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Thanksgiving and the holidays are just around the corner.  Whether we serve our food in a formal fashion, eat off paper plates, or lay out a buffet, you might find something here that will help you in serving your guests!

Creativity and practicality are the keys to a pretty table.  Centerpieces add a finished look.   Napkin rings and cloth napkins always add a pleasing touch.

Although extra-special efforts are an expression of your hospitality, you don’t have to serve a formal dinner to set a striking table.

Don’t be timid about experimenting with colors in china, glassware, and linens and combining styles.  The basic consideration is your family’s and guests’ convenience.  For example, left-handed people usually prefer to be seated at the end of the table.

The first diagram is of a formal table place setting and the one on the right is more like what you would set for your family.

The last one gives you some idea of how a buffet should be laid out.  There are lots of variations to all three.

Usually, the host and hostess are seated at opposite ends of the table.  If you do have a centerpiece, make sure it is not so tall that guests cannot see each other across the table.

Your table decorations are an invitation to pleasant eating.  You can find an interesting article on how to place utensils and tips on entertaining here.  Whatever you decide to do for your guests just being together during the holidays and spending time with family is of the most importance.


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  1. I am trying to teach my little granddaughter’s how to set their plate setting properly.
    Nothing formal in my homes – even when I lived in the great big one.
    I love to mix everything. Always fruit or flowers in middle of table – even now – just for me 🙂

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