Lazy daisy oatmeal cake is a classic and has been around for a long time.

Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake The Southern Lady Cooks

This cake is a family favorite and I have been making it for many years.  I took this cake to functions at work, reunions and family gatherings.  I have never brought any home with me. It is wonderful for any holiday, Easter or Mother’s Day.

Ingredients for Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake:

Boiling water

Quick cooking oats

Butter or margarine

White sugar

Brown sugar



All-purpose flour

Baking soda





Butter or margarine

Brown sugar

Half and half or can use evaporated milk

Walnuts (can use pecans)

Shredded or flaked coconut

Note:  The last time I made this cake I cut the brown sugar from 2 cups to 1 in the cake. I could not tell the difference.

Recipe Feedback: “The best dessert! I make this for every potluck and church function. Thank you for these recipes. This is one of my favorites.”-Lorrie

“I get so many requests to make this cake when we are having pot-lucks at work. Fabulous recipe. Thanks for sharing.”-Cindy

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Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake The Southern Lady Cooks

Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake The Southern Lady Cooks

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Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake

This cake is a family favorite and I have been making it for many years. I took this cake to functions at work, reunions and family gatherings.
Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time1 hr
Total Time1 hr 20 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake
Servings: 1 cake
Author: The Southern Lady Cooks


Cake Ingredients

  • 2 1/2 cups boiling water
  • 2 cups quick cooking oats
  • 1 cup butter or margarine
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 4 eggs
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 tsps. soda
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 1/2 tsps. cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. nutmeg

Frosting Ingredients

  • 1 cup melted butter or margarine
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 6 tablespoons half and half or can use evaporated milk
  • 1 cup chopped or broken walnuts can use pecans
  • 3 cups shredded or flaked coconut


  • Pour boiling water over oats, cover and let stand for 20 minutes. Beat butter until creamy; slowly add sugars; beat until fluffy. Blend in vanilla and eggs. Add oats mixture and mix well.
  • Add flour, soda, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg. Mix well. Pour into a sprayed 9 x 13 inch cake pan and bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 1 hour. Let cool.

Frosting Directions

  • Mix all ingredients together, spread over cake. Place cake under broiler in oven until frosting becomes bubbly. Serve cake warm or cold.


The last time I made this cake I cut the brown sugar from 2 cups to 1 in the cake. I could not tell the difference.

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  1. My grandmother always made this oatmeal cake and called it old fashioned oatmeal cake,believeing she used regular oats. When you cut brown sugar in half, was that in the cake or the frosting? Thanks, Sherry

    1. Per the recipe, “The last time I made this cake I cut the brown sugar from 2 cups to 1 in the cake.” thanks!

  2. I made this cake the other day and it is an excellent cake. It is a very large cake, filled my 9×13 cake pan and when iced, it over flowed. You could probably cut both the batter and topping in half and still have a wonderful cake — or better yet, make 2 cakes and freeze one. Thanks5 stars

  3. Thank you for posting this!! My mom use to make this or angel food cake for my birthday because I didn’t like chocolate and I didn’t like most sweets when I was a kid…. She has given me her recipes but you know how it goes when you want to make something and can’t find the recipe, but now I have it again. People ask me what it tastes like with a name like oatmeal cake so I just tell them if you like spice cake or carrot cake you will probably like this! Going to make it this afternoon.5 stars

  4. my mom used to make a cake that looks just like this but had apples in it. Ever heard or seen that before? any idea on a recipe?

  5. Have your tried any substitute for the coconut in the icing? Nobody in my family likes coconut but I think they would love the cake.

    1. I’ve never changed the icing on this cake. I’ve always made it how the recipe is written. You could certainly use a cream cheese frosting if you like.

    2. Bev, My family didn’t like coconut when i was growing up so my mom substituted oatmeal. It was great.

  6. I’ve just made this cake but am not sure if I let the cake cool completely before putting on the frosting. The recipe says to let the cake cool. But I know the cake has to stay in the pan so that it can go under the broiler. Can you please clarify? Can’t wait to dig in!

    1. I would let it at least cool for a bit before icing the cake. You don’t have to let it cool completely but I would let it cool some.

