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Presenting the Collection Series Cookbooks by The Southern Lady Cooks. These digital cookbooks offers some of our most popular recipes in an easy to read format.

Great Recipe is worth EVERYTHING!

These eCookbooks will make your life easier. They download directly to your computer or mobile device.  Each ebook has over 40 recipes along with handy tips that will make your cooking experience so much easier.

These books are designed to make your time in the kitchen AND the grocery store much more efficient.  If you’re a biscuit lover, we have a book for you! If you can’t live without your cast iron skillet, we’ve got you covered.

This collection is some of our  favorite recipes. ENJOY!

“I love your ebooks. I have them all and they are so handy when I am shopping. I can just pull the cookbook up on my phone and get the ingredients I need. Thank you!”-Nonnie A.

“I bought your biscuit ebook and then came back and bought the rest of them. It’s so nice to have them on my ipad when I am in my kitchen cooking. From one southern lady to another…THANK YOU” -Savannah G

“I love the ebooks! It’s great that I can view them on my phone. It just makes my life so much easier. It’s nice to pull up the recipe when I’m at the grocery buying ingredients and just as easy to pull it up in the kitchen when I’m cooking. Thank you, The Southern Lady Cooks, for always going out of your way to make things easier for all of us.”-Cristina S.

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Love cooking in your crock pot? This ebook is for you! With over 40 easy recipes your family will love. Plus nothing is better than coming home from a long day and dinner is done! This collection is one you will keep forever. Downloads right to your computer.

$11.99- Now $5.99

Anytime is a great time for soup. This crock pot soup, stews and chili ebook is a great addition to our crock pot recipe ebook. It’s 20 recipes and would be wonderful for tailgating or camping. $5.99-Now $2.99! 

Buy them both today! Over 60 crock pot recipes for UNDER 10.00. Download right to your computer. $8.98!

Love classic recipes? You will love our latest ebook filled with old fashioned cakes and pies! Over 40 recipes right from your Grandmother’s kitchen. This collection is one you will save forever! Downloads right to you computer. Click picture now. $11.99- Now $5.99! 

Over 40 biscuit recipes! Pressed for time? Don’t worry there is a canned biscuit section, too! $11.99- NOW $5.99

Over 40 recipes and all under 30 minutes! We’ve also added a bonus BREAKFAST section. $11.99- NOW $5.99! 

Decide that you want them all? All 180+ RECIPES!?! Along with tons of hacks, tips and how to’s?? Fabulous, we’ll be more than happy to give you a DISCOUNT Click picture to purchase! Buy the bundle and save over 20%! All five for only $20.99

“I love ALL your recipes. Now I have so many of my favorites in one place. No scrolling or searching, it’s all right there. THANK YOU!!” -Nicole L.

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THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: All materials are digital and sent to you INSTANTLY in PDF format. You will not receive a physical book. Download on any computer, tablet, or phone. Instant download means you can start baking and cooking today.

If you have any questions about any of our products, please email us at [email protected]