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Some Interesting Food Facts

My love of food covers a lot more than just cooking.  I enjoy reading about food, food nutrition, and food facts.  Here are 10 things you might or might not know about some foods we eat every day. Enjoy!

1.  Honey is the only food that does not go bad or spoil.

2.  Peanuts are not nuts at all.  They are part of the legume family.  Peanuts grow under the ground and not on trees.

3.  Worcestershire sauce is made of anchovies.

4.  Carrots are a good source of fiber.

5.  Celery is 95% water, low in calories and high in fiber.

6.  Corn will always have an even number of rows on each cob.

7.  Blueberries have more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable.

8.  The 7th leading cause of death in the U.S. is from choking on food.

9.  Research shows diet sodas may be worse for you than regular soda because they make you hungrier, make you crave more sugar and carbs and are addictive.

10.  Apple seeds are poisonous.

Did you find at least one you did not know about??? Do you have an unusual fact about food you want to share with everyone.  If so, leave a comment and add to the list.

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  1. Elaine Ellsworth says:

    Look what happens to Sleeping Beauty! Seriously, thank you for that info. I will pass it on. Elaine

  2. andrea seaha says:

    if you make ice cubes at home and put them in a brown paper bag after the are frozen, they will not stick together.Ido not know why,but they don’t

  3. I throw my honey out when it crystalizes. I was told it than turns to pure sugar and is not good for you. Even if I reheat it in the microwave its too far gone. I always buy good local grown organic.

  4. Far from being poison, apple seeds are actually a cancer-fighter! Sometimes you have dig below the surface and get all the facts. Mary, keep eating those seeds! you may have already cured yourself of cancer without ever knowing you had it!

    • The Southern Lady says:

      According to many articles I have read they are poison. I don’t see anything to back up her statement and I read her article. I think you can always find information to contradict anything on the internet. The problem comes from chewing up the seed. Although a large quantity of seed would would have to be ground or chewed up and consumed, amygdalin poisoning is still possible. Remove the seeds before eating and do not give the pips to children, who may have a lower tolerance to amygdalin. Do not grind the seeds when processing the fruit for juice, applesauce, or preserves. Following these simple precautions will ensure your safety when eating apples. Everyone is free to decide for themselves on these matters. The fact still remains they contain amygdalin. Amygdalin is a glycoside toxin that combines with a gastrointestinal enzyme to produce hydrogen cyanide, the same poison that was called Cylon B and used for mass executions in concentration camps during World War II. Do your own research on all matters like this and make your own decisions. You can find all kinds of cures for cancer on the internet and nothing has ever been proven on all these ads and such.

      • Sara Uyehara says:

        Thank you for taking the time to really answer the subject of apple seeds. I had also read that they were poisonous many years ago. The fact that you followed up on some of the other claims about it is really appreciated.

  5. I use to eat an apple in its entirety, seeds & all! Did not know the seeds are poisonous!

  6. So interesting and thank you for this and your
    great recipes!

  7. Dolores Purzycki says:

    Thank you for posting these facts. I found them fascinating. I had known some of them, but I did not know that Worcestershire sauce is made of anchovies, nor did i know that apple seeds are poisonous. By the way, I just love your site!

  8. Anchovies in Worchestershire sauce? I had no idea!

  9. didnt know about the apple seeds

  10. Corn will always have an even number of rows on each cob. O.O Now that’s surprising to learn. I also think that it’s funny that someone took the time to count a whole bunch of corn rows! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I have been eating apple seeds all my life, I am 67 years old and still living. I like apples and I eat the apple seeds also. They are very tasty.

  12. I also had no idea about apple seeds.

  13. Thank you for posting, I had no idea about apple seeds!

  14. Daphane Rose Griffith says:

    Yes, that Apple seeds are poison.

  15. Thank you for these ten facts. I really enjoyed this post. very informative and I appreciate you posting it.

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