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My Project 252-001A short post to update everyone on what’s going on with us and to wish everyone of you a very Happy Easter.  Hopefully, we are seeing the beginnings of spring in Kentucky and, believe me, we welcome it with open arms!  We are happy the snow is over and the sun is shining…

We hope this post finds you all doing well, enjoying some good food and happy to be sharing life with great friends and family.

First of all, my girls and I can’t thank you enough for your kind comments about our first cookbook, Sweet Things.  We are just delighted you are enjoying the recipes and have passed the word to friends and family.  We hope you will make many of the recipes and share with your loved ones.  We worked very hard to bring you a book you could enjoy for years to come.  We have limited copies left at this time so if you are interested you can check out the comments about the cookbook and put your order in my clicking here:  Order Sweet Things Cookbook.

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Thank you for your comments on the blog as well. I try very hard to answer all your questions if you have one about a recipe. We do have to delete comments ever so often or our site would be so large we could not afford to keep it up but we want you to know we appreciate all your comments and thank you for them.

We wanted to let you know we are currently working on our next cookbook and it should be out in a few months.  We will let you know as soon as it is available and we think you will like it as much as you did the first one.

We appreciate each and every one of our followers and feel we have the best of the best on this site.  You all make all our hard work worthwhile and we think of you as our website family.

Easter is a time to rejoice and be thankful.  May Easter happiness dwell in you and may you and your family be blessed with peace, happiness and joy this weekend. Share a hug, give happiness to your friends and family.  Celebrate the rising of Christ.  Our love to each and everyone of you.  Judy, Anne Parker and Leigh Harper.

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  1. Della Booth says:

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. Happy Easter! I love your recipes! My niece from St Louis MO recommended your site! Thank You! I’m still learning a lot! Senior from Detroit Mi

  3. I just found your website…and I love you! Lol. Today is my husband’s birthday and he is eating a piece of your Mandarin Orange cake as I’m writing this. Tomorrow the family is coming for Raster dinner, I’m having your Honey Bourbon glazed ham. I’m from Charleston SC. We love southern cooking…your recipes are right on. Thanks! Carolyn.

  4. Wishing you and yours the very best this Easter…

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