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We Southerners love cornbread dressing.   I make it from leftover cornbread and biscuits that I keep frozen.  You can serve it with chicken, pork or even beef. Cornbread dressing is good for the holidays or just anytime!


4 cups cornbread crumbs
3 cups biscuit crumbs
1 medium onion, chopped
1 cup celery, chopped
1 stick butter or margarine
1 teaspoon each salt and pepper
1 (14 oz ) can chicken broth or 2 cups turkey broth
1 tablespoon sage 
1 (10 3/4 oz.) can Campbells Cream of Chicken Soup, undiluted (I think this makes the turkey more moist and most people love it but can be left out).
In a large bowl mix the cornbread and biscuit crumbs, add onion, celery, salt, pepper, sage, and mix well with a spoon.  Melt butter and pour over mixture.   Add broth and soup and continue mixing.  Spray or grease a casserole dish.  Add stuffing and bake at 400 degrees for 35 minutes or until brown around the edges.
Note: Some people like to cook the onion and celery in butter before adding to the cornbread mix. I have tried it both ways and don’t see a lot of difference since you are going to bake it anyway. My family never noticed if I did this or not. You can do it whichever way you like.
Since I don’t always cook a turkey and make giblet gravy to go over this stuffing, we like it with the easy brown gravy recipe below and giblet gravy.   I am giving you my recipe for Giblet Gravy, too.

Easy Brown Gravy

2 0r 3 (10 1/4 ounce) cans Campbells beef gravy
2 packages Lipton Onion Soup
Whisk together and heat in microwave about five minutes. (This gravy is great over mashed potatoes, dressing and any kind of meat and great if you need a quick gravy) Makes about 4 cups.

Giblet Gravy

Giblets from turkey (heart, gizzard, liver and neck)
4 cups water or chicken broth
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
Drippings from turkey pan (about a cup)
3/4 cup self-rising flour
Boil giblets in water or broth until cooked.   Remove and chop. I remove the skin from the neck and pull any meat off the bone. Discard neck bone.  Put meat and giblets back in water or  broth and add salt and pepper, flour and drippings.  Continue cooking while stirring continuously with wire whisk until thickens.  Serve over stuffing or dressing. Makes about 5 cups. Enjoy!
 If you like this recipe, you might also like my recipe for Savory Corn Pudding.
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  2. Please do not use the packaged stuffing mix. Cornbread is easy to make.

  3. G K Fletcher says:

    Is the sage, rubbed or ground!

  4. I make this dressing too. I add browned sausage and chopped apples along with a couple of eggs. It is yummy. Thank you for all of your great recipes.

  5. How many packages of cornbread does it take for 4 cups and how many biscuits for 3,cups?

  6. I made this dressing for Thanksgiving. I followed the recipe exactly but grated the cornbread and bread – and grated some homemade hushpuppies in to make up the 4 cups of cornbread crumbs. It was OUSTANDING! Thanks for this recipe! 🙂

  7. I think cornbread is the only kind there is! Love it!

  8. Joanne sullivan says:

    I pulverize my celery very well (about two stalks/ bunches) and two medium onions , in a food processor ,then cook in a large skillet, or pan, with fresh chicken broth and a stick of butter until tender and until boiling. Pour this hot onion /celery mixture over a big bowl of cornbread ,and toasted bread ,(equal amounts) that have been crumbled. Add salt and pepper. You can add sage, or poultry seasoning, but I just like it plain. Pour this mixture into a buttered large pan and bake at 350 degrees for about an hour, or until browned. Very plain, but good.

    • Peggy anderon says:

      I make my dressing similar, using 3-4Raw eggs and enough broth yo make up a little thicker than cornbread mixture bd use poultry seasoning

  9. This is the kind of dressing my family has made for over fifty years but we also cut up one med onion, five stalks of celery cut into small sizes and we add one bell pepper cut in small pieces it gives it a wonderful taste all cooked together. When you take it out of the oven the smell fills the whole kitchen and gives you a feeling of warmth and family gatherings of the past.

