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Blueberry Pudding Cake will become a favorite recipe. Blueberry Pudding Cake


Fresh blueberry pudding cake is so good with ice cream on top. Blueberry pudding cake makes a great dessert your family and friends will love.  Blueberries are one of my favorite foods and they are so good for you.

Blueberry pudding cake is one of our most popular recipes!

2 cups fresh blueberries (You can make this using all kinds of berries)
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
3 tablespoons cooking oil (I used Canola)
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup sugar
1 cup evaporated milk (could use regular milk)
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup boiling water
Layer your berries in an 8 x 8 x 2 inch baking dish sprayed with cooking spray.  Sprinkle the lemon juice over the berries and kind of mix so they are coated.  Mix flour, salt, baking powder, cooking oil, vanilla, cinnamon, sugar and milk together and spread over the berries.  Boil one cup water in microwave or on stove and mix with sugar and cornstarch in a separate bowl making sure it is well blended. Pour over dough and berries.
Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 45 to 55 minutes until browned on top.  Serve with ice cream or just plain.  Enjoy!
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  2. hilda Dionne says:

    This is on my desert menu tomorrow!! It looks amazing..thank you!!la

  3. Hi Judy, what about pineapple, my favorite?
    William G.

  4. to make it in a 13×9 pan I suppose we would just have to double the ingredients…..has anyone tried it and did it come out ok

  5. Shameka McCray says:

    A must try!

  6. Went blueberry picking in July–will make this for Christmas Eve, along with other goodies.

  7. I’m from Newfoundland and we have a tradition of blueberry pudding that we eat with Jiggs dinner every sunday. This is the same thing which surprised me. We use a brown sugar sauce to top it off instead of the sauce you use, definitely my faviurite but I’ll give your a try. Just ti top it off I was highly amused to see your name was Judy, same as my mom. Haha she enjoyed that when I asked if she was a southern.

    • The Southern Lady says:

      Hi Tiffany, Happy to have you on the site and happy you enjoy the recipes. That is a coincidence that your Mom is Judy, also. Thank you for stopping by today! Hope you are having a good week.

  8. Ari Desarro says:

    Just got my emails and love the look of the Blueberry pudding cake! Can’t wait to
    make and try it!!

  9. we love blueberries in Crossville Tn

  10. i am diabetic and don’t use sugar substitues either or agave cause of my ibs . what can i replace the 1 cup of sugr with or can i omit it

  11. Can you use frozen blueberries?

  12. Can i reheat this? Or will it just get ruined?

  13. I added an add’l cup of blueberries and it turned out great! Thanks for sharing!

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  15. Making this now! Yum, I am 5 months pregnant and dying for sweets. At least this way I get some fruit in too!

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  18. I made this yesterday but substituted blackberries and strawberries, and it was amazing. The strawberries cooked up well, and the blackberries gave it a wonderful tartness. I love your site and am so happy to see many recipes my grandmother used to make!

  19. AdriannaGarcia73 says:

    🙂 Everything you bake is amazing!!!! My sweet bunnies (daughters) and I have just placed it in the oven, and we’re counting down the minutes, and the ice cream is sitting on the counter waiting as well 😉

  20. Vicky Alred says:

    Can you use blueberry pie filling?

  21. Can you bake it and then freeze it, defrost and then reheat?

  22. Oh wow! this looks so good, I must try this recipe!

  23. This looks delicious. Love the recipies

  24. I have it in the oven right now. I wil key you know how it turns out.

  25. So please tell me what adjustments I need to make if using frozen bluberries. I am looking forward to using these frozen berries but need to insure all efforts have been made for success!

  26. This was amazing! I am going to try it with whole wheat flour and raw sugar.

  27. Ok, got the ingredients and now waiting on the end result while its in the oven. I hope it tastes delicious!

  28. look delicious I love blueberries!

  29. This sounds absolutely DELICIOUS! Would like to try it with like Rhubarb or blackberries. Will be back later to claim my recipe! Have a blessed one!

  30. Just found you on Facebook from other bloggers that I follow; I’m loving this great blueberry spin on pudding cake! Now following you here and on FB. Hope you can stop by and check out my fresh peach ice cream from the South too!

  31. This looks so good, I’ll have to try it!

  32. Yes, please! Can’t wait to make it!

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