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Here is a handy list of 10 baking pans that every kitchen needs.  There is nothing worse than finding the perfect recipe to bake and then realizing you don’t have the right pan! This list should keep you covered for most all your baking needs.

Sheet Pan/Cookie Sheet-I’m sure most every kitchen already has a cookie sheet. They really are an essential to baking so many things. I use mine to roast veggies, make cookies, garlic bread, etc.

Loaf Pan-If you wanna make our Best Banana Bread Ever you’re going to need a loaf pan. These are so handy to have, we like the 9X5 size. It’s perfect for our Coconut Bread too.

Muffin Pan-We couldn’t live without our muffin pans. Our family makes muffins all the time and if you’re a cupcake lover, you gotta have one! Looking to make some easy muffins…try these 4 Ingredient Cheddar Muffins.

8 Inch Round Cake Pan-If you’re going to make a layered cake then you need round cake pans. We recommend having the 8 inch and 9 inch pans on hand. We suggest making this amazing Italian Cream Cake with your 8 inch pans.

9 Inch Round Cake Pan-you will need this size as well. You’ll definitely want it so you can make this beautiful German Chocolate Cake.

9X13 Baking Pan-plenty of cakes are made in this pan. It is an absolute staple of any kitchen. Plus, you have to have one so you can make this wonderful Almond Joy Cake.

9X9 Baking Pan-If you want to make brownies, this pan will be your go to! These Chocolate Applesauce Brownies are so good!

Bundt Cake Pan-Some of the prettiest cakes are made with a bundt pan. This Pound Cake is my favorite cake, it is so good and so elegant looking. It’s the pan that makes it look this way. I suggest having several different types of bundt cake pans so you can have a variety with your cakes.

Pie Pan-If you want to make homemade pies, you will need a pie pan. I would suggest this recipe for Nana’s Dutch Apple Pie.

Spring Forms-if you love to make cheesecakes, you’ll need a spring form pan. You can also use it to make a variety of recipes.

I hope this list has helped you with your baking needs! Of course there are always things that can be added to this list but these 10 items will certainly help you when you head to the kitchen to start baking!

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