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I just wanted to send out a quick reminder that today is Small Business Saturday! Being a small business we appreciate anyone who spends their hard earned money with us. Our cookbooks make wonderful Christmas gifts. We were very blessed to release our second cookbook this year, “Down Home Dishes” and our first cookbook “Sweet Things” is a hit as well.

Here are a few comments about our cookbooks:

Dana Tomaras: Purchased this cookbook it is “awesome” !!!!!

Jonathan Weinberg: Bought it a couple weeks ago. A wonderful compilation. Oh, and made ‘My Daughter’s Pound Cake’ recipe. Fantastic!

Cynthia Fowler: Received my copy today! I can’t wait to get started trying recipes! Thank you!

Carie Kuykendall Graff: I am so excited to get your cookbook in the mail today. I am off work on Wednesday but now I can decide what to bake first.

Andromedia Cady Bright: Got my cook book on Saturday. Can’t wait to use it! 

Sally Hutchinson Huss: Got my cookbook today! Love it.

Linda Hafer Holliman: I just received your cookbook in the mail today. I is just wonderful. I just can’t wait to start baking for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanks for sending so quickly.





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