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To the people who are new to this blog I sometimes write about food as well as cook it!  I hope you will take an interest in these posts, too, and give me your comments and input.

Have you noticed that prices are on the increase in the grocery stores?  Not only is gas becoming so high we can’t afford to travel to work but food prices are increasing as well. 

One thing I have noticed is the cans, boxes, and packages are smaller in the supermarkets.  I don’t even know what size ingredients to list in a recipe anymore without checking the can.  Bacon has gone from a 16 ounce package to a 12 ounce. Cans that used to be 16 ounces or 1 pound cans are now 14.5 ounces!  Not only are we paying more for an item but we are getting less for our money.

From what I am reading food prices will increase during the first six months of this year.  News sources say retailers are scared to pass on the increase in wholesale foods to the consumer because people will go elsewhere.  The unemployment rate being what it is and the housing market still in a slump along with gasoline prices makes it bad enough. Now, they are predicting higher food prices until June 2011.  Who knows what will happen after June???  Meat, cereal, and dairy products seem to be the main items on the increase.  Better stock up on that cereal. (I think cereal has been too high for years!)  My main cereal has been oatmeal for ages and it is good for you, too.

Below are some articles you might want to scan or read regarding this issue.   

The amount of increase in food prices is expected to double in 2011 from this year. That’s the bad news. The good news is 2010 is predicted to see the smallest price increase for food since 1992 — a rise of 0.5 percent to 1.5 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture via The Wichita Eagle.

Food inflation will accelerate during the final months of 2010 and into the first six months of 2011, especially for meat, cereal and dairy products, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said yesterday via Food prices expected to keep rising into 2011 | The Columbus Dispatch.

Every month, JPMorgan Chase dispatches a researcher to several supermarkets in Virginia. The task is to comparison shop for 31 items.
In July, the firm’s personal shopper came back with a stunning report: Wal-Mart had raised its prices 5.8% during the previous month. More significantly, its prices were approaching the levels of competing stores run by Kroger and Safeway. The “low-price leader” still holds its title, but by a noticeably slimmer margin via The Food Crisis Of 2011: Food Prices are High and Going Higher.

The National Inflation Association today announced the release of its report about NIA’s projections of future U.S. food price increases due to the massive monetary inflation being created by the Federal Reserve’s $600 billion quantitative easing. This report was written by NIA’s President Gerard Adams, who believes food inflation will take over in 2011 as America’s greatest crisis. According to Mr. Adams, making mortgage payments will soon be the last thing on the minds of all Americans. We currently have a currency crisis that could soon turn into hyperinflation and a complete societal collapse via The National Inflation Association.

I had a small garden in my backyard last year. We enjoyed having fresh vegetables right outside the back door. I even had enough to freeze some stuff. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to increase the size of that garden when spring comes.  How about you?  How do you feel about our economy for the coming year and the rising price of EVERYTHING!

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  1. Hi, Judy. I have definitely noticed the increase in food prices. With cereal, I almost always buy the generic now—it’s often just as good as the name brands. I especially cannot understand the increase in the price of dairy products—I understand that there is actually a SURPLUS of milk, so what’s up with the high prices?? We love our ice cream, but it’s so high now and hardly anyone gives you a half-gallon anymore. Fortunately, we’ve never eaten a lot of meat, so at least we’re not suffering too much from meat prices. Chicken is actually a special treat for us. We are so thankful to be able to have a garden—-I adore fresh vegetables.

  2. Hey Judy,
    We have noticed how much the cost of food has increased lately and I saw on Yahoo news that gasoline will reach $4 this year. Good thing I started out poor and know a lot of tricks to save money in the kitchen.

    Is it snowing up there? It is on your blog. 🙂 I’d love some snow, but we are so far snowless.

  3. Judy, everything you shared I am also well aware of.. I will have a bigger garden this year. Also where I use to go to town 2 and 3 times a week, I now make one trip a week. Would like to be able to go to grocery every 2 weeks – my goal – but would run out of milk. Not in the market for a cow 🙂

  4. Just do not know what people are going to do.

  5. Joe was a meat cutter years ago, and he still cuts our meat for us. We use a lot ot the cheaper cuts of meat in our cooking. I try to plan meals where I have several meals to put in the freezer…believe me..nothing goes to waste at our house. I have been spending more at the store, however. Walking those big stores and then hauling it all home and then putting it away…gets me so tired, but the smaller stores in town are starting to get ridiculous in their prices. I guess I’ll have to shop the big stores till I drop 🙂 This is a very timely post and very interesting to me…Balisha

  6. Hello Judy!

    Do you do a lot of canning as well? I know we’re starting to gather any used tires we can find to grow more potatoes in next year! It works GREAT!

    I heard this morning that last year American agriculture was one of the only industries that grew significantly last year and that we actually have a trade surplus with other countries in that area. I wonder if they’re simply selling it to the highest bidder? Knowing China,they’ll probably figure out a way to sell it back to us and make a huge profit doing it!

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