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Okra Fritters - TSLC

Okra fritters are good with any meal.  Okra has always been a very popular vegetable in the South. I add it to my hoecakes and make these okra fritters as long as I can get okra in summer and winter months . If you like okra, you will love this easy, quick recipe for okra fritters.  Try these on your family and friends.  I bet you will be surprised how good they are.  An old fashioned Southern recipe you will make time and again. Okra fritters have been a staple bread in our house for many years. My family never gets tired of this recipe and it goes with everything.  Most people who don’t like okra will like these okra fritters.

2 cups okra, cut in round pieces (Can use fresh or frozen)
1 1/4 cups self-rising cornmeal
1/2 cup all purpose flour
1 egg
1/2 cup onion, finely chopped
1 1/2 cups buttermilk
Salt & Pepper, (Optional)
1 cup oil
In a large mixing bowl with a spoon mix together all ingredients except okra and oil.  Fold in the okra.  Heat the oil in a large skillet.  Drop by spoonfuls into the hot oil. (I use a 1/4 cup measuring cup for each fritter).  Fry on one side about 2 minutes or until good and crusty, turn and fry the other side. (See photos below)  Drain on paper towels.  Slather with butter and Enjoy!
Okra fritters - TSLC1
okra fritters - TSLC2
Okra Fritters - TSLC3
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  1. can they be frozen?

    • The Southern Lady says:

      I would think you could freeze these fritters and they would be ok, Cynthia, but I have not tried freezing them.

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  3. Do you think this could be made with pickled okra, if it were drained and dried well?

  4. Do you have a recipe for clabber milk biscuits?

    • The Southern Lady says:

      There is a recipe for buttermilk biscuits on the site. I don’t know why you could not use any kind of milk in the recipe, Barbara.

  5. Patty nichols says:

    I’m going to try this, but family don’t like buttermilk. Is that a problem. for substitute 2 percent?

  6. How do you freeze okra and do u thaw before use or cook frozen in recipies?

    • The Southern Lady says:

      I just chop it up and put it in freezer bags and freeze it. Some people may blanch it first but I don’t. I use it in soups, stews, skillet meals, etc. and I don’t thaw first, Suzanne.

  7. Debra Walker says:

    If you have trouble with the breading coming off when you fry okra (Fresh or frozen) your grease is not hot enough. Get your grease so hot it begins to smoke, then put in your okra. The breading will stay on. A Fry Daddy does not get hot enough.

  8. JoAnn Sandoval says:

    If you use frozen okra will it cook the same as fresh?

  9. I made these today with my garden Okra and they are fabulous! Thank you

  10. I wonder if you could bake like cookies

  11. GRANNY NELDA says:


  12. My momma would make ‘okra patties’, using flour, milk and egg with the okra when we didn’t have enough to make fried okra. My daddy preferred the patties to the plain fried okra. My earliest memory of her making these when i was a kid was in the late 40’s early 50’s when we lived in Oklahoma. She probably got the recipe from the County Extension Agent.

  13. I”m going to make this. My Grandma would just cut her Okra up & fry it in hot oil. It would come apart when she stirred it. I”m going to cook it like she did,drain it,cool it Then add it to my mixture. That will be delicious.

  14. Must try this! We love okra in the south!!!

    • Some of us love okra in the North too!! My okra plants were a good 7 feet tall last summer here in Colorado! I’m going to make some of these with the okra I froze because it isn’t even quite planting time here. Thanks.

  15. Cheryl Dickerson says:

    This is so wonderful,when I seen this I remembered how to cook

  16. Tried the fritters tonight and they were great. I used frozen okra and it never really cooked as well as I like it. Next time I will put corn meal on the okra and fry it, cool it and then add to batter.

  17. sarandipity says:

    They look great, but I still prefer my okra fried :)!

  18. Lisa Bresnahan says:

    Dear Southern Lady,
    Because of you and this wonderful recipe, I am back on the “A” list with my husband. We have recently moved to southeastern Arizona. I have found that many of the local growers are raising okra. I was wondering how I might use it other than in soups and stews when I noticed on your news feed someone commenting on this recipe. Needless to say I hot footed it over here and have made this three times in the last 10 days, one of the batches being a double. My husbands’ response to all this, when his mouth has emptied enough from all the fritters he is busy stuffing it with is, “Southern Ladies really know what they are doing!”

