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Make perfect gravy by using the formula below.   You can make half of this recipe or you can double or triple to make more.  You can add whatever kinds of spices you like and serve over meats, biscuits or whenever you need a gravy. This recipe works every time. Click here for many biscuit recipes! 

2 cups liquid such as chicken or beef broth, milk, water or tomato juice

4 tablespoons flour (you can use all purpose or self rising)

4 tablespoons oil, bacon drippings, sausage drippings or butter, etc.

Heat the oil or drippings in a skillet on top of the stove.  Stir in the flour to make a roux, cooking and stirring until browned and all the flour is incorporated. Add the 2 cups of liquid, salt and pepper or any spices you are using and bring to a boil while continually stirring.  It only takes a minute or two until it thickens.  Cook to desired consistency.  Makes 2 cups of gravy.


Note:  You can use water or milk and the drippings where you browned meat to make a perfect brown gravy to serve over fried pork chops, steak, etc. You can use tomato juice to make tomato gravy. I used bacon drippings to make the gravy in the photo.  I cooked the bacon to get the drippings and then crumbled into and on top of the gravy.

How to Make Perfect Gravy

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  1. Barbara Pickett says:

    I generally have creamed potatoes with any meat, and I use the water I cooked the potatoes in for my gravy. It’s much richer than plain water. I also make a roux and add to green beans for something different. Also if you use canned beans add some bacon grease, salt and pepper, and cook until the beans become more limp, about 20 minutes or so. Much tastier.

  2. Great recipes

  3. Love you things you put up. Thanks

  4. Thanks for showing how easy it is to make gravy. I have been making my own for years and that package stuff is not gravy.

  5. Lillian Fontenot says:

    thank you looks great and so simple

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