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Tips On Baking Cookies

Many people already know these tips for baking cookies but it’s always a good reminder. We are blessed to have many new bakers/cooks on our site and we always want to provide useful information. The cookie pictured above is our Cinnamon Pecan Cookies and they are one of our most popular!

Cookies should look a little underdone when removed from the oven and should be light around the edges.  Cookies will continue to cook from the heat of the cookie sheet once removed. This is a mistake I have made many times letting them cook too long and it’s easy to do. 

Make sure cookie sheets are not too thin. The heavier your sheet the less likely your cookies are to burn.  If your cookie sheets are thin, you can layer with aluminum foil.

Drop cookies about 2 inches apart onto cookie sheets so they don’t melt into each other. It’s easy to want to cook too many at a time by placing them closer together but in the end you will be glad you left enough room.

Always cool cookies before decorating.

If the recipe calls for “softened” butter make sure the butter is room temperature but not melted. You just want to be able to press your finger into the butter without resistance.

Have all ingredients at room temperature for better results. This also makes the baking process much easier since you will have all your ingredients out and organized.

Flour for baking cookies does not have to be sifted unless recipe specifies to sift the flour.

For quality cookies use real butter and real vanilla extract and large eggs.

Tossing the nuts in a little flour will keep them from clumping together in the recipe and absorb the oil.  Fold nuts into the batter last.

Now for a few of our most popular cookie recipes:

These Maple Oatmeal Cookies are so good and your family will love them! The maple frosting really takes these to the next level.

Tips on Baking Cookies - The Southern Lady Cooks

These Gingersnap Cookies have been a family favorite for many many years and they have wonderful reviews!

This is our Favorite Chocolate Chip cookie and it has wonderful reviews too! This cookie recipe is easy and delicious!


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