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Recipes and Farm Life by Judy

Recipes and Farm Life by Judy
Hello Friends!

Judy, from The Southern Lady Cooks here.  I decided to do a few blog posts to keep you up to date with what is going on with me, our family, the site and my life in general.

Recipes and Farm Life will be my little corner of the website to communicate with all of you.

If you get our newsletter, you know I have been planning to move to the farm for a while now.  I recently sold my house and we designed and completed an apartment at the farm in Georgetown, Kentucky where my daughter, Anne Parker, lives.  It has been so much fun making such a big change in my life.  I was kind of stranded in Frankfort by myself and ready to move on.  I am a person who has always embraced change and new challenges because I think that is what life is all about.  I will be 75 years young on the 27th of this month and still loving my life.  I walk at least 2 miles every other day (most days more, follow my Instagram personal page and check out how I am doing there) cook recipes for the site, (just updated this delicious pumpkin banana bread) love reading and visiting with my family, watching my shows on television and am up for just about anything.

The twins, Anne Parker and Leigh Harper, and I are having so much fun researching and making new recipes for our followers to enjoy.  Leigh is married and doesn’t live here at the farm but is usually here almost everyday because we all work together.  We are constantly laughing, cooking, eating and coming up with new projects we can do around the farm and on our recipe site or in the magazine, Front Porch Life. (Check out our new fall issue)  We still get people e-mailing us that think I am Paula Deen.  I started this site in 2008 and it is still happening. lol.  Someone e-mailed the other day to say they were really looking forward to watching our new show on Fox and someone else said she got our magazine monthly and enjoyed reading it so much.  We don’t have a tv show and our magazine is a digital magazine that comes out 4 times a year online. (Read about us and how we got started) We do love hearing from you all and enjoy your comments on our morning greeting on Facebook each day.  I love looking at the photos of our recipes you all make and post on Pinterest and reading your comments there and on Facebook.  We hope you are reading our digital magazine, too.  We post on Facebook several times a day, we also post on Instagram and Twitter along with new pins on Pinterest daily.  I will list all the different spots where you can follow us at the bottom of this post and you can just click the links to follow us on each one. Lots of different stuff going on here at the farm and we post about all that on Instagram on the page for Front Porch Life.

Recipes and Farm Life by Judy

We have two doggies here at the farm, Spur Dog and Rusty.  The horses, Wheelzie and Fancy, are such sweethearts and always begging for treats.  Greeley is the barn cat and she loves sleeping on Fancy’s back in the stall.  Life is always busy!


Recipes and Farm Life

The girls and I are excited about fall and the coming holidays and hope to have lots of new recipes for you to check out.  We appreciate each and everyone of you and love hearing from you, too. You can always give us a shout in the mail or in a comment on back of the blog.  I check out your comments on our good morning post each day.

I plan to keep this up when I have time and will write a note to you on Thursdays.   I hope you will check out these posts just like you do the recipes on our site.  Thank each and everyone of you for following and making our recipes and being a part of our community.

Judy (The Southern Lady)

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