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Fried corn is one dish my family can never get enough of and would eat this every day if I would make it for them.

Fried corn

There is nothing any better than fried corn and the fresher the corn the better.  I used to bring it straight from the garden, remove the husks, wash, cut the corn off and cook it right then. Today, I get it from the grocery or a roadside vendor and sometimes I even use frozen corn from the supermarket.  Any way you do it, fried corn is still good. Serve it with fresh tomatoes for a wonderful addition to any meal.

Ingredients for skillet fried corn:

8 ears fresh corn or 28 ounce package frozen corn
1 stick butter or margarine
2 tablespoons bacon drippings
1 tablespoon sugar
Salt to taste
Remove husks and silks from fresh corn, wash and cut corn off the cob.  Scrape the cob to get out the juice.  Melt butter in a large skillet, add fresh or frozen corn, bacon drippings and sugar.  Cook on medium high heat until corn is done about 15 to 20 minutes. Add salt to taste.   Serve.  Enjoy.
Note:  You can add cooked crumbled bacon to the corn, too. Makes it even better!
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  1. How many does this recipe serve? Would like to make it for Thanksgiving…

  2. Mary Wesley says:

    I add fresh corn cut from cob to a pan that I melted 1 stick of butter. Simmer for about 5 minutes add a half can of evaporated milk and if needed a little sugar. Simmer for a bit and you can not leave out the fresh homegrown tomato… yum yum good stuff!!
    It freezes well too, once it has cooled completely, if not cooled it will spoil.

  3. I’ve been cooking fried corn for years, however, I did it a little different . I would put a whole can of kernel corn into a fry pan, juice including, and 3 tbl of butter. Sal and pepper,.simmer and stir occasionally until caramelized . My kids loved this and is was an inexpensive way for them to eat their vegs..

  4. Add frozen, fresh, or canned corn to bacon drippings. Add butter and salt and let fry to get flavors mixed. Add a little water and instant grits and let cook down.

  5. I fried it with onion, green pepper and tomatoes then put the bacon and omg so good!

  6. My husband’s grandmother, Momma Lida, made this and I learned to replicate it using only butter, salt and pepper with the corn. Make a big batch and keep a zip lock bag in the freezer for the leftovers throughout the season. When Thanksgiving comes, pull that bag out, warm it up and your guests will have a taste of summer again.

  7. Scrape the cob add flour bacon grease salt and pepper and fry 20 to thirty min- m-m good .

  8. Oh my word – this corn with a couple of rashers of bacon on pancakes with maple syrup is my idea of heaven on a plate

  9. This was one of my favorite meals when I was growing up. My Dad would fry the corn and when it was almost done he would scramble an egg into it. It became a main dish when you added bacon or diced ham or sliced kielbasa.

  10. So funny how each region has their own version! Mines the same except I sauté an onion in with the drippings and crumble the bacon on top! That’s the lower AL/NW FL way, I went to W VA ordered fried corn and got a deep fried ear of corn..that was strange!!

  11. carolyn hammerstad says:

    You can also use canned yellow Hominy like this. Fry in butter the same way, season with salt and pepper, yum,yum, yum!

  12. Sharon Markey says:

    My late husband was in charge of this dish, and we all loved it. You just can’t beat butter w/corn!!

  13. My momma added evaporated milk to it to make it creamy.

  14. Oh how i miss my grandmother. My grandparents had a small corn though but she would go to the farmers market and buy silver queen corn and make fried corn. My favorite meal growing up was an all veggie meal, fried corn, fried okra, green beans, fried squash (not the battered kind), sliced tomatoes, cucumber and onions in garlic wine vinegar and cornbread. Oh my Lord, it was delicious. Thanks for the memories.

  15. I do add the bacon!! It even will make canned corn taste good!

  16. Shelby H. Van Cor says:

    Sounds absolutely wonderful!!!

  17. Ann Catchick says:

    My Alabama born mother used to make this when I was a child and I love it. Made it for my husband and he ate way too much, but oh was it good. I think Mother used only the bacon grease and salt and pepper-no butter or sugar, but I used butter as you suggested. She added a little milk if it was too dry or a little flour if it was too thin. Tiny bit leftover for the next night.


  19. Just made it for dinner tonight and the corn was a big hit. I am going to put the leftovers in my cornbread for tomorrow night

  20. Bacon drippings and butter. I’m in!

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