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First of all, I would like to thank everyone on my site for being so patient during the time we are making some changes to The Southern Lady Cooks website.  I appreciate each and every one of my fans and thank you for being a part of this site.

Now, I would like to introduce you to my twin daughters, Leigh Harper and Anne Parker.  How about those double Southern names folks?? Click photos to enlarge.  524495_4297402243609_1476852747_n Anne Parker on left, Leigh Harper on right.

Leigh and Anne will be joining my site to help me with all the work that goes into keeping The Southern Lady Cooks up and running to full capacity.  They will be doing some advertising in hopes that we can eventually put out a cookbook with my recipes and we will be posting some healthy recipes for you, too.  They are very much into their health and the paleo lifestyle but do have to eat their Mama’s cookin’ when they come to visit!  So, we will have some healthy recipes from them and some not so healthy recipes from me!  I have to admit they have me eating more healthy than I used to but I still love Southern cookin’ and will always be a Southern cook.

I would like to tell you a little about Leigh and Anne so that you will get to know them better.  Leigh works for The Horse magazine in Lexington, Kentucky and Anne is an office manager for a livestock company.  They have their own website, On The Rodeo Road and Facebook page about rodeo and both girls are into barrel racing.  They also have their own company called Retro Rodeo Publishing.  Believe me, these girls are active and always have been since they were small children. They both run and work out, ride horses, and keep up a six acre farm where they live with their Australians, Spur Dog and Rusty.  The four quarter horses, Wheels, Fancy, Girlfriend and Roanie round out the family. Their weekends are spent traveling with their horses and dogs to barrel racing competitions. They love to cook, too!

This is where they got their love of horses growing up on the farm in Gravel Switch, Kentucky.


This is what they do with horses today:

securedownloadAnne Parker

901636_10200894495555471_131780985_oLeigh Harper

386129_2880766388993_282169698_nHeading out on the rodeo road

150103_3808133212584_1834814618_nRusty Dog excited to be on the road

315010_2376199890988_5563977_nSisterly love!

1045101_10201167945711474_1128230903_nAnne working out on a Sunday morning.

988913_10201104224678568_1525855618_nLeigh with the Spur Dog.

Just a few photos to get you acquainted with Anne and Leigh and hope that you will help me to welcome them to The Southern Lady Cooks.  Feel free to leave comments and questions for any of us.  Mama is proud of her girls and happy to have the help on the site.  Like all Southern families, we are a very close, talk on the phone several times a day and visit often.  I love going to the farm and helping with the chores.  We all love to cook together and have so much fun grocery shopping for ingredients and coming home to try and experiment with a new recipe.  I will be posting most of the recipes on the site and the girls will be working behind the scenes to make this a better spot for you to visit and get new ideas for your cooking needs. We hope to do a newsletter in the future and post some favorite products for you to check out as well.  Thank you so much for your continued participation in the site.







  1. Sandy H smith says:

    Good luck with the new site… So glad you and the girls are together and making this a Family affair… You all are so beautiful… enjoy your recipes so much…

  2. Welcome girls! Sounds like a wonderful loving family!!! Thank you for sharing and letting me be a “part” of the family here.

  3. Being from Kentucky too,I love your recipes. Hope to find your cookbook on Amazon when it comes out.

  4. Good luck with your new site. The girls are beautiful just like their mom. Stay in touch.

  5. Echoing all the positive comments, and sending out a warm welcome to your girls. How wonderful that you can share in this together.

  6. Linda Morrow says:

    You have lovely daughters- your pride in them is certainly justified. They say the apple(s) don’t fall far from the tree!

  7. I hope you do put out a cookbook as you have sooo many good recipes!!

  8. David Co ttrell says:

    Nice! Anything from the rodeo circuit about chili?

  9. I see why you are so proud of the girls. They really have very full lives. They are also beautiful girls. I truly enjoy your website and will
    continue to try yours and theirs recipes.

  10. Love your site and looks like we are going to triple love it now!

  11. I am glad you girls are helping your mom on her website!!! You certainly seem like smart responsible young women!!!! Judy is well loved! N

  12. Freda Graham says:

    Awesome! Welcome to you both! This is a wonderful site. Looking forward to seeing you both here.

  13. So glad your “girls” will be helping out. Love your site,recipes, etc !

  14. Cindy Tomisich says:

    how exciting!

