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This recipe is sponsored by Burgers’ Smokehouse

Have you decided on your Easter menu? One thing my menu always includes is a ham. The ham really is the star of the Easter dinner!  This year our ham will be cooked with our Blackberry glaze. This glaze is so versatile because it can be used as a sauce, too.

Whenever we decide to do a sweet glaze, we always go with a hickory smoked ham. I think a smoked ham can handle a sweet glaze better than any other ham. Our go-to for a hickory smoked ham is Burgers’ Smokehouse Hickory Smoked City Ham. First let me say, this ham doesn’t need a glaze. I was taught a long time ago that a good piece of meat can stand alone and this one certainly can. The quality of this ham is top notch and is perfect just the way it is.  We love that it’s aged in a sweet honey brine and slow smoked for hours.  That’s right HOURS, so you really can taste the difference. However, if you want to add a little something to this ham, the blackberry glaze goes nicely. Plus, it’s really pretty!

Blackberry Glaze for Easter Ham

1-1 1/4 cup of blackberries
1 cup of water
2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard
1/4 cup of maple syrup

Thickener for Glaze

1/4 cup of water
2 teaspoons of corn starch

Easter Ham Blackberry Glaze The Southern Lady Cooks


Whisk together blackberry mixture, place on stove and let it come to a boil. In a separate dish, whisk together your thickener. Once the blackberry mixture is boiling, add the thickener. Then turn down to a medium boil, stirring for 2 minutes.

Pour some of the glaze over the ham and bake according to directions. Baste every 20 minutes till done.

Click here to view a video from Burgers’ Smokehouse on preparing this ham.

Easter Ham Blackberry Glaze The Southern Lady Cooks

Any leftover glaze, you can use as a sauce and pour over some ham slices or serve on the side. If you have any leftover blackberries, you can use them as a garnish. They really do look lovely with this ham.

This glaze gives just the right amount of sweetness to the Burgers’ Smokehouse Hickory Smoked City Ham. It isn’t over powering but it is beautiful and tasty.  The leftover ham is still perfect for sandwiches.

This glaze is enough for an 8 pound ham.

I can’t recommend this ham enough. You can actually see their full selection of hams here!

Just take a look at the reviews and watch this video to learn the history behind this company.

I highly recommend you follow them on Facebook. Oh…and they offer FREE shipping! That’s a fantastic deal!

Be sure and pin this wonderful Easter Ham with Blackberry Glaze!

Are you looking for an Easter dessert? Here are some of our favorites!

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  1. bonnie molett says:

    We always have a ham for Easter dinner. Love the sweet potato casserole, devil eggs, seven layer salad, apricot congeal salad. Coconut cake is the dessert.

  2. Diane Tompkins says:

    My favorite Easter dish is the Good Ole Baked Ham. The Ham is the center piece with all the good side dishes. That’s what makes everything else so good.

  3. Susan Barnhardt Dinse says:

    My favorite Easter recipe is my pineapple and cherry glazed 9 lb. shank ham. I score the ham all over and dot with whole cloves, place slice pineapples, from 2 cans reserve the juice for glaze, over the cloves with a cherry, reserve juice for glaze, in the hole of pineapple and secure with toothpicks. I put in a 325 degree oven for 90 min. and prepare my glaze. I put in a medium sauce pan, 2 cups of packed brown sugar, juice of 1 can of pineapple and juice from cherries, 2 tsp. dry mustard and 1/4 c. honey, bring to boil, simmer until thicken, add additional juice from 2nd pineapple can if needed. I start glazing every 15 min. for another 90 min. Comes out perfect every time and my family can’t get enough of the ham. If you don’t use whole cloves add 1/2 tsp. ground cloves to the glaze. Let stand 20 min. and crave. Serve any leftover glaze with ham.

  4. Marcia Arnold says:

    There are so many favorite Easter dishes…..especially when you’ve celebrated 72 Easters!! But my favorite is baked ham with potato salad and English pea & asparagus casserole. Always have deviled eggs made from the eggs the kids have decorated for Easter and of course a relish tray.. Of course since most folks give up sweets for Lent, there are always plenty of desserts to choose from…..caramel cake, coconut cake, carrot cake, banana pudding, Easter cutout sugar cookies…..Just thinking about all my favorites for Easter is getting me in the mood to begin baking and be prepared for the final preparations for Easter Sunday dinner in the South.

  5. Shari McConnell says:

    Ham of course and I always make a jello salad that is put together in the blender and pour into a mold. When I saw the hams you were giving away was from Bergers’ smokehouse in Calif. Mo. that brought back memories of when we were traveling in our Motorhome, and we saw an ad and decided to stop and take a tour, that was over 26 years ago. and each year I still send Christmas gifts from there. Good stuff !!

  6. Patti Bielefeld says:

    My favorite is homemade Hot Cross Buns!


  8. Debra Kelley says:

    My favorite is a good potato salad & asparagus with a cheese sauce.

  9. Karen Pollard says:

    My favorite part of the Easter dinner is the ham! I love using the leftover ham in sandwiches, casseroles, etc. Yum!~

  10. Carolyn Roe says:

    Pasta salad and deviled eggs

  11. Beverlie Goodson says:

    Twice baked supreme potatoes, baked beans, coconut cake with jelly beans on top of a coconut nest for decorations

  12. Ruth Wasser says:

    My favorite Easter dish besides my brown sugar pineapple ham is pineapple stuffing! Its my mother in law’s recipe and it’s goes perfectly with the ham.!

  13. Sandra Schultz says:

    By far my favorite Easter dish is scalloped potatoes!! Delicious!!

  14. Marlene Fike says:

    My favorite dish for any Holidays is my Mother’s Cole slaw its delicious.

  15. Arlene Caramico says:

    Since I came to the States, it’s Ham and Sweet Potato Casserole.

  16. Virginia Dilldine says:

    I all ways cook a good ham for Easterwith all the side dish for my family. I chose a good ham because it bring back memories of my childhood. I enjoy all your recipe i look forward each week to cooking some of them My favorite Easter dish is deviled eggs.

  17. My favorite Easter dish is asparagus with Hollandaise

  18. Davella Sue Meyer says:

    Cottage cheese, cool whip, orange Jello( powder) mandarins, favorite

  19. Davella Sue Meyer says:

    Good sweet ham, Mac and cheese hmmmm can’t wait

  20. Claudia Simons says:

    Last Easter I made Trisha Yearwood’s recipe for Carrot Cake. It is my new favorite Easter food! Can’t wait to make it again this year!

