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Pinto beans and dumplings is an old-fashioned Southern recipe.

Pinto Beans and dumplings

We love pinto beans and cornbread.  In fact, we love most beans just about any way you “fix” them.  Pinto beans and dumplings is a favorite with my family and a change from just the plain pintos.  If I have leftover beans, I might add these the second day.  This is an old fashioned way of making pinto beans and dumplings.  My mother used to make these for our family when I was growing up.

Ingredients for Pinto Beans and Dumplings:

1 (1 pound) package dried pinto beans
1 ham hock or some kind of seasoning meat.
Soak and prepare beans according to directions on package adding salt to taste once beans are cooked. (Do not add salt during cooking, it makes the beans tough)
2 cups self-rising flour
1/4 cup shortening
3/4 cup boiling water
In a bowl, cut shortening into flour, add boiling water until you can make dough into a ball.  Pinch off several pieces and drop into boiling bean broth replacing lid each time for about 30 seconds until dumplings are all added to beans.
Cook about 10 minutes.  Serve with cornbread muffins.
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  1. I have literally never heard of anyone else eating bean dumplings! My Nanny used to put them in green beans. She said it was her grandfathers recipe. We are from the mountains of NC and I don’t think pintos grow up there so I guess that accounts for the different bean choices.

  2. Julie L Bates says:

    I make these a lot, but I make them without any type of meat. My family and I prefer them without meat; so delicious and very healthy if you leave out the meat.

  3. I grew up on this recipe and it brings back the memories. My mom also use to make black raspberries and dumplings as a dessert. They were the best.

  4. she probably grated the potatoes, then adding the flour etc

  5. I did it with black-eyed peas for New Years day. good.

  6. I would add a couple bay leaves, a dash of crushed red pepper, dash of blac pepper and a teaspoon of sugar

  7. Janie Patterson says:

    My Mom made Potato Dumplings, they were delicious, I don’t remember how she did it. I think she cut the potatoes & cook them & added dumplings, milk and probably some butter or bacon grease.

  8. I have made these before and they are delicious.

  9. looks yummy…what about “cornmeal” dumplings?!

  10. Cooked beans yesterday can you still make dumplings for them if you have left over beans,They sure do sound good…

  11. My granny use to make bean and dumplings, and I did also when I was first married. Now that I’ve remarried, haven’t but am cooking a pot of pinto and navy beans now, and will add dumplings!

  12. I am gonna try this with the dumplings my wife dont eat dumplings so she dont know what she is missing.I have always added salt to my beans but i have never had them turn out i will try it with no salt to see if they come out any different

  13. I’ve never had dumplings in my pinto beans – but what a great idea!

  14. My Mama used to make this when I was growing up. Thanks for reminding me.

  15. Judy – I’ve been missing you! Haven’t received one of your posts for some time…it’s such a busy time of year huh? Trust you’re doing OK. I don’t ‘do’ pinto beans, but if I’d get to eat some of yours, I’d probably love ’em. =)

    • Marsha, I have been reposting some cookie recipes. If you get my posts through e-mail and they have been posted once, I don’t think you will get them twice. That’s probably why you are not getting them. You only get the new recipes I post. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  16. Five ingredients? Oh boy you are good!

  17. Thank you for this, Judy! We eat beans pretty often, but I’d never heard of putting dumplings in them. So nice to know a new way to eat them.

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