  7. The best dessert! I make this for every potluck and church function. Thank you for these recipes. This is one of my favorites.5 stars

  8. Hi. I love your recipes. I want to see if you know of a recipe that my great grandmother used to make. She called it vanilla pudding but it was like a white/yellow cake with coarse texture kind of like a cornbread but it wasn’t cornbread. She made a wonderful vanilla sauce that we would pour over the top of the dry cake. I wish I had her recipe but I never got it and she passed away in 1986 at the age of 85. She was from Bradsfordville/Lebanon KY and a wonderful cook and I doubt she even had her recipes written down. If you know of any recipe like that if you could post it I would appreciate it. Thank you! Heather5 stars

    1. Thank you for the kind comment Heather. I don’t know of a recipe like that, but it sure sound delicious!

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  11. I will definitely have to make this cake. so easy and love anything with oatmeal and coconut.. Also, something the family will enjoy.. Looks like a cake with a long life too, as it should stay moist.. thank you for this recipe..

  12. I have a Czech heritage and my mom was a great cook. In 1964 I was taking a ninth cooking class. My teacher was very big on entering contests. I used my mom’s oatmeal cake recipe (which was our go to recipe to take to all family reunions) and changed the spices and the name to enter the French’s Spice Contest. Because of the nature of the contest I added more spices but this is the same recipe. Because presentation was a part of the contest I cut the cake up and arranged it on a plate with extra coconut in the middle and renamed it Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake. I took first prize in the Jr. High division. In 1980 Family Circle printed the almost identical recipe with the same name.

  13. I have never heard of this cake.. no one in my family knew enough to teach me to really cook… so now in my older ages, I am trying to do new things in cooking. it looks and sounds delicious. I am still able to work, so I am going to test it on my husband for our anniversary late nov and then take to work if he likes it, and he usually likes my cooking, and try it on them. thanks for posting recipes easy enough for me to try.

  14. My neighbour makes this cake for me after I do a favour for her. It is delicious , I have a hard time not eating it all day. I have made it without cinnamon, because my sons girl friend is allergic to cinnamon.It tastes a little different and is still good.5 stars

  15. I’ve been enjoying your postings for months now..and have gotten great reviews on those I made…was concerned about the amount of sugar in this recipe, and wonder if I can cut out some sugar or replace with stevia; and do you think i would have to change something else to compenstate? ie:more flour,eggs or oats etc…. I read your comment about cutting out one cup of brown sugar; I will most likely make it the right way the first time and experiment with the sugar problem, just wanted to get some advice from more experincenced bakers. Thanks and have a great New Year!!

    1. I have not tried it with a sugar substitute or any way other than stated but if I did, I would not change anything else in the recipe. I would think you could replace some but not all.

      1. Made it today,,,A little on the sweet side for me, but delicious nonetheless,,cut receip in half as my first trial, next time will cut back on sugar or use a sub..making the frosting now,,,but using unsweetened coconut and sl less brown sugar. Taste great on its own, lol…thanks again for your postings.5 stars

    2. It is better to use sugar, due to the chemicals used in artificial sugar,even Stevia and as you read below you can cut the brown sugar down to 1 cup

  16. I get so many requestss to make this cake when we are having pot-lucks at work. Fabulous recipe. Thanks for sharing5 stars

  17. Hi
    This looks lovely, but I think I have some terminology problems (in uk) 2 tsps soda? Could you explain please as this cake looks amazing x

  18. This was my mother’s “go to” recipe whenever she needed a cake for a bake sale or the church pot luck and we all loved it. About 40 years ago, we moved and a few years later, when the ladies of the church decided to write a cookbook, someone said “You know, we really need to include Nita’s Oatmeal cake, even if she doesn’t live here any more. By this time, my mom had passed away, but her best friend had the recipe so it was included. My sisters and I are still making the cake and still loving it just as much as we did 50 years ago.5 stars

  19. Made this cake for years.little different recipe.started making muffins with it doesn’t last very long .family loves it.