  19. By the looks of these, I’m pretty sure I could eat the whole dang plateful all by myself….I have to try these soon!

  20. Gregory Guthrie says:

    My Grandma used to cook the fritters with okra, yellow squash cubed, and just fritters by themselves. I have her recipe and it’s almost identical to yours. Stopping by the grocery store to pick up dome buttermilk and will have them with my BBQ pork chops tomorrow. Love this recipe. A 64 year Old Fart. 🙂

  21. Looks wonderful!! Save me some!! Blessings, Andy

  22. Sheila Sargent says:

    this is the way I fry my cornbread. Will have to try it w okra added. bet it is tasty. Thanks!

  23. I can’t find self-rising anywhere in Canada.
    1 cup plain cornmeal + 1 1/2 tsp baking powder + 1/2 tsp salt = 1 cup self-rising cornmeal?

  24. I cheat a little. I use A small box of cornbread mix, substitute 3/4 cup of buttermilk with beer, and add creole spice. Ohh so good and goes great with catfish!

  25. Steven Parker says:

    Never heard of an Okra Fritter! Want want want! But I have to wait for the okra to produce. I will not eat that dungo from the grocery store. But I can tell by looking at them that this will be a summer staple in our home for the next 50 years. I thank you for sharing, and I really mean that. I am all about southern cooking.

  26. GenieOEvans says:

    GenieOEvans, I’ve eat OKRA all my life but I can’t wait to try these Fritters they look delicious.

  27. Thank You so much!! We love your Okra fritter recipe…delish!!

  28. Ive not seen cornmeal/cornbread in the UK, can I substitute with anything?

  29. Jeanie Tidwell says:

    I also did not have the self rising corn meal so I substituted one box of Jiffy Cornbread mix, added onions and two cups of sliced okra, then I added one egg and buttermilk to reach good consistency( about 3/4 cup). Added a little salt and pepper and cooked on medium heat. We really enjoyed them. Will make again for sure. We love cornbread and this is a nice variety of it.

  30. Joan Simmons "ouizee" says:

    This looks heavenly! I’ll have to plant okra next year LOL. This year my neighbor gave me a basket of green tomatoes for frying…so I washed, dried, sliced them into thin slices and put them in single layers on waxed paper lined pans, covered with tin foil and stuck them in the freezer. One pan I actually had 3 layers separated by waxed paper. When they froze solid I put them into ziplock freezer bags…will fry them from the solid frozen state and see what happens. If anyone else has tried this let me know! 🙂 I do so love my fried green maters (and if ya use the spicy ranch salad dressing to dip them in, they taste almost like the ones on the BLT sandwiches at Linger Lodge near Sarasota/Bradenton Florida…yummmm!


  31. I liked this recipe & the variation using shredded squash also. My question is: if I wanted to take these to another place, can that be done? If so, what would be the best way. (no re-heating available)

  32. Do the frozen okra need to thaw before adding them?

  33. Donna Jacks says:

    These looked so absolutely wonderful and I had to try them right away! Didn’t have all the ingredients in your recipe, so I substituted a packaged Mexican Cornbread mix by Martha White and left out the onions. Added 1 cup of frozen cut okra since the package size was smaller. They were to die for! These will be a permanent

  34. Brenda Oden says:

    Gotta try this! Love okra!!

  35. How high do you put the heat when frying?

  36. I have made a version of these with small chopped pieces of Tomato in them for a side with supper. Will now be trying them without. thanks for sharing! Pam

    • Pam,I use chopped red tomatoes,green tomatoes and fresh banana peppers (hot) without the okra for Hot Tomato Cakes and the are delicious with fried potatoes and pinto beans

  37. These sound. Wonderful, I am going to cook some.

  38. Rosalind Frizzell says:

    Thank you for sharing this fabulous recipe. I Love Okra

  39. Can’t wait to try this. My friend are always like “what’s okra” then they try it.. I have convinced quite a few “cheese-heads” to try it and they now love it.. Thanks for sharing.. I just happen to have some okra in the freezer ~ can you guess what’s for dinner?

  40. I will certainly be enjoying these soon.
    I love Okra in most any form. I recall granny making something similar.

  41. Beautiful, my fave vegetable turned into a fritter, thank you!

  42. Okra happens to be one of my favourite vegetables (where I come from in Asia, okra are also known as ladies’ fingers) and that is one recipe I would give a shot.

  43. I tried these today and they were great! I think I have found another favorite recipe! Thanks Judy:)

  44. There’s a 135 foot row of okra in my garden. Our family loves fried okra but a friend sent me this link. This sounds so good. How can it go wrong? Need a little okra diversity!

  45. I love this recipe

  46. My husband had never eaten okra until he joined our family. Now he loves it like the rest of us! I have never had fritters before, this is a must try. It’s gotta be good, look what’s in it!

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