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Old Fashioned Hobo Bread - The Southern Lady CooksHobo Bread has been around for years.  It is an old fashioned recipe that dates back as far as the pioneers.  There are hundreds of different versions of hobo bread around.  A lot of recipes for this bread call for soaking the raisins overnight with the soda and making this bread in coffee cans.  I don’t have time for all that!  This is my recipe that works great for me and my family loves it.  Slather this bread with some butter while it’s warm, serve with coffee, tea or milk for a delicious treat anytime.  You can add spices, nuts, fruits or whatever you like to this bread.  Very few recipes for hobo bread contain eggs and I don’t put them in this one.  The bread holds together fine without the eggs.  You can reheat it and this bread keeps well in a cool spot or refrigerated.  I have not tried doubling the recipe but feel you could if you wanted to make an extra loaf for a friend.  You might also like our recipe for pumpkin banana muffins.

Hobo bread dates back to the pioneers.

1 cup raisins

1 cup boiling water

2 cups all-purpose flour

3/4 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons baking soda

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 tablespoons melted butter

1/2 cup broken pecans or walnuts

Soak raisins in boiling water for one hour.  Do not pour off extra water.  Whisk together flour, sugar, salt, baking soda in a large bowl.  Pour in soaked raisins with extra water, vanilla extract and butter.  Mix with a spoon.  Fold in nuts.  Spray a 9 x 5 loaf pan with cooking spray.  Spread dough in pan.  Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 45 to 50 minutes or until center tests done. Remove from oven and cool in pan for 10 minutes before removing.  You could add a powdered sugar glaze to this bread if desired.  Makes 1 loaf.  Enjoy!

Old-Fashioned Hobo Bread - The Southern Lady Cooks

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  1. Hi, I tried this for Thanksgiving. It was yummy. I was nervous because the batter was to thick. My mom and aunt remembered having this kind of bread with their Grandmother made it. I am off to try your Cinnamon Bread next. Thank you…

  2. My dough is too thick, definitely not enough liquid to even mix all of the dry ingredients. Is there supposed to be more water added?

  3. Could I use whole wheat flour?

  4. Do you boil the water with the raisins in it the entire hour? I wasn’t sure if I was just supposed to boil water, take it off the stove and then let raisins soak. Forgive me if it’s a silly question ‍♀️

    • The Southern Lady says:

      You bring the water to a boil, remove water from stove and add raisins and let them soak for one hour. Don’t ever hesitate to ask us Crystal if you are unsure. Hope you enjoy the recipe and have a great week ahead.

  5. This recipe has no eggs?

    • The Southern Lady says:

      That’s true, Vicki. It says above the recipe that I don’t use eggs in the recipe. Feel free to always ask if you are not sure, though.

  6. Can you make it in a cast iron skillet?

  7. This is a lot like my mother’s Poor Man’s Cake. I would also add cinnamon and nutmeg The cake has no nuts, but they can be added. Mom ripped her cake with colored jimmies or sprinkles before baking You could do that with this, too. I plan to. And it’s Hobo for the same reason it’s Poor Man. No expensive ingredients like lard, eggs or milk. From the Depression.

  8. This is terrible . Your bread was soooooo amazing that I cannot control myself from eating it, I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s that good. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Is this batter supposed to be thick

  10. mary sargent says:

    I made this bread, out of this world delicious, my family loved it, asking for more, I put cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of allspice, soooo good!!!

    • The Southern Lady says:

      So glad you and your family enjoyed this recipe. Thank you so much for letting me know! Have a wonderful week.

  11. Do I add the entire cup of water that the raisins were soaked in?

  12. Do you think you could use dried cranberries instead of raisins? We’re not much for raisins around here. Thanks. Enjoy your recipes!

  13. Nadine B Osborne says:

    I made the Hobo Bread this afternoon. It’s so good!
    When I make a new recipe, I like to make it just as it’s written, but I wanted to make two loaves so I’d have one for a church dinner, I doubled the recipe. I didn’t have quite enough raisins so I used a few chopped dates.
    Thank you for this recipe, I know I’ll make it often.

    • The Southern Lady says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe Nadine. Thank you for taking the time to let me know! Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. kaytee roman says:

    why is it called a HOBO bread

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