  21. Sue Miller says:

    Must have deviled eggs & also ham. Those are Easter foods for sure.

  22. Heather Green says:

    Asparagus Tarte

  23. Wanda Garbee says:

    Warm ham and homemade bread with good cheese. Now this will be on my mind.

  24. either scalloped potatoes or green chile cheese grits with ham – they’re both so yummy!

    • Deborah Brown says:

      My favorite things about Easter are son-rise-service, a big lunch including baked ham and lots of sweet treats.
      Hiding and hunting eggs with all the kids is the best.

  25. Patty S Alsip says:

    Oooohhh!! This Blackberry Glazed Ham would be delectable with Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes, Roasted Asparagus and fresh homemade Dinner Rolls!! (and we don’t want to forget a nice Carrot Cake for dessert) Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  26. Jimmie Glass says:

    My favorite side dishes are sweet potato casserole and hot cross buns with my Easter ham!

  27. All Easter food. Especially deviled eggs

  28. Debbie Bishop says:

    Coconut Cake

  29. Ham, carrot salad green beans, and sweet potatoes

  30. my favorite easter dishes are candied sweet potatos & green bean casserole!

  31. Patricia Lard says:

    Always ham for Easter with bean salad, mashed potatoes, and deviled eggs. I don’t usually glaze my ham but I might try the black berry glaze. It sounds delicious.

  32. Vinton Sollars says:

    My grandmas loaded potato casserole . It goes perfect with ham on Easter!

  33. Can’t have Easter without Deviled Eggs and Mac and Cheese. Perfect sides for a really good ham.

  34. Linda Lincoln says:

    My favorite dish for Easter is, of course, the chocolate bunny!

  35. Kathy Reece says:

    My family has referred to delicious ham as ” pink meat” for the past 44 years! My daughter loves ham and from age 2 to 46, she still calls it “pink meat”. We have it often with many trimings!

  36. sandy halliburton says:

    well, we usually have our pretty traditional easter dinner: a great ham (that can be eaten for DAYS!), sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, good homemade biscuits and deviled eggs! of course a delicious pie for dessert…that is about the only things that changes… we take turns each year to decide WHICH kind of pie to have!

  37. Barbara Baylor says:

    My favorite Easter dish is a hickory smoked, moist, sweet ham.

  38. With this great baked ham you need a carrot soufle and chocolate Puddle Pudding for desert.

  39. Hashbrown casserole and deviled eggs for sure!! Who am I kidding, IT’S ALL WONDERFUL:)

  40. Kristie King says:

    Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. Spring is in the air…having family get together. Enjoying a meal. Ham…sweet potatoes…deviled eggs etc. Hope everyone has such good memories as i do!

  41. Victoria Jessup says:

    My favorite dish is everything I cook. My menu always fills me with the joy of spring. Brown sugar ham, deviled eggs, asparagus, corn, homemade potato salad and warm parker house rolls. Don’t forget the pineapple-coconut cake.

  42. Dawn Patterson says:

    Sweet potato casserole and oh so good ham!!!!

  43. Carol Stepp says:

    Easter is ham, any kind of potatoes, green beans with onion and Bacon, corn, and
    yeast rolls, cheese ball, and a lot of dessert….. and the get together itself with
    anyone and everyone. What a day to celebrate.

  44. Nicki Adams says:

    My Fav is SNUFF PIE !! My Big Mama (grandmother) made a Lemon Ice Box Pie with crushed Ginger Snap Cookie crust. She would sprinkle some of the snap crumbs on top and the first time I saw this, the words out of my mouth was “it looks like snuff !” I make this version using Sweet Condensed Milk and fresh lemons now too, and it is still called Snuff Pie in our famiy

  45. Asparagus casserole

  46. Chris Shellenberger says:

    I love a good low sodium spiral ham…. but sometimes we have crown pork roast, or leg of lamb… but my own home made pickled beets and eggs…

  47. Susan Broughton says:

    We love Ham with Pineapple Casserole

  48. We love Ham, but I really need to find a new recipe for glaze. Yours sounds really good. Other than the ham my family loves home made rolls. I use my moms recipe and everyone loves, especially since she passed away. It makes us feel like she is there. I have to say , I love your recipes. I have your books and you are my favorite go to place to look.

  49. Ham, of course, with brown sugar glaze and my Southern made hot German Potatoe salad and Broccoli….Yum, Yum

  50. Jannine E. Zerres says:

    The Eastern European (Hungarian, Austrian) poppy seed rolled dessert and nut and raisin rolled dessert my Viennese-American Grandmother used to make. They were made with love along with the many other Easter baked goods.

  51. My Italian Nana’s perfect mashed potatoes!!
    I never found out how she made them so delicious, and they were an Easter treat among lots of delicious Italian food. We had mashed potatoes so seldom and her baked ham always had pineapple and maraschino cherries on the ham while in was in the oven.

  52. Norma Camel says:

    My favorite dish for Easter is Baked Ham and our family potato salad , by the way,the recipe has been in our family for over 100 years. Of course dessert has to be Strawberry Short Cake with whipped cream topping!!

  53. Eva Knoche says:

    This ham looks so delicious! Would love to try this. My favorite Easter dish is ham and of course my eclair delight.

  54. My Grandma Hoffman always made her dandelion salad with hot bacon dressing, pickled eggs and beets, and lemon sponge pie. Easter ham always has to have these accompaniments!

  55. Paula Briones says:

    I love overnight french toast on Easter Sunday morning! Served with ham of course 😉

  56. Being born and raised in the deep South, I remember every Easter dressing up in our East finery and going to Forsyth Park for pictures. Then home for Mom’s ham and potato salad. We looked so forward to it and between my brother and I we put a pretty good dent in both!!

  57. Patricia Thweatt says:

    Asparagus casserole.

  58. Maureen Marino says:

    My nieces and nephews always request my cheese mashed potatoes as well as my deviled eggs which always changes with whatever ingredients I have on hand! Easter is always a fun time with our large family and we all love having a spring vegetable too.

  59. Shelli Scott says:

    My Mother’s angel biscuits….yummy yum 🙂

  60. Carolyn Roe says:

    glazed ham, corn pudding, sweet potatoes casserole

  61. Pineapple glazed ham and sweet potatoes are my favorite Easter foods with fresh asparagus.

  62. My favorite Easter dish would have to be the Bubka bread. I never knew about it until I married into a Polish family and I learned to bake it and it’s many varieties. It’s always a treat!

