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The first thing I heard on television this morning was that diet drinks could be causing stokes and other health issues.  It seems that  drinking diet soda daily is linked to a higher risk of stroke, heart attack and vascular-related deaths. 

A study of more than 2,500 people found those who had diet drinks every day were 61 per cent more likely to get vascular problems than those who did not have any carbonated drinks.
So, you might think you are helping your weight problem when you are actually hurting your overall health.
Water, milk, and tea still remain the best drinks for your body to handle and give you much needed nutrients.
Here are some articles regarding this subject you might want to check out:
Do you know people that drink diet soda all day?  Do you drink diet soda?  How do you feel about this discovery?  If you are a diet soda drinker will you consider stopping?  Do you think something is going to kill me and it might as well be diet soda?
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  1. I cut back on my sodas years ago I rarely drink one any more. I did some research on artificial sweeteners last year seems they all are bad news. They try to mess with your brain into thinking it is receiving sugar and that chemical screws with your brains metabolism. Once the brain wakes up it starts craving sugar again so you wind up eating more food until that craving is satisfied. (Thus you don’t get something for nothing.) Ironically if you frequently eat or drink a lot of calorie-free foods & sodas you actually end up gaining more weight. Try to avoid them (marketing hype) and use natural sugars, regular sugar or no sugar. Same with salt-sodium. Most fat free foods use salt in place of sugar both are bad. I normally use natural sugar-fruits, regular sugar, honey, stevia in the raw (for diabetics). (Try avoiding anything that isn’t natural that screws with your mind-good luck with that one.) If your diabetic try stevia over splenda it’s safer. Dr Oz mentioned Agave nectar but I’ve never used it. Which is why most southerners drink coffee & ice tea. :o)

  2. I am glad you posted this article. I don’t drink any kind of sodas. I am a big water, and tea fan 🙂 I am glad the information is out for people to know.

  3. Does this also hold true for regular soda or is it diet only?

    • Nellie, I think this is only talking about diet because of the artificial sweeteners added. I don’t drink soda at all. The regular ones are full of sugar and sodium and this would be bad, too. Thanks for your comment. Have a great week..

  4. I don’t trust any of the sweetners they use in diet drinks. I would rather have a regular drink as a treat every once in a while than a diet drink anyday. I wish they would also go back to using real sugar in soda’s. We never had that spare tire around our middle like kids and adults do now and I believe it’s from the fructose they use. I have also heard the diet drinks can cause symptons of MS.

  5. I have a grandson who drinks WAY too many cokes every day! It worries me …but he’s a grown man and has his own ideas!

    ME…I don’t drink a lot of drinks like that! (I probably drink too much coffee, though!)

    I suggested your blog to my sister, Joy, so I hope she will be visiting you soon. She’s also on FB-Joy Marshall is her name.


    • Hi Junie, Thanks for coming by and suggesting the site to your sister. Someone just joined recently and it said she was a friend of yours on Facebook but I don’t remember the name and once they join they are lost in the crowd unless they comment and I see the name. Maybe, she will let herself be known. lol. I don’t drink sodas either but I know people that drink way too many and it bothers me.

  6. Glass Tim Glass says:

    Does any specific ingrediant cause all those problems?
    We have diet coke in the fridge, I might drink 3or 4 a week, I usually buy regular strength soda out of pop machines.
    I`ve been cutting down drinking soda of any type, mostly I drink OJ, 2% milk and ice water.

  7. I just read about this in Consumer Reports today. Very surprising. I stay away from soda except for special occasions and now I am glad I do!

  8. Margaret Cloud says:

    Yes. I drink diet soda and at least three cans a day. I have been drinking diet pop for over 20 years. Maybe that is what caused my heart attack back in 2004. Thanks for this information and I will check out the links. Thank you for coming by.

  9. Years ago,I drinked diet-coke.One morning I got up,The thought of it made me sick.Haven”t had one since.

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