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Good Morning!

Just a note to say hello and say I can’t believe the holidays are upon us already!  My daughter and I have been playing around with designing some cover photos for our Facebook pages and thought we would just see if any of you would like one for your Facebook page for Thanksgiving?  The ones below should be the correct size for your personal Facebook page. If you are not on Facebook just disregard this post and I hope you have a great day.








To use one of the cover photos above just right click with your mouse on the photo and save image to your computer where you can find it.  Go to your Facebook personal page, look up in the left hand corner of your cover photo and click on the little camera you see there.  You will see several options in the drop down box.  Click on “upload photo.” go to the cover photo on your computer and upload it to your page.  If you like how it looks click on save.  If you don’t want it, click on cancel.  If you use one and like it, let us know in a comment and I will post some Christmas headers when I get time.  These are free for you to enjoy. Thank you for being such great followers of our site!

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  1. Frances Tatum says:

    the Southern Lady very much! Thank you for the cover page. Like it much!

  2. thank you for the thanksgiving fb covers love them and your good recipes

  3. Just to let you know & say Thank You ! I post on the KCM Partner community. It is like face book but Christian. I have saved these all & put some up already.They are adorable ! Thanks so much!

  4. Than-you I’m lovin’ it!

  5. Thank you. so thoughtful of you..

  6. Not working on my Android, won’t let me copy it 🙁

  7. Loved the Thanksgiving border for facebook page. Looking forward for Christmas ones.

  8. Trouble is,I like them both.

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