Kitchen safety tips will hopefully help you be more cautious while cooking and give you a few important tips on preventing a fire in your home.  Did you know most fires start in the kitchen?  Kitchen safety should be something everyone incorporates into their cooking and preparing meals for their family.

1. Always supervise children in the kitchen.  Children are naturally curious about stoves, knives, cooking utensils and items that can be dangerous to a child.

2. Do not have frayed cords on appliances.  Replace the cords or the appliance.  This is definitely a safety hazard.

3. Keep knives out of the reach of children.  Most kitchen knives are sharp and a child can cut himself before you know it.

4. Post the fire department’s phone number close to the phone and have it on your cell phone.  Put it on the fridge in the kitchen as well. We all check the fridge in my house for important numbers.

5. Never leave cooking food unattended.  It is so easy for a child to pull a hot pot off the stove and get terrible burns.  If a cooking pot is forgotten, it can easily start a fire.  I set a timer even for top of the stove cooking so I won’t forget and let something burn up.

6. An unclean stove top with grease on it can ignite.  Clean the stove top at least once a day.

7. Do not wear loose clothing while cooking.  It is so easy to catch something on fire you are wearing especially with gas cooking stoves.

8. Keep a fire extinguisher close to the stove.  You should always have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen for emergencies.

9. Use smoke detectors.  Check smoke detectors often and replace batteries.

10. Use pot holders.  It is so easy to grab a hot pot and get a bad burn.  Always keep pot holders handy.

11. Keep stove area clear of towels, pot holders, etc. that can catch fire.

12. Do not use water to put out a fire.  This does not work.

13. Don’t put plants or anything wet on top of electrical appliances.

14. Empty crumb tray on toaster regularly.

15. Don’t cook if you are using alcohol or prescription drugs.

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