  20. I too have made this cake for over 30 years. However, my family likes less cake, more icing, so I bake it in a larger pan which makes it much thinner, so I adjust the cooking time and double the icing.5 stars

  21. I am going to make this cake for our church meeting on Thursday. Am I correct in reading that you can use quick or old fashioned oats? Thanks in advance. Joan

      1. Thank you for your response; I will pick some up. I am going to make this for our next church dinner and I know it’s going to be a sell-out 😉

  22. My step grandmother always made this cake @ Christmas. I’ve been making it for over 30 years. It’s one of those ultimate “comfort” desserts.5 stars

  23. You brought a smile to my face, I’ve made this cake for nearly 40 years. It never ceases to amaze me how people like it! We just called it Oatmeal Cake and I melt the butter with the water & oats, it doesn’t effect the end result, just speeds up the process. Also you can use quick or old fashion oats, same amount of either. It’s great on a busy day, I use to cook for the farm hands & I’d get a request for this at least once a week. I use to have to make it as birthday cake for my two sons & three of their friends. Thanks for bringing back great memories.5 stars

  24. This is my favorite cake, I have been eating it for over 35 years. In fact I just had a piece a few minutes ago! 🙂
    It freezes well too!5 stars

    1. I know I’m late to the party, but this was moms “company” cake. She served this with hand whipped sweetened cream. Everyone loves this. Whenever we had company during the 70s & 80s she served this…although she is deceased, the memories are many & lovely!

  25. My mama and I love your site. We can’t wait to try the cake. We live reading the comments because we get so tickled at some of the questions you get asked. 🙂

    1. Thank you Jen. I know exactly what you mean about the questions. It never ceases to amaze me when people change the recipe and then get upset when it does not work for them. Not every recipe is going to work for everyone and not everyone is going to like every recipe. I just post them. lol

  26. Loooove this recipe.. I used to make this when my boys were young, (back in the good ole days) Sure does bring back good memories.. Actually, have been looking for this recipe, also.looking for another one, from that same time period.. the Fruit Cocktail Cake.. Do you have that one? Annnd, I cannot make it work, to print this one out….5 stars

    1. I realize that this comment is almost 6 years old, but I thought I’d reply anyway… on the off chance you’ll see it.
      There is s recipe called Texas Tornado cake. A few versions use fruit cocktail. A quick search on Pinterest will bring up several recipes. I hope this helps!

  27. Thank you so much its lovely. For frosting I feel one ingredient is missing u mentioned 6 table spoons half and hafl or can use evaporated milk … what is it pls. Thank you.

  28. My mom used to make this cake. I think it was the only one she made “from scratch”. I always liked this cake, but haven’t had it in years. I’m going to make this soon. Amazing how many memories one cake can evoke!

  29. One of my closest friends used to make this cake for me. It became my birthday cake. I know the recipe as Hurricane Oatmeal Cake. My friend has been in Heaven for two and half years. Another friend made it for me this past year, wasn’t the same and it brought back so many sweet memories. And, it hurt too. If this cake lasts, the longer it does it becomes even more moist! Amazing recipe that everyone must try!

  30. My Mother also used to make this recipe. But I have embellished it to my liking. I use Orange juice and heat it instead of water to soak the oats. Sometimes I use steel cut. I also have taken 1 apple and diced it up and added golden raisins. The topping remains the same. I brought this to a birthday party that they had already purchased a store bought cake and mine was warm still and the pan was empty in 10 minutes upon arrival. Sorry to say the store bought still sat there with the sugary royal icing and bland cake. This is great for potlucks because you can take it strainght from the oven and go. Sure to please…….

  31. this cake is sooo good. A lady at our Gem show made this and gave my the recipe..She said it was a very old recipe..If you haven’t made it, you must , it is so delicious !!!

  32. I have been looking for this recipe for years ! Thank you so much for posting, I just need a frosting that doesn’t have coconut ….. Do you have 1 ?

  33. My mother has been making this cake for at lease 45 years. It is the most requested cake for birthdays even today!

  34. it all sounded great till the coconut bit, any ideas what i can have instead as i cant eat coconut but would love to try this recipe out.

  35. This is an old family recipe for me as well. We call it Mrs. Schlictemyers Oatmeal cake, as that is the lady that my Mom got the recipe from when she was a young Mother. 🙂

  36. This is very close to my grandma’s cake, one of those flash back memories at first taste. Made my dad smile remembering!! Thanks.

    1. Funny thing…I found Grandma’s recipe…made it the other day …its not the cake I remember. I think she made a white cake mix and put the icing on….anyways its dad’s birthday next week and I asked him what kind of cake he wanted. …he said that one with the coconut icing on it…..so he get the memories of Grandma with the icing and your delicious cake. Win win in my books.

  37. Love this Oatmeal Cake.
    It was my favorite of my mama’s recipes, and she would always make this for my Birthday, rather than more traditional Birthday Cakes.
    I make it myself at least a few times per year, but it will never be as good as mama’s

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