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Tortilla chip snacks are easy, delicious and very versatile.Tortilla Chip Snacks - The Southern Lady Cooks

This is a great snack to serve anytime.   My  family loves these and I usually have to make more.  You can add whatever you want to these chips and make them your own.  They make great appetizers for any gathering or function.  Your guests will snap them up.  Make these for your family to snack on when just watching tv and want something good to munch.  I made these for my kids when they were young and they would beg for more.  We still make them today and that has been 40 years ago!  Use your imagination and add all kinds of different toppings.  You might also like our recipe for easy pimento cheese spread.

Options for Tortilla Chip Snacks:

Tortilla Chips
Green Chilis or jalapenos
Cheese Cubes or shredded cheese of your choice
Refried Beans
Fried hamburger, ham, pepperoni, cooked sausage
Spread tortilla chips on a plate or cookie sheet.  Add about a tablespoon of refried beans,  a teaspoon of green chilis,
your favorite cheese and a teaspoon of salsa on top.  Place in microwave for one minute or until cheese melts. 
You can also put these under the broiler in the oven for a couple of minutes if you like them really crispy.
You will not have any of these snacks left over!   Enjoy!
Tortilla Chip Snacks-The Southern Lady Cooks
Tortilla Chip Snacks-The Southern Lady Cooks
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  1. We love Mexican food. These look good.

  2. Joe’s going to be happy tonight…What a nice surprise you put here today for me to make. I have all the ingredients. thanks

  3. I remember you making these when we were younger and now I make them about twice a week for dinner! hahaha They are so good!

    Love you Mom!


  4. Thanks, Judy…those look great! And so easy. I know for sure my family would love these, especially Tom.

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