    • Gosh, it is so hard to say what my favorite Easter dish is. First is HAM,any time. My favorite meat ever. The other popular dish that my mother loved is Cranberry Salad. It goes perfect with that delicious ham. <3

  63. Sue Miller says:

    I have always had a menu that includes a lemon dessert. My favorite is a white cake with lemon filling, 7 minute frosting & covered with coconut. This ham sure looks like a winner to me. What a pleasure it would be to win one for my Easter dinner.

  64. We usually have a family potluck so I have a hard time narrowing it down to one dish. Ham is always something we all want, and potato salad. You can’t forget the deviled eggs to use up all the eggs the kiddos find. Oh, and the Desserts! YUM–nothing more to say…drop the mic!

    • Janice Ratliff says:

      Janice We usually have the typical American Easter dinner after church with my three daughters and my four grandchildren. Main dish is ham and the ones in this video clip looks delicious. Thanks for introducing me to this brand

  65. Kimberly Coleman says:

    My favorite is a delicious sweet ham with potato salad

  66. Burgers Ham is the number 1, then I would say homemade rolls!

  67. Karen Burton says:

    My favorite is the ham. With left-over pieces and the bone for beans.

  68. Joan Smith says:

    My favorite Easter dish is the Ham and Deviled Eggs. Also warm yeast rolls !!

  69. Kimberly CW says:

    Love Burger house’s prime rib as well as their ham. The holiday was about an opportunity to get together at grandma’s and having all the traditional fixing’s. My favorite, purple top turnip greens and her famous roast.

  70. Ham is a favorite of course but I do love a good Hummingbird Cake at Easter. Thank you!

  71. Kathy Gautier says:

    Definitely our smoked ham with honey mustard glaze and pineapple rings and cherries and studded with cloves. Also, we all love the deviled eggs and seven layer vegetable salad. For dessert, chocolate éclair cake and our Grandmother’s 125 year old pound cake with whipped cream and strawberries, of course.

  72. Raquel Dawn Silies says:

    I would have to say my favorite Easter dish is the ham. Sweet, salty, glazed or not. I love Burger’s hams (being from Missouri originally).

  73. Janet Doyle says:

    Ham was always a must for Easter dinner. I always looked forward to the brown sugar mustard sauce mother made. All our sides were tasty. I have added creamed peas and pearl onions, which I love and fruit salad.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  74. Kimberly Kay McKoy says:

    My favorite Easter dish is definitely ham but deviled eggs is close second!!!

  75. Diane Tompkins says:

    Our favorite Easter dish is Ham! Everything else is centered around that Delicious Ham.
    Deviled eggs of course, macaroni and cheese casserole, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and I could go on and on. My mouth is watering and all I need is that wonderful Ham to go with all those side dishes.

  76. Deborah Spencer-Puckett says:

    We love baked ham with a cranberry-Apple glaze.
    We also love and serve Burger’s country ham slices slow cooked in root beer and brown sugar.

  77. Janet Ramirez says:

    One of my favourite side dishes is creamed peas with pearl onions! Delicious with ham or roast beef!

  78. My favorite Easter dish is a baked ham along with potato salad and fresh yeast rolls. The rolls and ham make a wonderful combo for anyone who wants a snack before they go home.

  79. Stacey Burge says:

    Our favorite Easter dish is of course HAM along with cornbread dressing , corn casserole, glazed carrots , deviled eggs and for dessert ……… Coconut Cake. Surrounded by family and smiling happy faces.

  80. Marion O’Neill says:

    My favorite Easter dish is ham. I also like the fresh eggs from my chickens , made into many different things- cakes, deviled eggs, quiche with the leftover ham.

  81. Phyllis Schmitz says:

    My family must have potato salad and lemon pie for Easter..

  82. I’m 61 and have been without my family now for 29 years this pass April 5… my parents both passed away ..but my most cherished memories are family get togethers with my Mama’s potato salad. Chicken n dressing. and my Mom maked this slaw and added tomatoes in it .yumm.. the VERY BEST….my Grandma fried okra ..pintos and cornbread..and that delicious baked ham….Heaven… Lord I miss those days..and all the delicious meals we shared..

  83. Angela Carpenter says:

    My favorite are the deviled eggs with ham and rolls a close second. Even better is there are leftovers for the next day. Just gets better and better.

  84. FRANCES A SMITH says:

    I have a few it’s about where I would be spending Easter with, Fresh ham bone removed and stuff (delicious ) ham so we could have the bone to make pea soup (delicious ) and spare ribs and sauerkraut thickened with oatmeal along with fresh ham. All um um good.
    Happy Easter.

  85. Reba Murry says:

    Your Hams look wonderful. Would love to win one to share with a family of eight that can’t afford to buy a good Ham.

  86. Lisa Tisdale says:

    My favorite Easter dish is pineapple casserole.

    • Phyllis Smith Jackson says:

      Growing up in rural N.C., we always had a ham, my mom’s delicious potato salad, deviled eggs, string bean casserole, always spiced peaches and her eagle brand milk lemon pie! What happy memories!

  87. Sue Slater says:

    Our favorite Easter menu always includes plus my dear mother-in-laws potato salad.

  88. Sue Anthony says:

    My favorite Easter dish is steamed cauliflower with a mock dill hollandaise sauce. But i must admit i like everything we eat for our Easter meal.

  89. Dennis Hartman says:

    Ham is the best!

  90. Kristin Liechty says:

    Cheesy Hash brown potato casserole with the corn flakes topping:) always with a ham!

  91. Jeanne Miller says:

    My favorite Easter dish is grandma’s home made noodles.

  92. Brandy Gunderson says:

    I love the fruit salad that my MIL makes.. Star of the meal. Plus she sends the leftovers home with us.

  93. Millie Green Rocheleau says:

    Deviled eggs with the ham I hope I win!!!

  94. my favorites are candied sweet potatos & green bean cassorolle!

  95. Susan Soderstrom says:

    My favorite Easter dish is coconut cream pie. It was my late father’s favorite and I made it for him every year. We had one to share for the family dinner, and Dad got one of his own to take back home and enjoy.

  96. Mary Tremper says:

    Ham with creamy mashed potatoes on the side. Yum!

  97. Lynn Russell says:

    Main Easter dish is ham. I always have Easter eggs or deviled eggs, my potato salad, and green beans.

  98. Our favorite is Carrot Cake, that I make from scratch and of course a baked ham. I’ll be trying the blackberry glaze…looks delish!!!!!

  99. The Ham and swert potatoe and at times i have to have potato salad and then others there has to be mashed potato and gravy with cranberry sauce.
    Also love ham with green beans and potatoes

  100. Kathy Conley says:

    My favorite side is my homemade mac and cheese.

