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Salmon patties is a recipe asked for often in my family.  This is the way my mother made them and I am carrying on the tradition.

My twins love these salmon patties.  I have to fix them whenever they come to visit me. It is one of their all time favorite meals. I have made salmon patties for years and my family won’t eat them any other way.  The leftover patties are great for a sandwich on a bun with ketchup or mustard.

Salmon patties will become one of your favorite recipes!

1 (15 ounce) can salmon, undrained
1 egg
1 sleeve of saltine crackers, crushed
3/4 cup cooking oil (I use canola oil) for cooking

Heat the oil in a large skillet.  Combine the rest of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl.  Using your hands mix the ingredients together and shape into patties.  Place the patties in the hot oil and brown on each side.  Turn the heat down and continue cooking on low for about 20 minutes turning often. Let cook until the patties are brown and crusty.

Note:  You can add onion, green pepper and some people roll theirs in cornmeal but the only way my family likes them is the recipe posted above.

These salmon patties are great leftover and made into a sandwich with ketchup or serve them with my Country Fried Potatoes.  Enjoy!

Salmon Patties
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Salmon Patties

I've been making these salmon patties for years and years. This is my mother's recipe and my family loves them.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Total Time30 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Salmon Patties
Author: The Southern Lady Cooks


  • 1 15 ounce can salmon, undrained
  • 1 egg
  • 1 sleeve of saltine crackers crushed
  • 3/4 cup cooking oil I use canola oil for cooking


  • Heat the oil in a large skillet. Combine the rest of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Using your hands mix the ingredients together and shape into patties.
  • Place the patties in the hot oil and brown on each side. Turn the heat down and continue cooking on low for about 20 minutes turning often. Let cook until the patties are brown and crusty.


You can add onion, green pepper and some people roll theirs in cornmeal but the only way my family likes them is the recipe posted above.

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  1. Just like the way my mom and I make them. I tried a couple ‘fancier’recipes but hated them. I guess simpler is better. Or maybe the food you were raised eating always seems to taste better.5 stars

  2. This is the way I learned to make salmon patties with two exceptions. We always added about a tsp of Dijon Mustard and I guess it depends on your taste but for us 5-7 crackers is more than enough. These days I use Ritz Crackers. Great Sat. Night comfort food.4 stars

  3. This is the way I make salmon patties with the addition of 2 Tblsp. of cornmeal. Many times I use mackerel since canned salmon is a bit pricey now. This is also the way my mother made them and always used mackerel since it was cheaper. I serve them with hot water fried cornbread, macaroni and cheese and peas. My husband loves this meal.5 stars

  4. I love salmon croquettes it’s a childhood favorite and I still make them and my husband loves them I add some onion , Old Bay seasoning (it just brings out the flavor with any seafood) I also add 3Tbs of Mayo, and I use Louisiana Fry (seasoned) to fry them in and it’s. AWESOME!

  5. Carolyn Chenault says:

    I’ve never seen a recipe like how my Mom made salmon patties anywhere. She used 2 cans of salmon, 2 eggs beaten, 4 or 5 slices of white bread tore into pieces, a slash of worcesteshire sauce and salt & pepper to taste. She mixed all together and formed her patties. She would roll in flour & fry in a couple inches of oil in a frying pan till brown & crispy. I still make them that way today & everyone loves them. BTW I also love them cold the next day.

  6. Question: Have you tried making these in an air fryer? Wonder how long to cook and if they are good. Thanks!

  7. Sounds perfect. I also ate the bones. My 98 year old Mom always makes a white sauce with sliced hard boiled eggs in the sauce to serve over the patties…try it!!5 stars

  8. Just made this for dinner and it was a hit!served with coleslaw and cornbread it was very quick and easy. I used veggie ritz crackers and added Parmesan cheese flakes. Will definitely be making these again!5 stars

  9. David McDermott says:

    My mother would give me a little smacke on the back of my hand when I would pick out the bones and eat them right out of salmon as she was making the patties, they were made exactly like your recipe, I’m 70 years old they bring back wonderful memories with every bite.5 stars

