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My Project 151-001

This week we are bringing you some great main dish crock pot recipes from our friends around the internet.  Hot summer weather in the South always makes me bring out the crock pot to keep from using the oven and heating up my house.  I have always loved cooking in the crock pot and I own five of them.  I still have my first crock pot.  Remember those old three quart green ones? (some of the first ones were orange) The first crock pots came out around 1971.  I still have one of each!  The no turning, no stirring, no adjusting heat and being able to go off for the day makes me love this type of slow cooking.  I just put vegetables in two of them, my meat in the five quart one and return home to a meal all ready to put on the table. 

 We hope you will check out these recipes and sites.  You will be able to “share” with your friends by clicking on the Facebook, Pinterest or E-mail buttons at the bottom of each post. Click on the name of the recipe to check it out and Enjoy!  Be sure and check out the site as well as the recipes posted here.

BBQ BEEF BRISKET from The Country Cook


SLOW COOKER MEATBALL SUBS from Everyday Mom’s Meals

EASY CROCK POT HAM from Recipes that Crock

SLOW COOKER COUNTRY STYLE BBQ RIBS from Real Food Girl: Unmodified

WEEKLY FOOD TIPS FOR CROCK POTS:  Don’t overfill, 3/4 full is best.  Trim fat from meats before cooking to prevent greasy soups and sauces.  Generally, the low setting takes twice as long as the high setting in crockery cooking. Most of the time, stirring is not necessary and removing the lid adds 20 to 30 minutes cooking time. 

WEEKLY QUOTE:  No spectacle on earth is more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves~Thomas Wolfe

WEEKLY FOOD FACT:  Most ears of corn have an even number of rows and most have 16 rows.

The crock pots today offer so many more cooking options than the old ones from years ago.  I probably use my crock pot more than any other appliance in my kitchen other than my mixer. I use it in summer and winter.  So, if you don’t have one or you have one and it is in the back of a closet somewhere, drag it out and cook up some delicious meals this summer. Here is a list of 26 Things You Can Do With A Crock Pot. 

Since this site is called “The Southern Lady Cooks”, I am adding a little Southern “thang” to this post.  We love having you all here from everywhere North, South and around the world. Not all my recipes are Southern but we like diversity, too.  Let’s just face it, we like to eat and we like to eat all kinds of food!  Thank you for your continued support of this site. We love all our fans. Have a great weekend and we will see you back here next week. 



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  1. Thanks, for the recipes.. May God bless you & yours, always..

  2. Thanks for sharing my recipe!! 🙂 I hope your readers enjoy my Slow Cooker Country Style BBQ Ribs!

  3. Love good crock-pot recipes… thanks for all of these goodies!

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