  101. We love a great ham, biscuits, gravy, and green bean casserole….

  102. Laura Nawrot says:

    It has to be the ham, but carrot cake is a very close second.

  103. Connie Cook says:

    Oh my goodness definitely the Ham with pineapples and cherries and brown sugar glaze Yummmy!!!!

  104. I love my mom’s candied sweet potatoes and brown sugar glazed ham.

  105. Heather Fuller says:

    My favorite recipe is old fashioned Kentucky Jam Cake with brown sugar caramel icing. It’s as Mr. Food would say “So Good”.

  106. Kathryn Bass says:

    Southern Potato Salad, with lemon coconut cake for dessert

  107. Lily Fulton says:

    Easter dinner is all about the ham – glazed with mixture of brown sugar, canned peach juice and mustard. Simple but the highlight of the meal.

  108. Kathy Sell says:

    Along with ham, potato salad and sweet potato pie for dessert.

  109. My favorite Easter dish is my homemade broccoli casserole. So good!

  110. Honey Baked Ham has always been my favorite dish but after reading the comments on your website and seeing the blackberry glaze on your hickory smoked ham my mouth is already watering. Would love to try your ham.

  111. Jackie Stakes says:

    My favorite dish is Mac & cheese with the ham! For many years we cooked the ham in a brown paper grocery bag, it would be so moist!

  112. Kala Crownover says:

    My favorite ingredient is family. I love to cook for them, sitting around the table talking, laughing. We have enjoyed the burger brand ham and meats for years. Even cooks country agrees– #1 review.

  113. Kanea Ward says:

    Love pecan pie for Easter and any other time.

  114. Amye Lyles says:

    My favorite easter meal is the scalloped potatoes and the ham. I’m a lover of the potatoes so having those with some sweet juicy ham. The best dish.

  115. Whiskey brown sugar glazed ham 🙂

  116. Ann Patton says:

    Hands down, IT’S THE HAM!!!!!! It just would not be Easter Dinner without it.

  117. My favorite for Easter is Mama’s Ham. Slowly cooked and served along side potato salad, corn bread, black eyed peas, greens, deviled eggs, peach cobbler , caramel cake, and a iced glass of Kool-aid. Yea! Ham beats all meats. And makes any meal special, especially EASTER.

  118. Christy Parrish says:

    My favorite dish at Easter is the ham. In fact, ham is my favorite food period. I love all of the sides, and desserts also, but the ham is the star of the show!

  119. Homemade potato yeast rolls. I just learned how to make them, and the will be really good with ham.

  120. Lisa A Harris says:

    My all time favorite was my Mom’s Potato Salad. No one can make it like she did. I actually don’t like it, but hers was the best. My Mom’s Potato Salad was an excellent compliment to a glazed Ham.

  121. Doris Huddleston says:

    My favorite food for Easter is always going to be a ham!

  122. Wendy Forbes says:

    Our favorite is baked ham with a brown sugar glaze, and of course lots of side dishes.

  123. Curried Fruit and Corn Pudding are always two of the many sides with our Easter ham. ‘Wishing all a joy-filled Easter!!!

  124. Mary I Benner says:

    My favorite Easter dinner entree is a baked ham. Yummy,

  125. Sandra Lowry says:

    Ham is the winner! Also love to have sweet potatoes, pineapple casserole and my Aunt Polly’s corn pudding. Add some type of greens like turnip salad and hot rolls and Easter dinner is ready. Can’t forget dessert and the biggest problem is deciding which recipe to use from your website!

  126. Living in the south we have to have pickled eggs and beets, love them.And of course I love the home made yeast rolls and baked ham.

  127. Linda Wallace says:

    My family always wants the traditional baked ham, thinking I will try this blackberry glaze. Potato salad, deviled eggs , green beans and carrots cake and coconut cake.

  128. Ham is the highlight of our Easter dinner. Goes well with cheddar biscuits, Mashed potatos, Asparagus, and a green salad, Yumm!!

  129. Jim Pancurak says:

    my favorite was dads ham with a sweet candie glaze with pineapples and warm bread
    with sweet potatoes with brown sugar and butter

  130. Besides the ham I must have candied sweet potatoes. And dessert is homemade pineapple upside down cake. Made from scratch in cast iron pan. I also love dandelion salad with bacon dressing. The dandelion is so good right now I picki like to pick my own so I know I’m getting the small tender sprouts. It’s so good with ham.

  131. Shelli Scott says:

    Favorite recipe for Easter is my mother’s angel biscuits (sorry ham 🙁 you are 2nd 😉 )
    Nothing better than stealing an angel biscuit hot out of the oven and slabbing a big ole’ pat of butter on it !!

  132. my favorite dish is candied sweet potaos. yum!

  133. Wendy Grant says:

    My favorite thing for Easter dinner is the ham. After having turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas it is a much welcome treat! There are also so many things that you can make with the leftovers, if there are any. Lol

  134. Our family’s favorite Easter meal is always, ham. We enjoy mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, green beans and more and the next couple of days, I have always made ham, green beans & potatoes or soup beans & ham.

  135. Joy Starling says:

    Definitely ham with pineapple casserole

  136. Sabrina Parnell says:

    Def the ham. It has always been the star of the show, no matter how you fix it. Boiled , baked, glazed or unglazed. It is still the star.

  137. After having turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas we definitely want ham for Easter. These look delicious, we’d love to enjoy one for Easter! I’ll have my grandchildren help me make homemade rolls to go with dinner.

  138. Harriet Flowers says:

    My favorite Easter side dish is Dessert!! Doesn’t matter what kind, I usually love them all!!

  139. ivealwys made my ham with pineapple rings cherries cloves add nutmeg seven up on bottom or canada dry love this been ages

  140. I love carrot & corn casserole as part of Easter dinner.

  141. Can’t wait to try your hand with the BlackBerry glaze. My favorite Easter dish is the ham. But I like the fresh asparagus and scalloped potatoes with anglewood cake with strawberries for dessert.

  142. Angie Burns says:

    My favorite Easter dish has to be my dad’s deviled eggs. Just don’t tell my mom. LOL She thinks it’s the desserts she makes !!

  143. Beckyheinzeroth says:

    Easter Ham is Easter in this house. Tried many ways and can’t wait to try this one. We are pretty traditional, mashed potatoes and gravy, asparagus and a pie for dessert.

    • Georgenia Bowling says:

      Ham, devil eggs, potato salad, fresh green beens, home made rolls, angel food cake and strawberries!