    • The Southern Lady says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comment, David, and your wonderful rating. I have been making them like this for years and so did my mother before me. So happy to hear you are enjoying the recipes. I get about 6 to 8 patties depending on the size I make them. They have made the contents of the cans today so much less then they used to be that you can’t get as many. My sister and I ate the bones, too, and like your mother did you, we got scolded for it. The bones contain lots of calcium and are good for you. I don’t pick mine out but lots of people do before cooking. Have a great weekend and happy to have you as part of our community.

  10. My Dad’s family loved salmon…all you had to do is call some of my aunts or uncles and say “cooking salmon” they would come! We made it breakfast with biscuits light brown gravy ,eggs, fried potatoes ! Was a real special time with my family! Maybe would make with cornmeal ,others flour. Could be with crackers. Good whatever!

  11. I will be making these tomorrow night.. My husband and I aren’t a fan of salmon (canned salmon), so we will have tuna… I love all your recipes and you have everything so well balanced in the ingredients… So glad on your site …
    thank you…Sue

  12. I use cornmeal instead of crackers, but otherwise the same recipe. Great taste.

  13. Jaylylia Anne Davis Bruner says:

    Brings back good memories, my Grandmothers,Mother and my Daddy would fix them and as we three children increased in age I had started cooking , it depended on who got home 1st we had the patties cooked biscuits done then my Daddy or Mother would fix tomato gravy if not we would fix cole slaw with biscuits! Makes me hungry now!

  14. Phyllis A Cleaver says:

    You make yours like I do but I use about 1/2 sleeve. Depends on how much liquid is in the can…

  15. I thought a roll sounded like too much also. I do mine by looks, maybe 10-15 crackers. Also roll them in a few crackers too. I have to have minced onions in it too. Love them, first thing my mom showed me how to make. We would have them with creamed corn and black-eyed peas.

    • Phyllis A Cleaver says:

      I’ve also lightly rolled mine in Panko crumbs. I also serve with creamed corn and either peas or green beans and sometimes lima beans.

  16. Sherryn A Frigon says:

    Love salmon patties but have to have onion in mine. Back in the 40’s and 50’s, when I was growing up, this was a staple to get us thru the month, along with salted cod. Inexpensive and very nutritious. Not inexpensive now and salted cod is almost impossible to find.

  17. The Southern Lady says:

    Not every recipe is for everyone 🙂

  18. Grew up on this same recipe. My mom served them with a side of real grits with black pepper and real butter…… so southern and so good….. now Im hungry.

  19. Never tried the biscuits with them but my mom always added onions. She would fry potatoes to go with them. This meal was always one of my favorites. I make them often and always take the bones and skin out.

  20. I chop carrot, celery and onion really finely, like in a food chopper and then add the eggs and crackers crumbs. I like them cold also. I forget to add them to my dinner food but then realize how much I like them. Enjoy!

  21. Some of us were talking about salmon patties just yesterday at the beauty shop and one of the ladies said the only time she uses her electric skillet is to fry salmon patties–on the back porch. My grandmother put just a dab of instant potatoes in her salmon mixture—–when instant potatoes hit the shelves years ago. Other than that, 3 generations have made them like this recipe. Occasionally, I will sprinkle a few dry minced onion flakes in–if I think about it.

  22. I was raised on salmon. My aunt and uncle were Alaskan fisherman. Every year they would bring my Mom several big salmon. She would can them in half pint jars and she would use them for salmon patties, salmon loafs, creamed salmon, sandwich spread etc.

