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Fried Green Tomatoes - TSLC

Southerners all know about fried green tomatoes and fried okra.  It would be a wasted summer without this dish on the table a few times during the season.  There are a number of different recipes out there for this treat.  You cannot be a southerner if you don’t like fried okra and tomatoes!

3 or 4 green tomatoes
1/2 cup all-purpose flour or 1/2 cup cornmeal
2 eggs
salt and pepper
dash of garlic powder
1/2 to 3/4 cup cooking oil
Slice green tomatoes into slices about 1/4 inch thick. In a bowl beat eggs with a whisk. In another bowl add salt and pepper and garlic powder to meal or flour whichever you decide to use for breading.   There is really not much difference.  The tomatoes in the picture have been done with both.  I usually have a bowl of flour and a bowl of cornmeal and I do about half the tomatoes in flour and half in meal.  You can do the okra the same way or just use either one.  Dip the tomato slices into the egg then the meal or flour.  Have your oil hot and deep enough in the skillet to cover about half the tomato slice.  Cook on one side, turn and continue cooking until a golden brown.  Drain on paper towel.
For okra:  Cut okra into 1/4 inch pieces and dip into egg and then flour or meal.  Cook just like you did the tomatoes.
I bet you can’t stop eating this once you have tried it!
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41 Responses

  1. I like fried green tomatoes

  2. I, too, mix my flour and cornmeal. And I also sprinkle just the tiniest bit of sugar after my tomatoes are done. I am so ready for summertime and all the fresh veggies that go along with it. Frozen okra, when allowed to thaw, and then breaded is about as good as the fresh, however and available all year long.

  3. I’m not much of a cook but have millions of recipes in cookbooks because I wanted to learn so I started a collection 30 years ago. My mother-in-law was the best cook in my life! I loved her! That was about twenty-five years ago. So when I see your recipes on Facebook I think about my mother-in-law :-). I also think about how blessed we were growing up with homegrown fruits and vegetables more so than now! Your daughters are also blessed to have you! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you so much Mary. My mother-in-law was a wonderful cook, too. She taught me so much about cooking just like yours. Yes, we were so blessed to have grown up the way we did. My father and mother along with my inlaws grew huge gardens and preserved everything. I wish the children today could grow up the way we did and the way my children grew up. I think it would be a much better world. Thank you for your wonderful comment. Happy to have you on the site.

  4. Can’t you mix the flour and the corn meal together and use that?

  5. I use seafood breader. It is delicious and my family loves it.

  6. My family enjoys fried green tomatoes; chopped and orka; mixed and fried together, great when you don’t have enough of either for you meal.

  7. This sounds like a winner. My friend’s mama always sprinkled a little sugar over the tomatoes and squash when she fried them. It does taste good and they do not taste as acidic. I also put a little sea salt, cayenne pepper, paprika and garlic granules in my flour. It is amazing!
    I love the southern lady cooks! Thanks for all our recipes and tips!

  8. My mom fixed this when we were kids living in Mississippi, and now as an adult living in Indiana, it is still a favorite on the dinner table. Yum

  9. How do you go about becoming a member on this site I have looked it all over and still cannot find it !!! thanks, auntbea

  10. The f.g.t. recipe I was taught by a “yankee” was similar except for 2 things. No garlic and. . .get this. . .fried in bacon grease! I could eat a ton of it and want more. And I have yet to make a decent fried okra yet. But I keep trying!!

  11. I’m from WV. My grandmother always made her fried green tomatoes with a little sugar in the flour. Helps with the acid and gives them a slight sweet taste. She was the queen of fried tomatoes at the family reunion. We love them!!! I continue to make them her way!

  12. My father used to make this!

  13. Add purple hull peas and cornbread to these two dishes, and you have a perfect southern meal. Oh, and don’t forget a cold glass of iced tea. Yum, yum GOOD!!

  14. Here in Oregon, I always have lots of green tomatoes at end of our short tomato growing season – and always look forward to making these!

  15. I love you blog! I spent about 25 years in Tennessee, so the south is in me. I will be making these this summer, also love the post your FB followers post
    Thank you

  16. I have never tried fried green tomatoes or okra. We went to Arkansas in 2001. There, I had fried catfish, fried okra and hushpuppies.. Always a treat each time we go for a visit. Going to try fried green tomatoes this summer.

  17. I was raised on a farm and we had a garden but mom never fried green tomatoes. Well, when the movie Fried Green Tomatoes came out, I learned really quick how to do it. Love them,but you now, lots of people won’t let you pick their tomatoes when they are green! So glad they have them in stores and at the market now.