  144. My favorite sides to ham and turkey for Easter are dumplings, fried sweet corn is a close second ! Mom’s homemade yeast rolls make everything awesome ! Happy Spring and Happy Easter !

  145. If I have to pick one it would be my moms dressing. O.M.G! She uses spare ribs instead of chicken and it is out of this world!! Other favorites are hash brown casserole, squash casserole moms signature pound cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Okay, now I’m hungry!!

  146. Deviled eggs and ham!

  147. My favorite Easter dish , We have a big picnic after church. Everyone brings a dish.
    I’m always asked to bring the deviled eggs and spinach strawberry salad.
    Thanks so much for all your receipes. Blessings to you and your family.

  148. Colette Ellis says:

    Favorite dish fo Easter is cheesy twice baked potatoes to go with the ham! Yumm!

  149. Phebie Hill says:

    My favorite is the ham not just because we love ham. It is a tradition for me and my 2 daughters to put the pineapple cherries and cloves on the ham together. And brown sugar glaze. We have done this since they were 5 and 6, they are now almost 30 with little girls of their own. Now we make 2 hams since our family has grown and soon they will be making their tradition with their little girls.


  150. My favorite Easter dish is Smoke Ham ,potatoes salad,Deviled eggs.and rolls.

  151. Scalloped potatoes are my favorite traditional Easter food. We always put extra cheese on top, so that top golden brown layer is just crispy, it is gooey as well.

  152. Ham, it’s always the ham. We do a pineapple juice and brown sugar rub before baking. As it bakes we baste it often. Next is the gotta have pickled eggs with of couse beets added. I grew up eating these and make them every year.

  153. Patsy Nicholson says:

    I have 2 Potato Salad and hot rolls, and of course a good smoked ham!!

  154. The ham of course and the sweet potato casserole.

    • SpinninJenny says:

      Our favorite is the ham, of course, and them the sweet potato soufflé and rolls. Sometimes we just have a plain smoked ham, so we can use the bone for soup or beans. Since a glaze makes the soup too sweet, we save a glazed ham bone for beans.

  155. Carol R Bowles says:

    My favorite isn’t a food at all it is having family together and the quiet house filled with love and noise. Our Meal is traditional With ham and all the fixings . I do love the ham,I bake it with a can of coke .No glaze.

  156. A favorite would be ham and deviled eggs.

  157. Donna Weed says:

    Easter dinner is best with sweet potatoes, especially with ham!

  158. REGINA SIMPSON says:

    Love Ham. Have not had a rea l” smoked ham ” in years. Will be trying this one.
    Easter dinner must have is deviled eggs, broccoli casserole and of course coconut cake.

  159. Carol Stepp says:

    There is nothing any better than a spiral ham, with sides of cheesy potatoes,
    and a salad.

  160. Melba Tichenor says:

    deviled eggs with good ham for sure, can add scalloped potatoes .

  161. DELLA RANKIN says:

    I do “ALL” the cooking but my family must have my “Egg Plant Casserole”, Sweet Potato Casserole, and they think I’m the only one that can make Deviled Eggs. Other sides are what ever come to my mind Desserts are: Blackberry Jam Cake, Chocolate Pies, Brown Paper Bag Apple Pie, & Cheese Cake. I know it sounds like a Lot but I have a Large Family and they eat a LOT ! I do have them Spoiled due to me making everything from scratch, NOTHING Instant or out of a box from my kitchen.
    Hope EVERYone has a AWESOME Easter !! just remember the true meaning of Easter.

  162. Juanita S says:

    My favorite on Easter is my mama’s homemade potato salad. Nothing goes better with Easter ham.

  163. Deviled eggs and a good baked ham are all I need, everything else is a bonus.

  164. Sherry Moran says:

    Glazed ham, potato salad and deviled eggs.
    Yum! Yum!

  165. My favorite Easter dishes are ham, my mom’s potato salad and deviled eggs.

  166. My favorite Easter dish is tied for deviled eggs and coconut cake with jelly bean eggs.

  167. Mary White says:

    My favorite dish always the ham… can’t wait to try this blackberry glaze on a ham… Love blackberries and ham, too!!! Great combination…

  168. Drema Hess says:

    Ham, anything to do with eggs-pickled in beet juice, deviled, potato salad, macaroni salad, etc because they signify a new beginning. I would love to try a Burger’s Smoked Ham this Easter. I will be joining my family in Ohio this holiday Be nice to share.

  169. Patricia Brubaker says:

    Our family favorite is deviled eggs, but mine is scalloped potatoes.

  170. Janice Davis says:

    My favorite Easter dish is an old fashioned jello salad. Reminds me of simpler, happier times in life.

  171. Sheila Eib says:

    The ham – makes the Easter dinner table very special.
    Would love to try this companies ham along with the yummy sounding blackberry glaze.

  172. Cindy Berry says:

    My favorite Easter dishes are the ham and deviled eggs….

  173. Baked Ham and Candied Sweet pototoes

  174. Patricia Salter says:

    My favorite Easter menu is ham, fresh green beans, potato salad, deviled eggs and strawberry pie.

  175. Of course a great ham! Scalloped potatoes, deviled eggs the list could go on and on!

  176. Gloria Huse says:

    Deviled Eggs is always a must on Easter Sunday. Then follow ing Easter dinner up with a moist coconut cake.

  177. Marian Shaffer says:

    My favorite Easter dish is ham. I would love to try one from a different company!

  178. Green bean casserole with sugared ham!

  179. My favorite dish with ham is candied sweet potatoes

  180. Patricia Thweatt says:

    Siracha deviled eggs!!

  181. Elizabeth Jones says:

    Deviled eggs and potato salad to go with a ham, of course!

  182. Sheila P. Bowden says:

    My favorite Easter dish is ham. And my mother in law’s coconut cake.

  183. Liz Petty says:

    To go with this delicious baked ham, my mom’s potato salad would be great!

  184. Anne Hunt says:

    By far my favorite Easter dish is my Dad’s sugar cured country ham with a brown sugar, mustard and cornmeal glaze.

  185. KAY HAYES says:

    My favorite dishes for Easter are the ham,potato salad,deviled eggs,green bean casserole,and a good coconut cake for dessert.

  186. Katy Hamm says:

    Our favorite Easter offering is HAM- HAM- HAM ! and a little dessert , like ” Sunset Salad ” ..you know the one with , carrots & jello and such …. – said Katy Hamm 🙂

  187. Annamarie Capaldi says:

    For sure the delicious brown sugar glazed ham is my family’s favorite.

