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The Kentucky Derby is the most famous horse race in the world.  Not only does it bring some amazing horses to Churchill Downs, it also features incredible hats and fashion for the ladies and some wonderful Kentucky cuisine. Go to any Derby party and you are bound to be served some good ole Kentucky recipes. After all, it’s tradition!

So in honor of the Derby, here are some great Kentucky Recipes!

The Kentucky Mint Julep-If you go to a Derby Party and Mint Juleps aren’t being served…you aren’t at a Derby Party!


Southern Spoon Bread-a true tradition in Kentucky and a wonderful dish. I’m all for anything that is “slathered in butter”


Kentucky’s Woodfood Pudding-This recipe dates back to 1875 and is definitely a Kentucky tradition and absolutely delicious.


Cheese Grits-Southerners love their grits and this recipe speaks for itself.


The Legendary Kentucky Hot Brown-If you’ve never had a Kentucky Hot Brown, I suggest you do so now. Just do it, you can thank me later. If you need more convincing on just how wonderful this traditional dish is,  just know that the  Kentucky Hot Brown has been in featured in every major magazine and newspaper worldwide. It’s that famous.


Kentucky Butter Cake with Rum Sauce-this recipe has been around for a long time and is definitely a keeper. Great cake!


Southern Cheese Straws-a southern classic that is the perfect appetizer to serve to any party guests.


Kentucky Bourbon Balls-everyone knows that Kentucky is known for its bourbon so it should be no shock we love Bourbon Balls.


Kentucky Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce-this dessert is an old-fashioned recipe that has deep roots in Kentucky. Most historical eateries in Kentucky serve this dish.

Kentucky Bread Pudding


Sweet Tea-Sweet Tea is everything in the south. EVERYTHING.


Kentucky Chocolate Chip Bourbon Pie-Kentucky and Bourbon goes hand and hand and this derby pie adds bourbon and chocolate chips.



Kentucky Benedictine Spread-a true Kentucky tradition that we have during the Derby every year!

Kentucky recipe benedictin Derby


Kentucky Honey Bourbon Glazed Ham-this ham is amazing and perfect for little ham biscuits, my favorite. If you need any biscuit suggestions, here are 40 biscuit recipes.

Kentucky Derby recipe


Watermelon and Tomato Salad-this is a great dish that has been known to be served on Millionaire’s Row at the Kentucky Derby.

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Some more recipes that we suggest:

If you love bread pudding, here are some more great bread pudding recipes.

You can never go wrong with our traditional Kentucky Fried Chicken Livers.

For breakfast, you’ll want to give these Sausage and Cheese Grits Muffins a try.

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5 Secrets to Old-Fashioned
Southern Cooking

Tips, tricks & recipes to cook Southern food just like Grandma used to!



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5 Secrets to Old-Fashioned
Southern Cooking


Tips, tricks & recipes to cook Southern food just like Grandma used to!