  23. Rita Thomas says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE salmon patties! I, too, grew up with a Mom who made the croquettes & I was the only one of her children who liked them. Of course, I was also the weird child who liked cream of mushroom soup & brussels sprouts!!! LOL She always served the croquettes with creamed peas…so did our Catholic school cafeteria. I sometimes serve them with the peas…sometimes with a delicious sauce made with sour cream & red peppers, but I do add chopped green onion & pimiento to the patties. I also like them cold…which disgusts my husband. 🙂

  24. My mom used to make salmon “croquettes”. I wasn’t a fan then. I have made them for my family since, as an adult, I decided I enjoyed the taste of salmon. I use one sleeve of saltines, one sleeve of Ritz crackers (usually generic), some dehydrated onion, two eggs, some Old Bay seasoning AND, I use one can of salmon and 2 5 oz. cans of Albacore tuna packed in water. They are a family favorite. Next time I make them, I’ll try them with salmon only. They are a treat!

  25. Love these! We add onion and finely chopped celery and dredge in cornmeal. My kids are grown now and still ask for them!

  26. Emma Chapman says:

    1. Glad to see the comment about reducing the “odor” with vinegar on the side. That has been my drawback to preparing salmon patties.
    2. I like the idea of serving with tomato gravy.
    3. Now, my idea on how to prepare: I remove the skin, but leave in the bones. The bones are easily located. Just crush them to a fine pulp, this is easy even with your fingeritips. The bones are where most of the nutrition is found in salmon.

  27. My mom always made these when I was growing up. When Salmon went up in price, someone told her tuna worked just as well. My dad hated tuna, so when she made these she would hide the tuna cans from him. He loved these, even told her to go back to the other brand of Salmon when she bought Salmon instead of tuna once!! It brings back lots of memories for me!

  28. These salmon patties are different from how I was raised on them but they are WAY better!!! I did add a few of the ingredients from our old recipe like diced onions & a splash of milk. I also use Paula Deen’s house seasoning to taste. My husband use to turn up his nose when I would make them the old way but now requests these quite often. They are amazing! We eat them with stewed tomatoes cooked with macaroni moods. YUM!!

    • This is exactly how I make salmon patties. My mother and grandmother made them the same way. We always serve them with macaroni and tomatoes and a green vegetable of some sort. Sometimes slaw or green beans or spinach.
      Love them!5 stars

  29. This is the way I learned from My Mother to make Salmon Patties (we called them Croquettes, as we made them in the shape of a triangle – still do). One of the first things I learned to cook, my Mother worked til 6:30, and I had to have dinner ready when she arrived home. Still make them the same way, my Son loves them, and makes them, too. We serve with Cole Slaw and a green veggie. Put Catsup, tartar or cocktail sauce on the ‘side’.

  30. Just as my GG taught me! Always with green peas and mashed potatoes as our sides!

  31. We love Salmon Patties but hate the fact the house smells like fish for a day or so. Any ideas how to avoid that?

  32. Loretta King says:

    When I was young if my mom made these for breakfast I would pour syrup over mine, if she fixed em for supper I would put homemade tomato soup over em. This does bring back memories every time I fix em.

  33. My mother always picked the skin and bones out, but the only difference is she added onion to ours. That was the one meal she would make biscuits. We would have salmon patties, homemade biscuits with butter and real cane syrup, usually Blackburns or Eagle. DELICIOUS! Like a lot of other comments, this was one of our “poor man” meals. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  34. Liz Carner says:

    I remove the bones after draining . I add onions, celery, eggs and bread crumbs and then fry the patties.

  35. Becky Summers says:

    My Mom made these (with a bit of onion) and 1/2 recipe of white sauce. She also used crushed Post Toasties (cereal) as the coating. Waaaay good!

  36. my mom would make these and then do creamed corn and pour that over the salmon patties. loved them……….i havent made them in years and without the creamed corn as my hubby hates anything creamed.

  37. This is how my late Mother made them, sometimes she added onion. But we NEVER had them without Tomato Gravy! I’m the only one in my family that likes them, I never make them just for myself.

  38. My dad made salmon croquets with this recipe or similar, plus onion and bell pepper. What a great memory! Thank you. Guess what Im having for dinner tomorrow? 😉

  39. Ellen Dee Coleman says:

    Mine are very similar , I add about a TBs. of ole yellow mustard. It adds a little kick. I usually cook then on my griddle that I have just barely oiled. Mac & cheese & vinegar based coleslaw were a meal we are often at home.

