Have you ever tried to make a recipe using some ingredient other than what was called for and totally messed up the finished product?

Do not think for one minute because I have a cooking blog I have always been a good cook.  In my twenties, I had no interest in cooking and no cooking skills.  I remember going to the grocery and buying a whole week’s worth of those little half-size cans for me and my husband.  I would open about three at each meal and that was it, baby! That’s all you get. A balanced meal.  A spoonful of peas, one of corn, one of those little canned potatoes and maybe a beanie weenie or a slice of bologna.   

Needless to say, he did most of the cooking.  One year when I was pregnant with my son, I decided to do Thanksgiving dinner for his Mom and Dad.  I really made an effort to get things right.  I even made stuffing and put it inside the bird.  His Mom was helping to carve the turkey and drug out the white bag with all the giblets still inside!  Bless her soul, I can still see the tears running down her face while she tried to hide them from me.  She was laughing so hard she was shaking.   Then, there was the time they came to dinner and I tried to make dumplings.  They all stuck together and made one huge dumpling.  I decided we could just cut off whatever we wanted.  My father-in-law asked my husband to pass the mashed potatoes! 

You are probably thinking to yourself that I am making this all up but I swear to you they are true stories.

During my pregnancy we lived on popcorn balls and spaghetti.  Two of my favorite things to cook and eat as well.  My friend (she reads this blog and can verify this) swore my son would be born with spaghetti hanging on his ears.

I am living proof that you are not born a good cook!  I really did not get interested in cooking until I lived on a farm when my twins were born and I did not work at that time. We raised a very large garden.  I started reading cookbooks and had the desire to learn. My mother was a great country cook and my second husband’s mother was a wonderful Southern cook.  They began to guide and help me. (Read about my mother and mother-in-law)  I never looked back and today cooking is one of my favorite things to do in this world. 

So, if you are not a good cook or you are just learning to cook please don’t give up.  Practice makes perfect and cooking is mostly trial and error. 

Now, I want to hear some of your funny food stories!  Leave a comment on here or on Facebook telling us how you messed up a recipe, how you burned up a meal, or just a funny food story of some kind.  I know you have some and they could not be any worse than some of mine.  Thanks!