  10. This is the same recipe that I use for my dressing. I also add about I/2 can of Cream of Chicken Soup. I use the other half to help thicken my giblet gravy.

  11. Just like our family recipes. I can remember some using raw eggs to bind and some do not. What is your thinking on this? I used to but now do not. Doesn’t it kind of make it somewhat cake like?

    • The Southern Lady says:

      Yes, I think you are correct, Juanita. I used to add eggs, too, but don’t anymore.

      • The eggs hold it all together

      • I’m so glad you don’t use eggs, I hate eggs and that’s why I have never made a cornbread dressing before so when I saw your recipe with no eggs I got so happy. I will be making this for sure. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  12. I grew up with cornbread stuffin but it always had sausage and or bacon in it!

  13. So happy to find this recipe. Very close to my mother’s recipe. Love your website.

  14. My sister makes delicious dressing—very similar to your recipe except for additional eggs. Another secret she has—-make dressing and sit in refrigerator overnight to let favors marry and cook the next day.

  15. Kinda like the one that I use but I use poultry seasoning

  16. I like mine made the same way as some of the others by sautéing my vegetables first in about 2tble spoons of butter and a little poultry seasoning.

  17. Martha Rollings says:

    I use cream of Celery,instead of chpd. celery,and I also use the Cream of Chicken,and cook a chicken,for my broth.Ao many ways to experiment with this dish

  18. Kathy Costello says:

    I use poultry seasoning instead of the sage, it’s too strong for my taste. I also add cream of chicken soup.

  19. Patty Kasiewicz says:

    Gonna make this today. I have no doubt it will turn out really good. I have never had anything to say about your recipes except that Mmmmm , they is good. Thanks for sharing.

    • Patty Kasiewicz says:

      Well, we made this and it turned out terrific. We baked it at 365 for 35 minutes and we added some shredded chicken. It was so dog gone good. thanks again.

  20. Cora Lea Gaither says:

    Sounds great. Grew up in Kentucky and my poor mother had to make three kinds of dressing every year, the dressing you make for most of us, one without sage for my cousin and with oysters for my dad. Can’t wait to sit down and have turkey, dressings and all the trimmings. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful recipes with us throughout the year. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  21. Judy Robinson says:

    I always use a can of cream of mushroom soup too..doesn’t add any flavor,but great for moistness.

  22. This sounds close to mine but I add a small can of water chestnuts (chopped fine) and a handfull of pecans pieces. The family loves it.

  23. Peggy anderson says:

    Like what I make but I use poultry seasoning instead of sage, no soup

  24. My mother made dressing very similar to this. Before baking she would often push large chunks of boiled or baked chicken breasts into the dressing until they were completely covered.

  25. wat can u use if u dnt have biscuit crumbs?

  26. My mom has made this dressing for 20 years… she uses a can of cream o chicken AND a can of cream o celery… basically to a 13×9 pan of cornbread and shredded chicken……..sooo good.

  27. This is exactly the way I have been making my cornbread dressing for years, I only leave out the celery as celery does not like me…LOL. Plus I sprinkle the top with Paprika and Parsley before baking, it gives it a nice color.

  28. Our family cooks always add an egg to the giblet gravy, either a finely chopped boiled egg or or a raw egg slightly beaten and dropped into the boiling gravy. Makes a richer gravy.

  29. I am new to your blog. All your recipes look wonderful! Can’t wait to try some.

  30. If you click on the post and look at the bottom of the post, it should show where you can share on twitter, e-mail, etc.

  31. You are making my mouth water…looking do forward to dressing!!

  32. Your dressing sounds yummy! It’s almost like the kind I make except I have never thought to put butter in mine! I bet that really adds a great flavor and I’m gonna try it this year. We like spice in our house so I always add a can of chopped green chilies and a few slices of diced pickled jalepeno to my dressing.

  33. runbikeride says:

    This is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you Mom!

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