  40. The only thing my mom would do different is to put a light coating of flour on her patties. We were not “rich” growing up so mom would use the canned Mackrel instead of Salmon. We never new it was the cheaper version. Oh how I miss them!

  41. The first time I made salmon patties (exactly like these) as a newlywed, my husband asked where the pancake syrup was. I was dumbfounded. lol I am from Oklahoma and had always eaten them all my life with ketchup. I thought he was joking. But he was serious. He grew up in Kansas and his mom always served them with syrup. I tried it and loved it!

  42. Marlene Fannon says:

    This is exactly how my mother made them, and they were delicious. Even though, as a child, I often helped her in the kitchen, and would make this myself, I didn’t try it as an adult for a long time. Then when I did, it really bothered me trying to get the bones out, so I didn’t do it again, until I found the cans of boneless salmon. I still use the boneless kind. I don’t think I could eat it knowing the bones were in there. LOL.

  43. This is how I make mine except I add just a little flour to help hold them together. We always have macaroni and cheese and blackeye peas with salmon patties. In fact, this is what I am making for supper tonight!!

  44. Please don’t remove the bones… if you must remove the skin okay.. but never remove the bones.. When I was pregnant and could not keep anything down (including my vitamins) my doctor had me eat salmon to make sure I got enough calcium. The bones are the best source of calcium you can find… Plus If you mix the salmon and fry it you should never see a bone.

  45. these are the best, my Mom had taught me how to make them just like this. The BOMB! They are great with macaroni and cheese and stewed tomatoes.

  46. This is the exact way l make mine. If I don’t have salmon, I use tuna. I also make a cheese sauce to put on them. Th I s is my families favorite.

  47. Can you use cracker crumbs or do you have to crush a sleeve of crackers?

  48. Cold the next day…yum!

  49. can they be baked instead of frying?
    Thank you for the wonderful recipes!

    • The Southern Lady says:

      Yes, they probably could but they won’t have the crunchy outside crust that frying gives them.

    • Spray both sides with canola or olive oil liberally,Bake at 325°for 24 mins.turning 1/2 way through.That should make them crispy.:-)

    • Misty Moore Ross says:

      I have baked them in the oven. I brush them with canola oil first on both sides. I also make sure I turn them over half way in between.

      • I think you can bake them but, I use canola to fry them in and then put them on a paper towel and they are not real greasy either.

  50. I’m a good deal older than most of you and this, with the addition if a little onion, was my mom’s recipe. It was ‘broke’ food in our house. You know, the cheap thing to fix for dinner just before payday. Ours was served with fried potatoes and canned peas. I loved this meal and every time I fix it I think of my mom. I miss her everyday.

    Thanks for the post. I’ll be making salmon patties again soon.

  51. That is just how I make them except l add onion. And flour them.

  52. Good cold the next morning for breakfast or anytime.

  53. Does anyone have a recipe for codfish cakes? My mom used to make them & I loved them! I never did get her recipe. Thanks

    • I don’t use recipes, per se, but what I learned from my mother is to use salt cod, soaked over night in fresh water, then rinsed a couple of times. (I put it on to soak before going to bed then replace the water and let it soak all day, then rinse a time or two as I prep it.

      I break the fish up into flakes and rinse on last time them combine with eqaul volume of mashed potatoes (reserved left-overs or made new and cooled enough to handle).

      Form into patties, salt and pepper to taste, and place carefully in pretty-hot (not smoking) oil (I use olive) or bacon fat. Cook undisturbed until browned, flip, brown again, and serve.

  54. I use oatmeal instead of crackers same taste as crackers.

  55. I just had salmon patties last night for dinner! I mix in a little more to mine, seasoned salt, black pepper, a little red pepper, a little garlic powder, lemon juice and a little ketchup and yellow mustard. They were great. Served them with hashbrowns and baked beans. Glad to see all these people still enjoying them too!

