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Here’s something for all you soup lovers out there!  Chef Cindy Cullen of the Culinary Arts College has just posted an article on her blog with twenty-five soup blogs!

There’s nothing like a good soup when you’re tired of eating fast food and at random restaurants. While cooking at home is always easy on the wallet, soups are often packed with a myriad of beans, which means you’re getting even more bang for your buck (and a full tummy too!). These soup blogs show you how to whip up a fabulous pot of soup anytime of year. And remember that many soups freeze well.

Take a trip on over to her place and check out all these great blogs.  Just click this link:  25 Soup Blogs That Will Bowl You Over

You will get some great recipes!  Enjoy!




  1. Soup is something which everyone loves to enjoy, warm soup at the start of the meal works as great appetizer.

  2. very rich for breadfast

  3. Soup is often the main course of our meals with everyone enjoying more than one bowl. Thank you for sharing the link to all the soup blogs.

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