  188. darlene pinales says:

    My favorite side dish with a delicious Ham is mashed potatoes and pan gravy!!

  189. Carolyn Roe says:

    We have ham, Mac and cheese, green bean casserole rolls and pecan pie for dessert. Yummy!

  190. The stars on our Easter table are always the ham and the deviled eggs, with asparagus and sweet potatoes and we’re all happy.

  191. Favorite side dish to go with my ham is a hot cheesy scalloped potato dish.

  192. Gail Scroggins says:

    My favorite Easter side dish is scalloped potatoes . My mom made the best.

    • Tamara Bass says:

      My favorite Easter receipe is a sweet potato caserol. 2 cup cooked and mashed sweet potato, 2 cups flour, 2. Cups packed dark brown sugar,blend together. Add 2 eggs, 2tsp real vanilla,mix well.
      In a seperate bowl add 1cup chopped pecans, 1 cup packed dark brown sugar, 1 cup granular while sugar, 1 Tbsp real butter melted. Mix all ingrediants set aside.
      Butter flavored Pam in a vasserol dish, pour sweet potato mixture in level out. Sprinkle pecan mixture over top bake at 375 degrees

    • Virginia Dilldine says:

      My favorite side dish for Easter is devil eggs the old fashion way but you recipe for the pimento sound so good will be trying that also. I know they all will be eaten.

  193. Debra Mitan says:

    Potato salad green beans with bacon and onions

  194. Favorite dish is potato salad with ham. YUM

  195. We love a good brown sugar glazed ham with baked beans, sausage stuffing casserole, scalloped potatoes and sauteed brussel sprouts. I have never had the ham mentioned but it sure sounds delicious! And also some great dinner rolls.

  196. Judith davis says:

    My Mom used to make a huge jar of pickles eggs and add just enough red food coloring to the brine to make them pink. She’d keep the jar on the counter and everyday around Easter I’d try to eat only one. Miss those times….and those eggs!!!

  197. Janis Perry says:

    By far it’s a great ham. My family makes it with brown sugar diluted with the juice of pineapple. Sliced pineapple gets put on top along with maraschino cherries. We serve this with homemade candid yams, fruit salad, dressing,gravy and dinner rolls. Sometimes we fry fresh corn. Desserts are pecan pie, sweet potato pie,pumpkin pie and blueberry cheesecake.

  198. Charlie Ann Aldridge says:

    Southern Comfort and brown sugar glazed ham with amaretto butter baked sweet potatoes.

  199. Michelle Edens says:

    I love a good baked ham with pineapple and a brown sugar glaze.

  200. Gail Smith says:

    My favorite dish for Easter is ham. I serve that with potato salad, deviled eggs, green beans, and candied sweet potatoes. Dessert is an angel food cake with lemon glaze.

  201. Ham, potato salad, green beans, deviled eggs, and strawberry shortcake…YUM…best Easter dinner EVER!!!

  202. Ham with a brown sugar-mustard glaze!

  203. Nancy Myers says:

    Sweet potatoes to go with the ham!

    • ALICE D HOLBROOK says:

      My favorites for Easter dinner are Honey Baked Ham, Roasted Turkey with cornbread stuffing , candied yams, collard greens , mac and cheese, corn pudding and rolls. Oh. for dessert peach cobbler i cook every ingredient i have in the house lol. Enjoy your Easter holiday

  204. Lora Wilcoxson says:

    Smoked spiral sliced ham. Yummy.

  205. trina shedenhelm says:

    I love the ham with pineapple rings on it. That takes me back to when my mom made it years ago She is gone now, but I always remember her Easter Hams!

  206. Mary Autry says:

    Love stuffed eggs, potato salad, and baked beans with ham on Easter.

  207. Ellen Sedberry says:

    Favorite Easter dish is deviled eggs.

  208. Nothing better than a good ham to go with Easter dinner.

  209. Linda Farley says:

    My favorite sides would be deviled eggs and coleslaw.

  210. Potato salad with celery and lots of onions!!

  211. Pamela Ballard says:

    My favorite is candied sweet potatoes, and deviled eggs.

  212. My favorite dish is Dill Pickle Potato Salad! I use Clausen Pickles! The ham is wonderful too!!

  213. Ham! For side dishes, pineapple casserole , and of course deviled eggs!

  214. Kim Chandler says:

    I love broccoli, cheese and rice casserole with the ham. <3

  215. Sharon Knerr says:

    You had me at blackberries – that sounds delicious. We don’t have ham often (as it’s just so big for three people) so holidays make it a special treat…making ham my favorite Easter dish! I make all the sides at other times during the year so ham at Easter and Christmas is special. 🙂

    • Our favorite recipe at Easter with our ham and side dishes is the home-made chicken noodle soup that my husband makes. It would NOT be holidays without his delicious home-made chicken noodle soup !!!!!

  216. Creamy mashed potatoes mmmmmmm!

  217. My favorite dish to accompany a beautiful Easter ham is a dish I make called augratin kale it’s cheesy and goes wonderful with any main dish but especially ham. Its not blackberry season yet but this will be a nice change from the ham I usually make . Thank you for the new recipe.

  218. Janice Parker says:

    With our Ham we love Deviled Eggs and MyGrands always ask for Scalloped Potatoes.

    • Cheryl Fowler says:

      I love ham for Easter. I remember waking up when I was a kid and my mom would have her pressure cooker going . There was ten kids and she had one big ham let me tell you in that cooker!!! Ham and potato salad. There is none better!!!!

  219. Caro Feagin says:

    My favorite is definitely ham! I love the recipe with the blackberries…can’t wait to try it.

  220. Mary T Morris says:

    Mom always made ham, with potato salad and macaroni salad . Being her 3rd daughter, I do the same! I love it!

    • The star of Easter is always the ham and the ham on your site looks awesome ! That blackberry glaze looks wonderful on the ham !!! Next on the menu is deviled eggs and creamy mashed potatoes, cheesy macaroni and cheese, baked beans and rolls. Dessert is a cross cake and Mississippi mud cake. (got It f rom your site) Had so many remarks on that cake. My favorite is the nap time after eating all that good food ! Sure am making myself hungry talking about all that great food. My printer went south about 6 months ago so now I have to write all your recipes by hand on paper, enjoy them a lot.

  221. My favorite Easter dish is dessert, coconut cream cake & pie. Ham, mashed potatoes & deviled egg’s are right up there too. Easter with family is hand’s down the best.