  15. How exciting for all of you! What an awesome post Judy. Thanks for letting us take a peek into their busy lives. Great post. I am thrilled for new things ahead for you. We try to stick to healthy eating a lot too, but I think a splurge now and then is perfect…and your food is fabulous. Best wishes on all your endeavors.

  16. Delia L Schenk says:

    Welcome to Leigh and Anne…I know they will be an asset to your page. Love the barrel racing pics…I am from a rodeo family in Texas and we also had a few Barrel Racers. Looking forward to your contributions to the site

  17. Welcome to the daughters! Love the Southern Lady Cooks! I’m looking forward to the cookbook, too.

  18. How fantastic to have your girls on board with you! I absolutely love your page! I’m sure it’ll get even better now! Blessings!

  19. Such lovely young women.
    Love your site.

  20. Excellent! This is great news 🙂 Congratulations, dear Judy! You have very beautiful daughters! xoxo ~ Michele

  21. Welcome girls!!! Looking forward to some paleo you gals can contribute as well. Can’t wait for cookbook.

  22. Pretty girls! Look forward to reading their recipes and having them help their momma So glad you wrote an introduction,complete with pictures. Welcome to the Southern Lady cooks family! Hugs! you know in the south we hug when you carrive and when hug when you leave!

  23. So glad Leigh and Anne are joining the website! My daughter and I have horses as well, and my boys and my daughter are committed to the paleo lifestyle as well. I’ll be anxious to try your recipes, girls! But, being a southern girl, I’ll always need my “southern fix”!

  24. welcome to the girls!

  25. Welcome girls. I enjoy your Mama’s recipes & am looking forward to yours.

  26. Patti Buckner says:

    How wonderful……enjoyed this so much… hubby was from Kentucky …..he loved it and talked about his home state all time….

  27. Your daughters are beautiful! Wonderful to have them here.

  28. What a wonderful introduction!! And yes ma’am, you are good Southern mama…proud of her children!! Welcome Aboard Ladies! Ya’ll are beautiful and I am sure deserving of all your mama’s praise!.

  29. I don’t know how you can make it any better, but with those two beautiful daughters helping I’m sure it will be.

  30. Hi Leigh and Anne! We just love your Momma and are so excited to meet you. What a great idea to make this site a family affair. Sure do look forward to all the yummy recipes you’ll have to share! And a cookbook would be so awesome!! Yay!

  31. Millie Springle says:

    Welcome, I am excited to see all you have to share with us. I am a diehard southern cook but also in need of healthy low carb. recipes for my diabetic granddaughter who loves to eat and help me cook. Great to see a family having fun together. Good luck to you all in your new adventure.

  32. Aunt Gloria says:

    Sorry I misspelled Diabetic. I had ancestors in La Rue Co. Ky.

  33. Welcome Twins (Ouch ) oh well … So happy your going to help Mama she’s Awesome I don’t have to tell u I know but wanted to say I think so as well heheheh… I have tried many of her recipes and I look forward to you two coming aboard … Also will be glad to buy a cook-cook so all my recipes of your are in a book …

  34. What a sweet post! As an avid follower of TSLC, I’m so pleased that the girls will be joining their momma and look forward to those “skinny” recipes.

    Our family gatherings always includes a TSLC recipe and is met by a clean plate, rave reviews and second helpings. There’s nothing better than some good ole fashioned Southern cookin’.

    Congratulations on this new journey!

  35. Aunt Gloria says:

    It is wonderful to have these daughters to help you and nice to meet them. I will look forward to the healthy recipes. Being a diacetic when I get your wonderful recipes I look for was to healthy them so I can enjoy good southern cookin”.It is what I grew up on.

  36. Kelly Miller says:

    Beautiful daughters. I love your site. I

  37. Speaking of Gravel Switch…..I live just a jump to the south of that area! Small world isn’t it. So great that you are making your blog a family affair. Looking forward to all of your collective recipes!
    Sheila from Mykentuckyliving

  38. I love your recipes, and your site. It would be great if, on occasion, you could post recipes that are dairy-free (for those of us with Lactose Intolerance), or, tips on how to convert certain recipes to eliminate dairy. Thank you.

  39. Bren Wampler Kirksey says: I don’t see how your page could get any’s awesome now…….welcome aboard…

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