Anne Walkup

Main Content Creator at The Southern Lady Cooks

I am Anne Walkup, one of the voices and creators behind The Southern Lady Cooks. I was very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing cooks during my childhood and blessed with a Mother who created a website so many people love. My love of cooking really took a turn in my 30’s and I now love the creativity cooking brings into my life. Being able to showcase what I love is a real blessing and this journey has taught me so much, I am not perfect in the kitchen but we learn as we go!

Anne’s Role at The Southern Lady Cooks

  • Recipe Creator – I am always in the kitchen trying to create something our followers will love. I also love sharing our creations with our friends and family. Many of our friends drop by to try out new recipes!
  • I’m the voice behind Facebook and love interacting with all of our followers. We have a very active page and many of you have been with us for 11+ years.
  • I take all of our photos and while they are not perfect it’s a very fun creative outlet for me. I enjoy staging our food to make it appealing.

Our recipes are 100% done by us! Each one we have made ourselves and put on this website.

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