  56. I make them the same way but add a little onion, serve with soup beans, fried potatoes and cornbread…..

    • Carline Dash says:

      I love soup beans, haven’t heard them called that since my Mom passed. Love me some Salmon patties too!!!!!

  57. This is exactly how I make them as well! Also an substitute canned tuna if you don’t have salmon on hand and they are just as good. I love your web site !

  58. COSTCO has a canned salmon that is really good quality. No bones or skin in it. I live in the northwest so when family gives me fresh salmon I bake it and use the leftover for salmon patties

  59. patty babb says:

    Like I make them except usually the filler is day old bread soaked in a little milk and the juice from the salmon. I have used saltines and it turns out almost the same. We like Stewed tomatoes over rice and collard greens with ours. They are also good with grits!

  60. Grew up on this recipe. When grocery money was tight we used the cans of mackerel instead. Add home made biscuits, pork n beans or, in the summer home grown boiled little potatoes, big slices of tomatoes, and green onions.

  61. I have always made them exactly the same way! And we are even worse as we have to have peas and mashed potatoes with them. Creamed peas preferably! Yum!

    • Mom always fixed salmon and/or mackerel patties the same way, with a chopped up onion for extra flavor, and oh ya, always served with marshed tators and creamed peas .. Passed down like our DNA, I found myself fixing salmon the very same way for my kids and grand-kids

  62. Good evening, I made your salmon recipe last night and it was very good. I love salmon and biscuits with a touch of mustard, yummy! Thank you for another way of fixin’ these yummy creations!

  63. I love my Southern cooking, and love to find one of my family’s recipes on here!!! Been making these just like my Mama did when I was growing up, for oh about 50 years!!! And yes, they make a terrific sandwich the next day!!!

  64. This is the exact way I make Salmon Patties my mother did as well as her mother,we think they are the best!

  65. I just found your sight and love it,I am a true southern girl and love southern cooking. I now live In calif but still love that good old southern cooking

  66. I like them as you posted, I serve them with Roulade sauce.

  67. Salmon patties are a great thing to serve I make corn fritters with mine and fried potatoes, some times bake beans with extra brown sugar in them. I also have mixed a can of mackerel and salmon togeather. for a filler. also make good ole mac and cheese for a side dish.i live here in the cold country ( MICHIGAN ). TEMP RIGHT NOW IS -4.

  68. Thank you for this recipe! Years ago I attempted to make salmon patties, I didn’t realize there were bones and skin in the can… I’m a country girl and it shouldn’t have grossed me out, but it did. I grew up on salmon patties and never knew I was eating the skin and bones too. I started using tuna… It was good but not like I remember as a kid. Then I ran across this recipe a few months ago… I’m so glad I did! I gave salmon another chance and discovered cans of boneless, skinless salmon….. I’m in heaven! This recipe is so easy and soooo delicious!! I now make salmon patties often. I’ve just talked myself into making them for diner tomorrow…. 😉
    Try adding green onions to the mix… It’s yummy!! 😉

    I’ve tried many of your recipes and have loved each one!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Happy New Year!!

  69. Back when canned salmon was cheap, this was ‘broke food’ in our household often served just before payday. It was served with mashed potatoes, peas and salad. It was then and is now one of my favorite meals. With the addition of a little finely chopped onion, this is the recipe that my mom used.

  70. My grandma made the best salmon patties ever, but unfortunately I don’t know what all she put in them. I make mine the same way as your recipe except I add a little onion, lemon juice, and dill. I love your site…I am a southern girl all the way and the recipes on your site are what I grew up on. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us.

  71. Nothing better than these with some Mac & cheese .

  72. Joyce sanger says:

    Made them this way for years. So good.

