A pine cone bird feeder is an appreciated project for the birds in winter. How to make a pine cone bird feeder

This is an easy, fun project to do with children or to make by yourself.  I make these little pine cone bird feeders all the time and enjoy doing it.  I think even the birds like a little variety once in a while and will appreciate your efforts especially when the weather turns cold or there is snow on the ground and they can’t find food easily.  You can use your imagination and do all kinds of treats.

A pine cone bird feeder is a fun, easy project to do for the birds.

You will need:

Pine Cones

Bird Seed


Pie Pan

Peanut Butter



Just spread the newspaper on a table with the pie pan on top of the paper.  Pour bird seed into the pan.  Use a knife to spread peanut butter all over the pine cone and then roll it in the bird seed.  Tie a piece of string around the cone and hang outside.  I hang mine on a trellis that is covered by my roof.  You can use bread (I toast my bread) and cut out pieces with a cookie cutter like the heart shaped one in the photo below and just punch a hole in the top for the string.  Use a cage for a whole slice or just hang the slice.  Cover it in peanut butter on both sides and roll in seed. I try to put the feeders where I can see them out the window or door.  Children and grandchildren love watching!  Enjoy!

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