Grow onions in water on a windowsill in your home and you will always have a supply on hand.  This is a simple method for growing onions that takes very little effort.  I love having the green onions to add to casseroles, soups and stews and to decorate food dishes by just sprinkling chopped onions on top.  All you need is a jar, several onions and some water.  Cut the tops off like in the photo. I add a rubber band just to hold them together and as long as they have roots in the beginning they will continue to grow if you keep them covered with water.  The onions in my photos were bought at Walmart and were sealed in plastic in the produce aisle.  The first photo below was taken on 3/11/17 and the second on 3/22/17 exactly eleven days later.  Cut off the tops and seal in a plastic bag (I just cut them all at one time with kitchen scissors and you can chop them or leave the tops long) store in the refrigerator or freeze.  If I don’t use them in a few days, I freeze them to use later.  You will grow more onions in several days and just continue the process. This is a fun project children will enjoy watching as well.  Enjoy!


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