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Welcome to The Supper Club.. a place to share family recipes with our wonderful cooking community.

Do you have a recipe that immediately takes you back to your grandmother’s kitchen, your momma’s apron, and delightful family conversation? We wanna see it, we wanna make it and we wanna share it!

So what’s next? We hope you will fill out this form and once your recipe is approved you will receive an email from us inviting you to…. The Supper Club.

Once you are a member of this club.. you will receive:

  • A new Supper Club Recipe periodically in your email
  • Your recipe may be selected to be showcased on our website, social media, and Front Porch Life Magazine (giving all the credit to you, of course!). We may make your recipe and highlight it with our photos.
  • You will be the first to know about any Supper Club contest, cookbooks, announcements, etc.
  • Your entry to the supper club will grant you first access to any new additions, coupons, discounts, etc.

And guess what.. It’s FREE! The only due you owe is a recipe!

Next.. how do you get your recipe approved?

Make sure this is a tried and true recipe. One your family loves and enjoys. You will find on our submission form a section to include family memories that go along with your recipe…. we are excited to hear about the nostalgia attached to your family dish. Plus,  this will help in our selection process!

Does it have to be an advanced recipe?

Absolutely not; it can be easy and simple; we just want to make sure it’s one you have made and love.

Can I only submit one recipe?

You can submit as many recipes as you like; however, it only takes one to join! More submissions mean you have a greater chance of being showcased on our website, etc. We will NOT be making all recipes; we will pull a few submissions a month and highlight them. 

Being a part of our club means you love great home recipes, and we may call on our club members from time to time to submit new recipes, try a recipe, rate a recipe, or help another member with a cooking question.

Will my recipe be shared?

We can’t guarantee your recipe will be shared, but we can guarantee you will receive recipes by being a part of The Supper Club. As long as people continue to contribute we will be sharing recipes. 

What do you plan to do with the recipes?

We will be sharing them with our supper club community, making some ourselves and sharing them on our platforms. Possibly a cookbook?!?! You never know! 

Once you submit your recipe, it will go through our approval process, and you will receive your FREE invitation to The Supper Club. 

*The club will reopen in the future so stay tuned.