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Brownings Country Ham 2015The holidays are  just around the corner folks! Do you have your menu ready?  Don’t hunt high and low for the perfect ham each holiday season.  Browning’s Country Ham out of Dry Ridge, Kentucky has a Holiday Ham that has been aged to perfection for a full year. Browning’s Country Hams and other Amish-quality products ship nationwide to arrive right at your doorstep.

Last year,  Mr. David Sponcil, owner of Browning’s Country Hams, contacted me about doing a review of some of their products.  Mr. Sponcil sent me these products to try under the agreement that he would receive my honest opinion. Believe me, I know country ham.  When my children were small and we lived on a farm outside Perryville, Kentucky, we killed our own hogs every year in November, cured the hams and processed all the meat.  I can remember several years when, along with our neighbors,  we killed and processed as many as 45 hogs in one killing.

Browning’s Country Ham is really good ham.  That is my honest opinion and I have enjoyed trying these products so much.  The Holiday Ham is perfect for any holiday dinner.  It is one of the most tender hams I have ever tried and the flavor is delicious. It is spiral sliced and comes with cooking instructions. You can insert cloves and bay leaves, cook for 40 minutes at 350 degrees pat on some brown sugar and let caramelize for about 5 minutes under the broiler or there are instructions for adding a honey glaze.  Of course, being Southern, I had to try it my way.

Southern Lady Cooks Ham Glaze:

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup butter, melted

1/4 cup sorghum

1/4 cup Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey

Mix together and baste the ham several times while cooking. This was WONDERFUL!


Browning's Country Ham - TSLC

My favorite foods to serve with country ham are potato salad and baked beans.  Once I cooked this ham, I just had to make baked beans and potato salad, too. The baked beans are made with Browning’s Pepper Bacon.  They have 3 thin sliced styles:  Country, Applewood or Pepper Bacon.  Browning’s Country Bacon is a thick cured bacon with an old-fashioned taste.

Browning's Country Ham TSLC

Southern Baked Beans by The Southern Lady Cooks

2 (15 oz.) cans pork-n-beans, drained
1 small onion, chopped
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon yellow mustard
1 tablespoon tomato ketchup
1 tablespoon molasses or dark syrup
2 to 3 slices bacon (I use Browning’s Pepper Bacon)
Drain beans, combine with all other ingredients in an oven safe casserole dish.  Place bacon slices on top.  Cook uncovered in a preheated 350 degree oven for 45 minutes.  Enjoy!
Note:  You can make these beans in the crockpot, too.  Just throw all ingredients in the crockpot and cook about 4 hours.

Browning’s Country Ham offers Country Ham Center Steaks and Biscuit Cuts.  These are wonderful served on biscuits in the morning for breakfast or with red-eye gravy.

Browning's Biscuit Cuts - TSLC

These are just a few of the great products you will find on the website and Facebook page. Grandma Babe’s Country Sausage is the newest addition to their line.

You won’t be sorry you tried Browning’s Country Ham products. I thought they were some of the best I have ever tasted.  Try it for yourself and find out.  Mr. Sponcil is making you this special offer again this year by taking $5.00 off any Browning’s Holiday Ham ordered by friends and fans of The Southern Lady Cooks website.  Just mention The Southern Lady Cooks or (TSLC) when ordering your Holiday Ham. Try some of his other products along with the ham for breakfast.

Browning’s Country Ham is located at 475 Sherman Newtown Road, Dry Ridge, Ky. 41035.  Website:, Phone: 859-948-4HAM (4426)  “Like” them on Facebook.

FTC Disclaimer: Browning’s Country Ham provided me with products for this review. The opinions expressed in
this blog post are my own. I was in no way financially compensated by Browning’s
Country Ham for this review.

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  2. Chris Albritton says:

    We do not buy alcohol at my house so could you please tell me something that would substitute in the glaze recipe?

  3. Will you post your potato salad recipe too please?

  4. Nicolina DeVine says:

    What is sorghum and where do you get it? I never heard of it…

  5. Bonnie J. Masters says:

    You made my day. This is the receipe that I have made and forgotten what went into it. (had a mild stroke) I will have the ham,baked beans and potato salad for my family this Easter thanks to you.May you and your family have a very enjoyable Easter. GOD BLESS

  6. The ham looks great. But, I swear to my time! That Baked Beans recipe is the exact same one my Mom used (with molasses) that I have been looking for for decades! I’m blown away!!!

  7. A Easter Ham will grace my table too but I use peach nectar and peaches for my glaze.

  8. Oh yes! Nothing more to say!

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