, delicious and thoughtful.  The other side of the screen door touched my heart.  I loved that life and love the thought… I can sure hear my mom saying “Enough, go outside and play.”  Thank you ~Mary Gregory 
“Thank you ladies for sharing your wonderful memories of a more simpler time with all of us.  I felt like I was taking a peaceful vacation just reading your articles and looking at your beautiful pictures.  Your recipes sound yummy.  I’m already looking forward to your Holiday issue.  Please do continue to bless us with more issues.” -Your Texas Friend, Barbara Jean

“Love, love, love it.  Passed it along to a friend & she was so excited about it as well.Thanks and now I am anxiously awaiting the Christmas & winter issue.”-Sue Miller

“I do so love the Fall Issue of Front Porch Life. The recipes you chose for this issue sounds delish & I will be trying more than one. I love the Fall quotes you added in as fall is my favorite time of year. I am a Kentuckian and the articles are great but my favorite is “Tales of the Rolling Fork”. Reminds me of the tales of Knob Creek my papaw used to tell us when I was a child! I love the magazine & kudos to all the hard work put into it.”
A true Southern Lady Cooks follower, Lucy Tuck

“Truly enjoyed your Fall issue and all your articles. Keep up the good work! Lots of memories!”-Paula Finley

“Your Fall issue is beautiful. I loved the pictures and the stories. Thank you for making my day.”-Margaret Engle


Click here to read our Fall Issue – 2018

What readers are saying about our Holiday Issue of Front Porch Life Magazine:

“Thank you for a great Christmas issue.  I read it from beginning to end sitting here this morning drinking my coffee.  I can’t wait to try these recipes for my family and friends.  Thank you for the time and effort you put into this edition.” – Sara Cobb


“Thank you, Southern Ladies, that I think of as “my friends.”  As in the past, I read the whole issue at one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed every word of it!  You do a wonderful job! I use your recipes regularly and I am definitely going to try your Jam Cake for my family Christmas, along with the Cinnamon Roll one – both from this issue.  I like how easily I can print out your recipes.  Thank you for knowing how to make things easier for your readers. 

It was a treat hearing from your Yankee friend – a different perspective.  I love your walks down memory lane – all 3 of you; and your lovely quotes sprinkled throughout.   Your Front Porch is a delight!!” -Kathy Alley


“Congratulations on a great issue “Front Porch Life”.  This is a terrific magazine and I only wish you the best.  This issue really spoke to me, not only is it about family, food, togetherness and the holiday but I am a girl from New Jersey who married a soldier from West Virginia some 50 years ago. 

I ate cold bologna sandwiches, had soda, put items in a bag and just spoke real funny in West Virginia.  I soon learned about “hollers”, creeks, beans and white cornbread and the like.  I also learned about a state that has so much to offer and has so much history,  different from the state I was born in  but in many ways the same and I learned to love the mountains, the culture and the people there. So thank you for this issue and I for one hope you can continue.” -Susan Woods

Click here to read our Holiday Issue of Front Porch Life!

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