  222. Dora Harrison says:

    Sweet potato souffle..my Grandmother recipe

  223. Sandra Dishman says:

    Au Gratin potatoes or Hash Brown Casserole. Love cheesiness with the ham. Love blackberries as well, both of my grandfather’s picked blackberries when I was a child, and one of my grandmother’s made the best blackberry cobblers. My other grandmother made jams, and would eat them fresh with a little sugar on them. Happy Easter !

  224. Joyce Cutshall says:

    Scalloped potatoes.

  225. Dale Tadlock says:

    My family would kick me out of the house if dessert wasnt an egg shaped coconut cake with cream cheese icing.

  226. Charleen. Adams says:

    That’s hard to choose!my children say HAM ,whenever I ask. My personal choice is sweet potatoes .I love hash brown casserole with the ham You just have to deviled eggs! I love carrot cake for dessert.

  227. Never get to have family too often to eat during the year. I have never had a Burger’s Smokehouse ham before which would be the perfect time to try it. Make the meal special (I hope). The blackberries sound different for us too.

  228. Cyndi Conley says:

    Ham, deviled eggs, pineapple crisp

  229. Davella Sue Meyer says:

    We love ham, macaroni & cheese, lima beans, homemade rolls, orange jello salad in cottage cheese & mandarins. With a pretty Jello pokecake. Colorful meal for spring!

  230. Ham, ham and more ham!

  231. Kay Kauffman says:

    My favorite side dish is always spoon bread with butter and real maple syrup. It goes great with any meal, but especially nice with ham! Happy Easter!

  232. My favorite part of the Easter meal is escalloped potatoes. My mom passed away on my 10th birthday and I;m almost 80 now, but I remembered how she made them and I”ve been making them like forever, and my kids love the way I make them too. But I also love ham, and smoked ham is the best. In Texas we usually use Mesquite for most smoked things, but I always get Hickory-smoked for my hams. I still cook the holiday dinners for my family. I’ll be 80 in July. My son asked if I wanted him to cook the meal, and I said, “Do I look dead yet? You cook when I’m dead and gone; until then, I cook the meal.” lol

  233. I love all that my Mother made. it is difficult to pick a favorite, but if I must, I will say her home made potato salad

  234. Vicki Nave says:

    My favorite Easter dish is deviled eggs, which seem to be very popular on here. 🙂

  235. Judy Walker says:

    My favorite Easter dish is dessert – a fresh coconut cake. My grandmother always made one for Easter when we had our annual family reunion. While I make the cake, and it’s good, it simply does not taste as good as my grandmother’s!

  236. Pam Hardin says:

    Ham and always deviled eggs with coconut cake for dessert.

  237. cindy gregory says:

    Hard to pick. Could he homemade rolls. Could be baked ham. Could be deviled eggs. Today I’ll go with the homemade rolls.

  238. Deviled eggs! I love the cool creaminess they add. My mom always added celery seeds, and I remember as a child I thought that was the most exotic thing I’d ever seen.

  239. Elizabeth Ruiz says:

    Hey! Hope all y’all doing good! My favorite dish at Easter is everything. I cannot just pick one. I love the family get together and all the wonderful food around us. Now I will tell y’all that I do love blackberry cobbler so with this ham recipe using blackberries I’m definitely going to make this recipe! From my family to y’alls we wish you a Happy Easter. God Bless.

  240. Wendy TwarDokus says:

    My favorite and one filled with memories has to be a Lamb Pound Cake covered with coconut, jelly beans eyes and mouth. My late Aunt Helen would make one every year and every year it never got decorated to look like a lamb, but it didn’t matter to us . I sure do miss that little lamb cake with the crooked smile. I miss Auntie Helen’s laugh too!

  241. Carolyn McKinley says:

    I have a favorite Easter meal which is ham, macaroni and cheese, asparagus, deviled eggs and a good salad.

  242. At the sake of being redundant HAM of Course. I bake Ham for Christmas and Easter. I usually do the half Ham with 1/3 less salt. I don’t believe Ham needs a marinade but sometimes I use a bourbon sauce and also add a little water and totally cover it w/foil and cook for 20 minutes a pound. Besides numerous casserole dishes that family bring I love a Sour Cream Coconut Cake that may be made 3-4 days in advance and refrigerated–otherwise I am a Hummingbird Cake lover! Happy Easter Ya’ll!

  243. I have been ordering from Burger’s Smokehouse for 20 plus years. Have never been disappointed! Love their hams and bacon.
    My favorite dish for Easter is , of course, the ham glazed with brown sugar and pineapple . Also love scalloped potatoes, fresh green beans and always deviled eggs.
    Think I may try the blackberry glaze this year.

  244. Sherry Robertson says:

    My favorite Easter dish is classic deviled eggs.

  245. Our favorite dish besides the ham, is a cheesy scalloped potatoes with grilled asparagus deviled eggs and some strawberry pie with whipped cream!

  246. Carol Baker says:

    My favorite Easter dish is Coconut Cake.

  247. Eldrida Trotter says:

    My favorite Easter dish is Ham with applesauce spread on top with sliced pineapple laid on top and cherries placed in the center of the pineapple ! I have done this with every type of ham and it works on them all !

    • I like a nice Orange Baked Ham for our Easter Feast
      Its perfect and tasty. I make lovely glaze of orange marmalade, mustard, orange juice, brown sugar is poured over the whole ham and baked for an hour until golden-brown..
      I serve it with roasted asparagus and couscous…
      For Dessert I make both a banana cream pie Coconut Panna Cotta….
      These mix of dishes always amaze friends from all over!! Happy Easter!!

  248. Juliana Tappen says:

    Our favorite dish is dessert followed by a tasty ham.

  249. AUDREY PERRY says:

    My favorite is scalloped potatoes and certainly the delicious HAM.

  250. Kathryn Wise says:

    My Favorite Easter dish is THE HAM! My nieces and I pick at the ham until we all sit down for the meal. Then there are the ham leftovers! Ham salad, fried ham sandwiches, ham dressing, beans and ham, etc……

  251. Goldie L. Coen says:

    Well we love sweet potatoes and also enjoy ham, We here in Southeastern Iowa seems not to have any Burger’s but it does sound delirious .

  252. Lisa Robinson says:

    My favorite Easter side is candied yams with an old-fashioned 3 day Coconut Cake for dessert!
    Happy Easter

  253. My favorite Easter dish is sweet potato casserole with ham!

  254. Jimmie Glass says:

    My favorite side with the ham is Pineapple and cheese casserole and I love the Hot Cross Buns with ham slices!

  255. Deborah Hall says:

    Deviled eggs and potato salad with a Hummingbird cake for dessert.

