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Make your own self-rising cornmeal mix is an easy way to substitute the ingredients below if you don’t have self-rising cornmeal on hand or cannot find it in your area.    So many of you have told me you cannot find self-rising cornmeal mix where you live and a lot of recipes call for this ingredient. I can usually find it here at Kroger or Walmart but it may not be sold in some parts of the country. I have used this tip many times in a pinch and these are ingredients most people usually have in their pantry.  We have hundreds of other food tips, how tos, make your own, DIY that may be helpful to you in your everyday life. These include other substitutes used in recipes, biscuit hacks, uses for baskets and other items, etc.   Find other food tips by clicking this link:  Handy Food Tips! 

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Combine the following ingredients to make one cup of self-rising cornmeal:

3/4 cup regular cornmeal

3 tablespoons all-purpose flour

1 tablespoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon granulated salt

You can always make more and store in an air-tight container for use in recipes.

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  1. I dont have baking powder will this still work?

  2. You TOTALLY saved the day! My local grocer didn’t have self-rising cornmeal, and I wouldn’t give up on my Grandma’s Southern Cornbread Dressing! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Thank you, here in San Francisco area I cannot find self-rising cornmeal anywhere

  4. Is the compared to a “Jiffy” mix?

  5. Need a recipe for “Cornbread” using your recipe for self-rising cornmeal.

  6. Wow this was amazing to get your post today regarding self rising corn meal. I spent yesterday going to two grocery stores looking for self rising corn meal for a recipe I want to make and could not find it. It’s like you knew I needed this, thanks!

  7. Love your recipes

  8. What do I add to this to make cornbread?

    • The Southern Lady says:

      I use the self-rising mix with this recipe, Linda. Just click the link. You can also type in cornbread in the search box on this site and several recipes should come up for you.

      • How about self rising flour?

      • The Southern Lady says:

        Keep watching your e-mail for more tips, Shirley. We are going to try and post a tip a week on Sundays. We have been asked for more and these will not only be about cooking but anything we think might be helpful to you all. You can save the post to your computer or pin it for future use or share on Facebook with your friends. Just look under the posts and click on the icons there. You can also print. Thank you for being a part of the site and have a great week ahead.

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