Turkey Talk is posted each year to give you some tips and information on the holidays. Feel free to “share” on Facebook and with your friends.   Hopefully, there will be something to make your meal simpler and easier to prepare!  Contact me with any questions, suggestions or additions you have or post a comment.  You can also start a discussion on the Facebook page.

Today, I am just listing some tips you might want to consider.

1.  Always test a new pan to make sure your turkey will fit ahead of time.

2.  If you don’t have a roasting rack to place your turkey on while cooking, place two or three large carrots underneath the turkey.

3.  Practice food safety during the holidays.  Wash hands and counters often.

4.  Cook your turkey first if you only have one oven.  Remove and wrap with foil and place a towel around pan.  This will keep turkey hot for an hour.

5.  Plan your menu and grocery shopping list ahead of time.

6.  Take an inventory of your pantry so you will know what to buy and what you already have at home.

7.  Take your list every time you go to the store to take advantage of sales.

8.  Check local papers and the internet for grocery coupons.

9.  Sites like Pillsbury.com, Betty Crocker.com and  Duncan Hines.com offer cents off coupons and great recipes and holiday cooking tips.  You can join these sites for free.

10. Do not refrigerate sweet potatoes.  Always store in cool, dark place up to a week.  Handle sweet potatoes gently.  They should feel heavy with no blemishes. They bruise easily.

11.  To save on cost during the holidays use regular dishes instead of paper plates.

12.  Remember to stock up for Christmas when buying Thanksgiving food items on sale.

13.  If you see eyes on regular potatoes this indicates they are old.

14.  Yellow potatoes like Yukon Gold are best for mashed potatoes.

15.  Look for grade A meat when buying your turkey.  Fryer or roaster turkeys are younger and more tender.

Have a great day!

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  1. What a great list. I’m gonna print it and refer to it many times! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  2. We can count on you for the holidays to give us some good tips, thanks. I appreciate all your kind comments.

  3. Margaret Cloud says:

    This is a very good list. I liked the tip with the carrots under the turkey, thanks.

  4. Also, check new pan to see if it fits in oven.
    Happened to my sister last year. She has
    double ovens and pan was to big for the oven.