  256. Irene Goodgame says:

    My favorite dish is an asparagus and hard boiled egg casserole that my grandmother would make. It had a cheesy white sauce in it with crusty crumbs on the top.

  257. Diane Flood says:

    My favorite side dish for Easter is our Italian rustic calzone and my favorite ricotta cookies.

  258. The ham, au gratin potatoes, fresh home grown asparagus and cheesecake are all Easter favorites! The blackberry glaze for the ham sounds like a great new twist for a smoky ham!

  259. Nadine Osborne says:

    My favorite Easter dish is fresh fruit salad

  260. Dinner with all the trimmings including the star of dinner, ham and all of the family home for dinner.

  261. Michelle clymer says:

    My favorite dish is pickled beets and eggs

  262. Kim Harvey says:

    My favorite dish on Easter is the cheesy potatoes my aunt brings every year. But my favorite dessert is the carrot cake!

  263. Gloria Aman says:

    We have alot of delicious food that we have for Easter Dinner. Homemade rolls, Potato Salad, Deviled Eggs, Ham, Sweet Potato’s, Mac and Cheese as well as Broccoli salad and for dessert, Homemade Coconut cake and usually an Apple pie to go with all the trimmings. And sweet tea.

  264. Sonia Edwards says:

    My favorite Easter dish is a nice glazed ham.

  265. My favorite Easter dish is Easter Bread

  266. Marcy Davis says:

    MY favorite Easter meal is ham, green beans, mash potatoes ,carrot salad, & devil eggs.

  267. Love ham with honey bourbon sauce. It is a big hit with family members of all ages.

  268. Faye Johnson says:

    Nothing better than Cheesy Potatoes!!

  269. Kelly Ashley says:

    Ham of course with my mother’s potato salad.

  270. Barbara marona says:

    Mine is actually the Easter ham. I like to try different glazes and dress it up.

  271. It doesn’t seem like Easter to My Family without HAM!

  272. Your carrot salad is a great, light treat to accompany ham.

  273. My favorite Easter dish is simple, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy. I love it when ever my family gets together.

  274. My all time favorite Easter dish is the ham with a side hashbrowns casserole and of course some deviled eggs.

  275. My favorite is the star of the show The Ham, and also deviled eggs

  276. anita hardy says:

    My favorite is Ham and mashed potatoes with a pat of butter in the center. Yum!

  277. Kanea Ward says:

    Turkey and dressing are one of my favorites for every holiday. Of course ham comes in a close second. Pecan pie for dessert is great.

  278. Our trips to south Carolina and smell of the smoke houses is just a great ❤felt memory. Would love to taste that ham again and share with our expanding family! 2 weddings and 2 adoptions making us have more love and fun!!

  279. Millie Green Rocheleau says:

    Your recipe for Blackberry Glazed Ham sounds wonderful!!! Deviled eggs are a must for Easter along with asparagus and a potato dish or potato salad!! Thank you!!!

  280. Judy Meyer says:

    My favorite side dish would be anything my mother or grandma would make!!! But, if I have to choose, it would be German potato salad.

  281. Always server asparagus and lemon dessert this year maybe lemon taramiso

  282. My favorite since I was a little girl is red beets and eggs. Always on the Easter table and I’m 71 now. We are having 28 for dinner so would appreciate your free ham. Happy Easter!

  283. Dianna Porter says:

    My favorite Easter food is baked ham and sweet potatoes. A family tradition since I can remember and one I continue to follow through with.

  284. Cathy Brooks says:

    My favorite Easter dish is ham, potato salad, baked beans and strawberry cake and sweet tea.

  285. Hot cross buns. Easter just wouldn’t be complete without these tasty soft sweet little rolls! They always remind me of Easters long past.

  286. Debbie Modzelewski says:

    My favorite Easter dish is my daughter’s Cheesy Potatoes. It goes so good with the Ham.

  287. Mary Gregory says:

    Potato Salad and deviled eggs.

  288. Sue Miller says:

    My favorite is a coconut cake with lemon filling and seven minute icing with coconut on top and sides. Also must have deviled eggs of course.

  289. Linda Courtney says:

    My favorite Easter dish is sweet potato casserole and green beans!
    I look forward to this every year with a delicious ham.
    Thank you!!!

  290. My favorite at Easter is eggs, eggs and more eggs! I dont care if they’re deviled, pickled, or hardboiled colored eggs! Can you tell I love eggs?

  291. Kara Brooks says:

    I make a kahlua glaze for ham that’s just out of this world! Kahlua, honey, and a little bit of my secret ingredient and voila! Instant yumminess.

  292. Brenda Dickson says:

    My favorite Easter dish is Hash Brown Casserole (my mom’s recipe only).

  293. Shirley Brosie says:

    So many it’s hard to choose a favorite, but pineapple/brown sugar glazed ham. Good warm or cold.

  294. Our family loves a platter of delicious and gorgeous deviled eggs with our Easter meal!

  295. We have two favorite side dishes! Spinach casserole and scalloped pineapple. Easter dinner is the best!!

  296. My favorite Easter dish besides the ham is sweet potato casserole, and deviled eggs.

  297. Linda Elandt says:

    I always enjoy a fruity citrusy salad and dessert. It just seems “Springy” Ham is always a universal favorite also.

  298. Smoked ham with brown sugar and pineapples with macaroni and cheese and corn casserole.

  299. Susan Walker says:

    My favorite dish is fried apples,,,

  300. I’m a south Alabama girl and I just love ham with a coco cola and brown sugar glaze with southern style potato salad….any day of the week is good for me. I don’t have to wait for a special holiday to enjoy this delicious meal.

  301. Kim Alvarez says:

    I look forward to having homemade Macaroni salad as a favorite Easter dish. It reminds me summer is around the corner.

  302. Sharon Swineford says:

    The ham is always the star!

  303. Janet Morrissey says:

    My favorite is the ham, of course. With deviled eggs and German potato salad on the side.

  304. My favorite dish for EVERY holiday is HAM ! It is so versatile with any sidedish and the beauty of fantastic sandwiches either during or after dinner. I could have ham and Swiss sandwiches seven days a week and with an egg, for breakfast!

  305. Vickie gosling says:

    Sweet potato casserole with a wonderful ham!! Yum, yum!!

  306. Lisa D Troxel says:

    Besides a delicious smoked ham my favorite Easter dish is deviled eggs and I always love a fresh aldente green vegetable. Maybe this year wilted spinach salad. Yum.

  307. My favorite Easter dish is the deviled eggs.

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