Southern Fried Cabbage



“OMG. The Southern Fried Cabbage is SOOOOOO good. I served it with Sweet cornbread, because that’s the style my husband loves. I love your recipes and try something new each week.”-Sharon

The perfect side dish for any meal!

This southern fried cabbage makes a great side dish, or just add some of our cornbread and make a meal out of it. Simple and delicious and a family favorite!

Southern fried cabbage is made with simple ingredients, and perfect during the summer months.  Cabbage is a great vegetable and super versatile and one your family will love. This dish also reheats well too!

Handy tip: – You could easily make this dish with smoked sausage, polish sausage, chicken sausage, or smoked turkey. This dish could be made with turkey bacon too.