Roasted smashed potatoes are so good and easy to make.

how-to-make-roasted-smashed-potatoes2They make a great side dish or serve them as an appetizer.  I love any kind of potatoes and can make a meal of these.  It is so much fun to use different toppings and experiment with this recipe. A great dish for game day.

Roasted Smashed Potatoes

6 to 8 potatoes (You can use red or white, large or small and as many as you need)

Olive Oil (You can also use vegetable oil or any kind of cooking oil. I used 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon melted butter and 1 tablespoon bacon drippings mixed together on these)

Salt and Black Pepper

Shredded Cheese of your choice

In a large pot, cover potatoes with water and boil until tender. Drain and let cool.  Place parchment paper or foil on a baking sheet and spray with cooking spray.  Place potatoes on the sheet and smash each one with a potato masher, your hand, a glass or whatever works for you.  Sprinkle on the oil, add salt and pepper and bake in preheated 425 degree oven 20 to 25 minutes until potatoes are brown and crispy or as done as you want.  Remove from oven and sprinkle on shredded cheese and any other toppings you like. Put back in oven until cheese is melted.  Enjoy!


You can add any kind of meat such as ham, bacon, shrimp or bacon bits.  Sprinkle on chives, parsley, garlic powder, etc. and serve with sour cream. You could cook the potatoes in the microwave and you don’t have to wait until they are cooled to smash them if you are in a hurry.  You can cook the potatoes the night before if you like.

Smashed Potatoes The Southern Lady Cooks

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