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Thirty Ways To Use BasketsBaskets are wonderful for storage and you can use them in so many different ways in your home.  I have loved and collected baskets for years.  The top of my closets are stuffed with baskets and I am always pulling one down to use for something.  The following list gives you thirty ways to use baskets for decoration or storage.  The numbers correspond with the photos of the same number. Look for baskets in flea markets, at yard sales, online and in stores and use them as a cheap way to make a change to any room. They come in all sizes and shapes and it is so much fun to find a use for some new purchase.  We have 78 boards on Pinterest with over 31,000 followers that will give you lots of recipes, ideas and interesting stuff to post. You can follow us on Pinterest here: The Southern Lady Cooks on Pinterest.


Look below each photo for how each basket is used.  Things To Do With Baskets21.  Baskets make a wonderful way to serve bread at any meal.  2.  Put a pretty basket on a table beside the door or in the bedroom for pocket change.  3.  Carry your gardening tools in and out of the house or storage area.  4.  Use for picnics outside to carry utensils and napkins.

Things To Do With Baskets3

5.  Use on a desk for mail, bills that need to be paid and filing.  6.  Place all your inside cleaning supplies in a basket with a handle and carry from room to room with you.  7.  Put a large basket beside the outside door for dirty shoes and boots.  8.  Baskets make a great way to display inside plants.

Things to Do With Baskets4

9. Use baskets for picking berries, fruits and garden vegetables.  10.  Line them and plant flowers for great window baskets or just put the pot directly into the basket and place in a dry spot for beautiful outside decor.  11.  Store gloves, mittens, hats and scarves in baskets.  12.  Make a gift basket for overnight guests with shampoo, soap, lotions, snacks, etc. and place in the bedroom.

Things to Do With Baskets5

13.  Place a basket with extra toilet tissue in the bathroom.  14.  Use a basket in the kitchen for your favorite cookbooks for quick access to recipes.  15.  Place magazines in a basket in a guest room, bathroom, den or wherever you like to grab something to read.  16.  Baskets make great holders for pencils, pens and markers.

Things To Do With Baskets6

17.  Place all your cosmetics you use all the time in a basket and store under the sink.  Just lift out when needed.  Keeps all the mess off the vanity.  18.  A great way to store trivets all together.  19.  Have a basket for jewelry you wear often.  20.  A great way to put your favorite kitchen utensils by the stove for easy access.

Things To Do With Baskets7

21.  Children love baskets for storing chalk or crayons.  22.  Use baskets to make seasonal flower arrangements for your home.  Easy to move and change.  23.  Start an herb garden and put small flower pots inside baskets on your kitchen wall.  24.  Baskets are great for storing sewing supplies, yarn, etc.

Things To Do With Bakets8

25.  Use baskets to hold small trays, serving dishes, cutting boards, baking pans, etc. in your kitchen.  26.  Display dish towels and pot holders or store them in a basket.  27.  Use a basket to hold cookie cutters instead of throwing them in a drawer.  28.  Put a basket beside the kitchen stove with commonly used spices, cooking spray, oils and vinegar.

Things to Do With Baskets 9

29.  Have a basket for small toys, trucks, books, etc. that get thrown on the floor. Just fill and store in a closet until next time.  30.  Store picture frames that are not being used together.

I love using baskets for so many things around the house.  I hope you have found something you like.  Leave me a comment with your suggestions for this very versatile product.  I am always looking for new ideas and Enjoy!

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Tips, tricks & recipes to cook Southern food just like Grandma used to!




  1. Ursula Maria Hosea says:

    Did you come to my home and steal all my baskets.

  2. Juanita Statkiewicz says:

    We have a large island. One end of the island has various baskets all sizes. One is al are heavy duty basket that holds about 30 lbs of potatoes. I also have an onion basket, a sweet potato basket, bread basket, banana basket etc. I often put different produce in baskets when I come home from the grocery store, turnip butternut etc. It apples, oranges, clementines. Got some great ideas from you today. Have been looking for a way to display neatly my dish cloths and towels. I have the perfect basket down stairs too. Thanks!

  3. granny nelda says:

    this is a wonderful ideal. also. when they get dusty and need washing. take them to the sink and use the sprayer on them it gets them clean an let them drain and dry and they are ready to go again. it want hurt them at all to get wet.

  4. Mildred Trafford says:

    I love your ideas ! I too am a basket collector and find many at garage sales …. now I have more ways to use them….thanks for your suggestions !

  5. Gloria Jean says:

    Great ides. Have used some already. Thanks. GJ

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5 Secrets to Old-Fashioned
Southern Cooking


Tips, tricks & recipes to cook Southern food just like Grandma used to!