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Do you dream of flaky biscuits, crispy fried chicken, and spicy seafood stews? Many of our most favorite comforting dishes were born in the South, whose culinary tradition grew from a wide array of cultures. From the coast of Florida to the swamplands of Louisiana and the lush fields of Virginia, are you a Southern-food smarty? Take this quiz and test your knowledge. Click here.

The test takes a few minutes to load.

Take the test and post your scores and comments either on facebook or below!


  1. Sandie Roberts says:

    Will not let me take the test :(. Just keep getting an Ad for collage 🙁

  2. Margaret Roberts says:

    Well, I fry my chicken in a cast iron dutch oven and I always put both eggs and buttermilk in cornbread. I have been told that I am a very good southern cook!

  3. I missed corn bread, because I thought it was a “trick” question. Eggs must be there, but I use milk, too. But, I like my corn bread more “cakey”.

  4. Whistling Dixie. Loved this test.

  5. I missed the cornbread one also. Apparently there are several recipes for cornbread, sine so many of us missed it, And I do make cornbread. What else do you eat with pinto beans?

  6. I agree with you Nana Ann…you just can’t make cornbread without buttermilk…I missed that one too…

  7. Well Bust My Buttons….I Passed With Flying Colors!!!! I got worried on one but I felt sure it was right and I Was!!! Great Fun!!!!

  8. i was born and raised in Mississippi so I still missed the corn bread one because my mom did not put egg in her corn bread. she did not cook with eggs if she did not have too because she did not like them, so I feel that I am Southern thru and thru.

  9. 100%!! Well, I do live in Southern Indiana. 🙂 Love your site!!

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