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How to Make Fried Canned Biscuits


This is a simple and quick recipe for fried canned biscuits.  They make a great change for breakfast and are good with any meal.  Make them on a griddle or in a skillet.  This is an easy recipe for campers, too.  Children will love these with syrup and they are wonderful with sausage gravy.  Can reheat in microwave or wrap in foil, sprinkle with water and reheat in oven or over campfire. Great reviews on our site for this DIY easy, simple and fun recipe.  I make these a lot for my family and they are fun to make with children that like biscuits.

Fried canned biscuits are simple and delicious and so versatile!

1 (16.3 ounce) can Grands Flaky Biscuits
Butter for skillet or griddle

Pull the biscuits apart to make twice as many as the amount in the can.  Melt butter on griddle or in skillet.  I heat my griddle to about 350 degrees.  Brown biscuits on one side, flip and brown on the other side. Add butter to griddle to make biscuits brown more.   Serve with maple syrup or your favorite jams and jellies. Makes 16 fried biscuits.  Enjoy these fried canned biscuits!

How to Make Fried Canned Biscuits

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  1. Omg I used this for my cinnamon rolls..yummy

  2. Renee Kelly says:

    I agree with Carole: their griddle biscuits are delicious! Southern Lady, what do you think of using Grands frozen biscuits in this recipe? Of course they need time to thaw first, but I like the flavor of them much more than refrigerated ones.

  3. So I went to Bob Evan’s today and my husband and myself tried their new griddle biscuits. OMG, this biscuit has changed our lives. So, I immediately started scouring the internet for the recipe and wouldn’t you know it my favorite southern lady has a quick and easy recipe for griddle biscuits. I’m making these ASAP! Thank you.

  4. I deep fry mine when I’m frying fish

  5. Thanks..these sound yummy! Love all your recipes ..easy to make and easy to find!

  6. I literally FRY my biscuits in canola or vegetable oil. I use the ” Grands Homestyle Buttermilk” biscuits. I pre-heat a deep fryer with about 3-4 inches of oil to a temp of 350 degrees. Remove biscuits from can and place them in the hot oil.When they become golden brown, flip them with a fork and allow them to become golden brown on the flipped side. They cook fast, so do pay attention to them. These biscuits are beyond delicious!!! I love to eat them with sausages, jam, jelly, syrup or whatever you desire. Believe it or not, they DO NOT absorb a lot of oil as one would probably think. Try it!! Do not buy the ” flaky ” type biscuits because they WILL flake apart if you attempt to fry them. A co-worker told me about cooking biscuits this way many years ago and to this day, I still do.

  7. I use the honey butter biscuits punch a hole in the middle with a Iid off a bottle of water fry in oil, glaze with powdered sugar, vanilla & water, my grandson thinks I am the BEST doughnut maker in the world ❤️ Love this idea for sausage gravy when camping especially! Love your cooking too!

  8. Marilyn Mitchell says:

    I love your recipes. I can’t find where to put my email address.

    • The Southern Lady says:

      It’s on the right hand side bar of the website, about midway down the page. Thank you for the nice comment! Glad you are enjoying the recipes.

  9. love this idea–I’m thinking sausage gravy–also love you r easy to use site.

  10. I get frustrated by having to click through so many pages to get the recipes… Could you just not eliminate some of those steps???

    • The Southern Lady says:

      What pages are you referring to Marge? Sorry, but there are only recipes on my website, so no clue, what pages you are talking about.

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