Halloween is just around the corner and these cupcakes are the easiest you will ever make!  They are good, too!

What you will need:

1 package Wilton Halloween black and orange baking cups (I got mine at Kroger. They come 75 to a package for $2.09)
1 (5 ounce) package Kroger coconut
1 cake mix of your choice
1 (1 lb. can)  Kroger Rich and Creamy Vanilla Frosting
Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow food coloring
Kroger Yellow Cream Pumpkin Candy (Optional)
A couple packages Halloween party favors ( I got mine for .99 cents at Kroger)
Make your cupcakes using the baking cups according to package directions.  Then pour your icing into a large mixing bowl and whip with the mixer for a few minutes. (This makes the icing easier to spread and makes it go further)  Separate the icing into 3 small bowls using however much icing for each bowl you want to use.  To make orange icing add 5 parts yellow to 1 part red.  To make purple icing add 4 parts red to 1 part blue.  Some food colorings give you the color chart, some don’t.  Once you have your colors, add some coconut to each icing.  This keeps the icing from looking so smooth plus it is good, too!   The party favors I bought were mostly children’s rings with skulls, spiders, flies, mice, etc.  The part that goes on the finger slips right into the cupcake holding it on the cake.  Plus, the child gets a favor to keep along with the cupcake.   The cupcakes with the pumpkins on top were made with the last of the icing.  These are fun to do.  Use your imagination. See what you come up with. 
Makes 24 cupcakes.
Send me a picture of your creations either in comments or e-mail or post it on Facebook.  I know there are a lot of you out there that can do better than me!
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  1. So cute, and so simple! I love the color of the purple. The intensity is so fun! I would totally eat the pumpkins off the top- those are my favorite Halloween candy.