  18. I just can not WAIT…I’m so ready for all my summer favorites….cucumber/onion in vinegar….fried corn….sloppy tomoato sandwich….Lord Have Mercy!!!!!

  19. i was raised on fried green tomatoes but my aunt came from Jasonville ind but it is the same recipe. my girls love these too

  20. I have some Fresh green tomatoes in my freezer from garden this past summer…I use half flour and half cornmeal thay way you don’t get that dark brown in your skillet… And they don’t stick they are so wonderful I just love them..My Daughter and myself eat them as fast as we cook them, can’t help ourselves..

  21. they are great rolled in egg and jiffy corn muffin mix

  22. I make fried green tomatoes all summer long. I use both flour and cornmeal and also eggwash…But I do it a lil different, makes a real nice crust. I dredge the tomatoes 1st in AP flour and salt/pepper, then into the eggwash then into cornmeal…The flour will make the eggwash stick, and the eggwash will make the cornmeal stick! Do the same with okra and zuchinni!

  23. This so reminds me of eating my Ma’ma’s cooking. Her name was Lawson Mae Cooper, then married to Emory McKinley Warwick. Also her sisters Aunt Merttie and Aunt Flossie. ALL from near Knoxville, Tenn.. All long gone, but well remembered for their dinners of fried okra, fried green tomatoes, hickory cane white sweet corn, corn bread, and pinto beans with hog jowel. God!!! I can just tast it all from this picture. hot wood stove in the kitchen…. such memories a mind congers from a wonderful photograph! Thanks.

  24. I’m from Tennessee,where I grew up watching my “southern-born” Momma work “magic” in her kitchen.Like most kids as soon as those school bus doors opened in the afternoon,I was headed for the refrigerator ..only to be let down that there was “nothing” in there that I wanted to eat,so I would settle for some cookies & a cold glass of milk,while I did my homework.Much to my surprise,come “supper-time”,the table would be full of delicious surprises,I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where Momma came up with ALL this food,when I had seen “nothing”.LOL .Living on a farm,we always had beef,pork,rabbits,squirrels,chickens,plus a few more that I just “couldn’t ” try.In the summer,we always had fresh vegetables & fruits that were served numerous ways & foods were canned,preserved,pickled,salted down & hung up, or frozen for the winter months.Over the years I’ve remembered a lot of my Momma’s recipes (of which were NEVER written down),one in particular that sticks out as I’m reading through your’s & that is “Fried Green Tomatoes”.I loved ‘em then,I love ‘em today,but I’ve discovered a little change sometimes never hurts,so instead of using completely “green” tomatoes,I wait until they are about half ripe,roll ‘em in flour w/salt & pepper & fry until golden brown.The partial ripe ones seem to me to have much more flavor.This was suppose to be just a quick tip suggestion,but it kinda grew.LOL Didn’t mean to start a book..hahaha.
    Thank you & I enjoy your recipes
    “Keep ON cookin”

    • Hi Judy, I enjoyed your comment very much and thanks for the tip. Love getting new tips from fans. Happy to have you here and happy you enjoy the recipes. Stop by anytime and have a great week. Hugs to you from another Judy!

      • Thank you,Judy
        I just finished making several jars of (mock) cherry marmalade using cherry jello & zucchini,have some yellow squash already grated & measured in the freezer to make (mock) peach marmalade.Both are delicious & you can’t even tell it’s made from squash.Wondered if you might have similar recipes,or if you would be interested in mine ? I would be glad to share.Have a great rest of the week & “Hugs to you also” (smile)

      • Hi Judy, No, I don’t have those recipes. You can share yours on here or on Facebook if you like and “thank you” or if you have pictures and want me to “share” on the blog. Send them to me along with the recipe and a little about yourself and I will do a blog post. If you decide to do this send pictures of your marmalade along with a picture of you to thesouthernladycooks@gmail.com

    • I also wait till my tomatoes turn a little, they have a little tang to them! I mix flour & cornmeal together, I just like the taste.

  25. May sound strange but I splash hot sauce on the tomatoes before breading them. Gives them a little extra kick

  26. I grew up in the midwest, but Daddy always picked all the green tomatoes left on the vines before the first frost and we had fried green tomatoes! Makes me want to have some now!

  27. My mother used to boil her okra until done. mash with a fork ..then add flour or meal and fry in pattys. so good ..had a real okra taste..different from fried.

  28. Fried green tomatoes and okra. Really good eating !
    You have any recipes for wild ramps?

  29. Thanks, Amy! Have a great weekend.

  30. My Grandma was a Mississippi girl and her fried okra was like eating a piece of candy!! I could never get enough!!!

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