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We wanted to take a moment and let our fans know we are partnering with a great new app! All of our followers who partake in apps on their smart phones or ipads/notebooks, please take a moment to check out the press release below.

If you are not using these devices.. not to worry you can use the desktop version that will be coming very soon! So stay tuned….


This will not change anything on our website or facebook page. 



Local Tech Startup: SocialCoaster Announces Partnership with TheSouthernLadyCooks.com

SocialCoaster helps users grow social communities around specific areas of interest.

The Murray State Alumni Association and TheSouthernLadyCooks.com are the latest organizations to connect members of their communities using the free SocialCoaster platform.

Jonathan Burdon, a 27-year old local entrepreneur and his team of recent Murray State University graduates have developed a fast growing social platform called SocialCoaster.

Unlike Facebook and other social networks that are more egocentric and focused on connecting users with friends and family, SocialCoaster takes a different approach. “We have built a simple & easy to use platform that allows groups to create and grow their own social communities around a specific area of interest,” says Jonathan Burdon, SocialCoaster’s founder. “A very interesting synergy is formed when passionate people are able to connect with others who share the same passion.”

SocialCoaster, an app available for download on iPhone and Android devices, had their soft launch at the end of December and has continued to scale ever since. “No tech startup gets things exactly right when they first launch,” says Burdon. “We continuously listen to valuable user feedback and allow it to shape our product. Without our amazing early-adopters, partners, and my very talented team, our early success would not have been possible.”

SocialCoaster continues to focus early marketing efforts on large communities based out of Kentucky. In fact, the two latest communities to announce they will be leveraging SocialCoaster’s platform are the Murray State Alumni Association and TheSouthernLadyCooks.com.

Any of TheSouthernLadyCooks.com Followers can download the free SocialCoaster app and easily connect with other cooking enthusiast  within the “Cooking” loop.

Here are the simple steps you can take to join the cooking community:

1. Download the free SocialCoaster app:  www.SocialCoaster.com/app 
2. Once you are registered click on the “cooking” community.
3. Check out the post from other users and feel free to add to the discussion.
We look forward to having you join us!



In addition, several other groups have leveraged the SocialCoaster platform to host their communities. One of the largest to date has been the “Kentucky Basketball” community, which focuses on connecting avid members of BBN from across the country.

Although Burdon is extremely excited to partner with his alma mater, he expressed a double-dose of happiness when he announced a second partnership with TheSouthernLadyCooks.com. “We already have a very large existing cooking community that uses SocialCoaster,” stated Burdon. “Now that we have officially partnered with The Southern Lady Cooks, it is quite possible “Cooking” will be the largest community on our platform to date.”

There is no doubt why Burdon is excited about this partnership, as The Southern Lady Cooks has a reach of over 1 million people through their website & Facebook page alone! Instead of communication always being one-way, TheSouthernLadyCooks.com plans to leverage the “Cooking” loop on SocialCoaster to build a more intimate social setting for their followers.

Anyone can download SocialCoaster for free and “follow” existing communities that interest them. Additionally, if they so choose, members are also encouraged to start & grow public or private communities of their own.

For more information on SocialCoaster visit their website at www.SocialCoaster.com.
Media Contact Information:

Contact: Jonathan Burdon
Telephone: 270-704-1602
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.SocialCoaster.com
Facebook: facebook.com/SocialCoaster


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