Choosing and Storing Fresh Pineapple

We love fresh pineapple at my house.  Some quick, easy tips on choosing and storing fresh pineapple when buying.  Pineapple is good for you and goes well in lots of recipes, desserts and salads.

The Pineapple is a symbol of welcome and hospitality in America.

1.  When choosing pineapple you should be able to smell the sweet aroma of the fruit and the pineapple should give slightly when touched. Pluck a leaf from

the top.  It should come out without too much resistance.  If it comes out too easily the pineapple may be overripe.  Leaves should be green. Pineapple should be


2.  Pineapples will keep about 2 weeks wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator.  Freeze up to 6 months.  Pineapples don’t ripen once picked.

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