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Tips on Buying, Storing and Chopping Fresh CeleryHere’s some tips for your information on buying, storing and choosing fresh celery.  These tips are posted for your information and convenience.  I am sure there will be tips posted that you already know but we can always learn something new or pass on information to others. Enjoy!

Celery is a good source of Vitamin A, B1 and G.  It is low in calories and rich in potassium and magnesium.  Celery is great raw but can be used in salads, soups and casseroles.

To choose fresh celery look for straight stalks.  Make sure the leaves are fresh and celery is light green in color.  Always avoid celery with any discolored leaves. 

Be sure to wash thoroughly once you get it home.

To chop for soups, stews or casseroles, cut off the tops and the bottom of the stalk.  Place several stalks down on a cutting board as shown in the photo above and cut down cross wise.

Celery leaves can also be used in soups, to make broth or other dishes.  Celery leaves make a great garnish as well.

Fresh celery will keep for weeks if you wrap the entire stalk in foil and put in refrigerator.

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5 Secrets to Old-Fashioned
Southern Cooking

Tips, tricks & recipes to cook Southern food just like Grandma used to!




  1. I wrap celery in foil all the time…best tip ever!!!!

  2. I wrap CHEESE in foil. It doesn’t dry out or get moldy

  3. thank you so much about the celery tip–

  4. Lettuce, fresh herbs, put a piece of dry paper towel in with them to soak up the moisture…it will last a lot longer than without it….I also after boiling potatoes put a piece of paper towel over the top of the saucepan before putting the cover back on to soak up the moisture where the potatoes will not get soggy…

  5. if you cut up celery and put it in a bowl of water with a lid on it , it
    will stay crisp for weeks

  6. My Mother always wrapped her celery in foil. I thought everyone did until I was grown.

  7. Thank you, going to try the celery foil idea. Thanks again, so sick of throwing away celery.

  8. I’ve been doing this for several years and it is scary how long celery will last if kept wraped in foil. I don’t use a lot of celery but for a few recipes it is a requirement.

  9. I found the handy tips list when I first subscribed to your blog months ago. I had always had a problem with celery getting limp so I tried the foil wrap and it truly does keep celery crisp for weeks.

  10. Gloria Morris says:

    Huh …. who would’ve thought? Lettuce and cucumbers too !

  11. So also lettuce and cucumbers

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5 Secrets to Old-Fashioned
Southern Cooking


Tips, tricks & recipes to cook Southern food just like Grandma used to!