Leigh Walkup

Main Content Creator at The Southern Lady Cooks

My name is Leigh Walkup,  one of the voices and creators behind The Southern Lady Cooks! Growing up on a big farm, we raised all our food, and Mom was always in the kitchen. I was lucky enough to have my Mom and grandmother give me a “kitchen education” from a very young age. I was raised at their elbows, watching them cook and trying to help.  I’m blessed that Mom still shows me tips and tricks today.  I still love to cook, and what I’m creating in the kitchen is what you’ll find on The Southern Lady Cooks. I live in Georgetown, KY, with my husband, dogs, and horses.

Leigh’s role at TSLC

  • Recipe Creator- I am always in the kitchen working on new recipes for the website, but first and foremost, they are for the family too. I love to share what my family loves and this allows me to be very creative.
  • I am the voice behind our newsletter, each one that goes out has my personal touch on it. You will find here at TSLC we do everything ourselves and love connecting with our audience.
  • I run our Instagram page and love talking with our followers. It’s always nice to read the reviews of our recipes and interact on that platform.

Our recipes are 100% done by us! Each one we have made ourselves and put on this website.

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