Need a quick dessert! This easy no bake cherry cheesecake is for you.


This recipe for  No Bake Cherry Cheesecake  has been around for a while but I still make it several times a year.  We like it in summer a lot but it’s honestly great for any occasion. Such an easy dessert anyone can make and wonderful to take to any gathering.


No Bake Cherry Cheesecake

1 graham cracker pie crust (can make your own or use a bought one)
1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened
1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated milk)
1/3 cup lemon juice (fresh or bottled, not lemon extract)
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 (21 ounce) can cherry pie filling

Let cream cheese stand at room temperature until softened.  In a medium bowl, beat cream cheese until light and fluffy. Slowly add condensed milk, lemon juice and vanilla,  beating until smooth.  Pour into crust.  Chill at least 3 hours  until firm and then top with cherry pie filling.  Makes 1 pie.

cherry cream cheese pie or cheesecake
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No Bake Cherry Cheesecake

This no bake cherry cheesecake is delicious!
Prep Time15 mins
3 hrs
Total Time3 hrs 15 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: No Bake Cherry Cheesecake
Servings: 6 servings
Author: The Southern Lady Cooks


  • 1 graham cracker pie crust can make your own or use a bought one
  • 1 8 ounce package cream cheese, softened
  • 1 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated milk)
  • 1/3 cup lemon juice fresh or bottled, not lemon extract
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 21 ounce can cherry pie filling


  • Let cream cheese stand at room temperature until softened.  In a medium bowl, beat cream cheese until light and fluffy. Slowly add condensed milk, lemon juice and vanilla,  beating until smooth.  Pour into crust.  Chill at least 3 hours  until firm and then top with cherry pie filling.
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  1. Lynn lalima says:

    Made it today changed to blueberry pie filling. Can’t wait to eat it.5 stars

  2. What size pie pan did you use?

    1. The Southern Lady says:

      I use a premade graham cracker crust for this pie. I believe they are 9 inches.

  3. Made this dessert for my Mother’s Day dessert. It is delicious and so easy. Will make many more times.5 stars

    1. The Southern Lady says:

      Thank you for the kind comment. We’re so glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Jenn Brady says:

    Thank you so so much!!! I have been searching for your measurement for almost 5 years! My grandma made it this way for every big holiday and she never wrote it down. You saved Thanksgiving 2017!!!5 stars

    1. The Southern Lady says:

      So happy you found the recipe, Jenn. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. The Southern Lady says:

    Sounds delicious! What smart thinking!

  6. The Southern Lady says:

    If you look on the right hand side of any page on this website and click on Pies there is a recipe for Chess Pie and Chocolate Chess Pie.

    1. Heather Watson says:

      Hi You asked for the recipe to Chess Pie, I have never heard of it but I have my now very old recipe for “Neenish Tarts” which can be made into small tart or one large pie, it has a lemon filling and it is iced with white icing on one half and chocolate on the other half, which could be iced to look like a chess board, sorry I can’t help you with the real thing.

  7. Tammy Franklin says:

    This is the best dessert. My family has been making it for years for every get together. I love it with Cherries but it is also wonderful with blueberry pie filling. If you make this make sure you make alot because it will be the first thing to go….5 stars

  8. Nancy Hanners says:

    I love this. Condensed milk does a number on my stomach. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I see you haven’t added any gelatin is this correct??

    1. The Southern Lady says:

      Yes, that is correct.

  10. CajunMomma says:

    My step-mom made this pie for years in her restaurant, but the recipe was just a little different.

    Cherry Supreme Surprise Pie

    2 philly cheese
    1 eagle brand milk
    1/3 cup lemon juice
    2 teaspoon vanilla
    2 cans Comstock Cherries
    2 gram cracker pie shells

    mix philly cheese, lemon juice, eagle brand milk, and vanilla in mixing bowl until it is fluffy and smooth, then divide equally into both pie shells, smooth out, then using a spoon, spoon cherries unto the top of the pie covering all the white filling. place in fridge for a couple of hours before serving!

    This recipe makes 2 pies as you can see, 1 to eat, and 1 to share, or 1 to eat today, and 1 to eat tomorrow…lol

    like i said at the top my step-mom made this for her restaurant, these pies were her #1 seller for 27 yrs. it is that good….;)

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  12. judith gaucher says:

    Hey there, I am making this in a few minutes and for the topping, fresh/frozen raspberries from my fall garden. 🙂

  13. Janey Sczepczenski Wolfe says:

    could you use strawberries instead of cherries? i’m not too fond of cherries? if so, would you sure fresh or frozen ones?

    1. The Southern Lady says:

      Yes, you can Janey. I think either would work.

  14. Naomi Magee says:

    I love your website… Thank you for taking the time to put recipes that are good for family time and will make good memories.

  15. Beth Hickman says:

    Add some chocolate syrup to the mix and it makes an amazing chocolate cherry cheesecake!

  16. My Momma’s Cheesecake recipe EXACTLY!!! We grew up knowing this as Cheesecake and it ruined us for all others. LOL!!! Love this recipe!!!5 stars

  17. tina coleman says:

    So easy and very good!!

  18. Cheri Collins says:

    I always make a cherry one for the boys and a blueberry for me. They never last long. My mother used to make them for all our family holiday meals and now my kids have gotten to enjoy the tradition as well. Can’t wait it passed down to their kids.

  19. Peggy Burrows says:

    I know this recipe by “Cherry-O Cream Cheese Pie” and in case you haven’t thought about it, blueberries are equally as good if you like them. Or, how about alternating for a red white and blue? Could use some whipped cream for the white maybe?

  20. Sissy Manley says:

    I love this recipe because it’s so easy to make and if no one is watching you they will think you slaved over it! LOL Have never had anyone who tasted this homemade cherry cheesecake say they didn’t like it, everyone just wants the recipe and hardly anyone believes me when I tell them how quickly it comes together!

  21. I must try this quickly!

  22. Nancy Silva says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw this recipe. I have this same one from 1970 in a Lady’s Home Journal. My mom and I all ways made this in
    February as a George Washington pie in honor of his birthday.. How funny it is to see it is still around. This is so easy to make..

  23. Cheryl Young says:

    Love your website!

  24. Carole Howell says:

    A lighter version…I like that

  25. Karen Shell-Diaz says:

    strawberries on top is yummy too …

  26. I’ve done this with cream cheese, condensed milk, and cool whip as the filling.

  27. Also try the nonfat sweetened condensed milk – you can’t tell the difference in taste!

  28. Lawd have mercy! How could I have forgotten about this one! Super yum! Used to have it at slumber parties back in the day… and then we wondered why we couldn’t manage to lose any weight 😉

  29. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide says:

    Every time I see one of those I try not to blink. It’s gone in about two seconds! I’ve never made one, but I see them at pot lucks and they’re always popular. I think there’s just something about philly and cherries!