  73. Hi…. Kentuckian here…live 60 miles east of Lexington….Love Love salmon patties, onions egg crackers….I buy the red salmon, so much better taste

  74. RanchGirl173 says:

    Yes my Mother made both Salmon patties and Loaf. She made a dill sauce for patties and served creamed peas with the loaf. Yummy good!

  75. and by the way I forgot to say I love your site, it is food and ingredients and terms I grew up on !!!

  76. My mama made salmon patties all the time …we loved them …seems just like your recipe !!!

  77. Gonna try these soon I love Salmon Patties

  78. In high school, my best friends mom would makes these for us all the time! Several years have passed now and forgot about them until now! I made these tonight and my husband has requested to have these on our weekly menu! So delicious and just they way I remember them!

  79. This is the way my Mom always made them! No one else I know makes them this way. Glad to see I’m not alone!

  80. Susan Maddox says:

    We use rolled oats instead of cracker crumbs.

  81. Louann Ballenger says:

    I add onions and a little bell pepper finely chopped! 🙂 yummmmmm

  82. Gaynelle Eckstadt says:

    This is my recipe almost to a ‘t’, except I also add a lil lemon pepper. 🙂

  83. tuna works, you can also use half tuna and half salmon. instead of crackers we have always used hushpuppy mix 🙂 nothin better than salmon patties, pintos beans and fried cornbread!

  84. Love salmon patties they are delish all different ways, I like to add finely chopped onion and bell pepper a little salt pepper and creole seasoning


  86. I drain the salmon, remove bones, and use fat free crackers. I also add a small chopped onion.

  87. Thanks! I’ll give that a try. I keep thinking she added diced pickles or relish as well.

  88. I never pick through the salmon. It’s all digestible and can’t hurt you. Actually, I do sometimes pick the dark part and nibble on it while making the cakes.

  89. Just discovered your site today and I have already spent a couple hours on it! I am a true southern gal from Memphis but home is now Paducah, KY. Anyway, is there a trick to picking out the bones in the Salmon? I made s. patties once in my life years ago and swore I would never do it again if I had to pick those bones out! 🙂

    • Hi Crystal and welcome to the site. I used to pick them out, too. I read somewhere that they are full of calcium and really good for you. I don’t pick them out any more and you cannot tell they are there when you add the crackers and egg. I have never had anyone say anything about them being in the salmon. Hope you enjoy the recipes and thank you for being a part of the site. Have a great day.

    • You don’t have to pick the bones out. They have been pressured and they are great to eat and good for you.

  90. this is exactly how I make mine. Sometimes, I’ll add a can of tuna fish to make it go a little farther.

  91. we love salmon patties and this is how I make mine. I serve macaroni and tomatoes with mine. Oh so good!!!!!

  92. Patty Duvall says:

    To get my son to eat salmon patties. I call them CRABBY PATTIES. (Sponge Bob food). I also like to add some Cajon seasoning to mine, just to spice things up a little.

  93. I first learned to make salmon patties this way when I worked for my uncle in a local restaurant in Mayfield, KY and this is exactly how they made them! They served them with some sweet pepper relish on the side and they always ran out early in the evening. These are some of my kids favorite things to eat and I try to make them when they come for a visit now… The menu usually consists of fried taters and homemade biscuits and gravy to go with them! Reading this brought back wonderful memories of my uncle and of my kids when they were little! I love your site!!

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. My kids love these salmon patties, too. You menu sounds a lot like mine. From one Ky. girl to another, I am so happy to have you here and hope you drop by often. So nice to meet another Kentuckian always.

  94. Just the way my mom taught me to make them and one of my three sons still loves for me to make them for him. I like hominy and pork-n-beans with mine when there hot. Ohhh but later cold and with a sweet pickle. LOL

  95. I love, love, love these!! I wish I had some right now!

    Love you Mom!


  96. I haven’t made salmon patties in years, Judy, but I think I might try your recipe today. Your patties look exactly like the ones my Daddy used to make. He didn’t cook much, but he had a couple of “specialties.” And salmon patties were one of those. They were really, really good. Thanks for another wonderful recipe!

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